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Painting of the Nine Immortals 733 The City of Flowers

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Three days after Ling Xian left the Ao Xian House, he arrived at the famous City of Flowers inside Yuezhou.

This city was one of Yuezhou's 10 cities. It was known for its strange variety of flowers. It was nicknamed to be the city with the most flowers and the most beautiful place in Yuezhou.

The flower festival that it hosts once every 10 years is especially grand and special. It is known to be drunkenly beautiful. What this means is that when the hundreds of thousands of flowers bloom together, even when real immortals descend, they would get drunk off its beauty.

This was why when Ling Xian heard people talk about the Flower Festival, he decided to visit the City of Flowers.

Inside the Hidden Territory, he lived in Yuezhou for many years but never had the opportunity to attend the festival in person. Today, he conveniently ran into it, so why not come and appreciate the wondrous scene of hundreds and thousands of flowers blooming?

After all, he had left for six years – a few more days wouldn't make a difference.

"I have heard that during the festival, hundreds of thousands of flowers blossom simultaneously, creating the image of a sea of flowers that is absolutely beautiful." Looking at the clamorous ancient city, Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. He marched forward in giant steps and entered the city.

The moment he entered, he was blindsided by the sheer volume of flowers and was speechless.

Other than pedestrians and vendors, there were only stems of beautiful flowers. At first glance, a countless number of strange flowers were wavering in the wind, emitting a dense aroma that relaxed everyone.

The vendors lined up on the two streets were not even selling the commonly seen items such as spiritual Dans or treasures. Instead, they were selling flowers and plants. At least half of the vendors were doing so. Only a few vendors were selling normal items.

Those stores juxta-positioned against the flower shops. This alone was enough to prove the high importance people place on flowers and how much people love these flowers and plants.

"It is no wonder people call it the City of Flowers. Just like its name, it sure is strange."

Ling Xian shook his head and laughed. During the lost century, he had only heard of the strange traditions of the City of Flowers. But now that he was seeing everything, he felt like the rumors were all true.

This City sure was strange.

"Interesting. Do people here not cultivate?" Ling Xian softly grinned and decided to find a random restaurant to take a short rest in.

The menu once again made him speechless.

Because all the main courses here were made out of flowers. He hasn't heard the name of any of them. There was, however, an alcoholic item that was made from a hundred flowers that brightened his eyes.

Without hesitation, Ling Xian ordered a pot and began to drink by himself.

The flavor of the alcohol was very satisfying.

"Not bad. Though I am not sure what flowers made this alcohol, it is rich and flavorful. Truly amazing."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and continued to appreciate this alcohol.

Just as he enjoyed himself with this drink, he overheard the conversations everyone else around him were having.

"Have you heard? The Flower Festival this year is a little different than other years. I heard they are going to choose a God of Flower this year!"

"What? Didn't the God of Flowers seat get trashed many years ago?"

"Yes, roughly 1,000 years ago, for some unknown reason, the holder of the God of Flowers title was forced to step down. They also made the rule that there would never be another God of Flowers. Why are they picking again?"

"Did the City Leader gone dumb? Does he dare to overrule something set by the previous leader? What does he want?"

"God of Flower…"

Ling Xian captured this keyword and slightly frowned. He's heard much about the City of Flower but he has never heard of this.

This engrossed him and he continued to eavesdrop.

"I don't know what the leader was thinking, but I can guarantee the truth in that statement. I heard that the God of Flowers is of the utmost importance and it is linked to other secrets – maybe even linked to the roots of the City of Flowers. However, within the past 1,000 years where we had no God of Flowers, the city remained peaceful and without much obstacles."

"I can't figure it out. But I believe if the City Leader chose to do this, she must have her reasons.

"Yeah, plus, these kinds of decisions are not up to us so why does it matter."

"Secret… roots…"

Ling Xian once again grasped onto these keywords and became even more interested. His sixth sense told him that not only will he be able to enjoy the scenery of flowers this time, he will also find some other surprises.

"Exactly. I have no interest in the hidden meaning behind the God of Flowers, I am more concerned over the beautiful visage of the first God of Flowers in 1,000 years!"

"Hehe, I am more interested in this as well. It seems like we are on the same boat. Legend has it that the God of Flowers is chosen by a spiritual flower. This spiritual flower chooses the most beautiful woman as the God of Flowers."

"That is true. I have seen the portrait of the God of Flowers from 1,000 years ago. She truly was incomparably beautiful."

"Haha, her being beautiful is true. Sadly, the God of Flowers is required to stay single her whole life and she is not allowed to get married. Nobody is allowed to touch her."

"I know, but even looking at her is nice. Hehe."

Listening to the discussions around him, the corner of Ling Xian's lips lifted. "Interesting. A God of Flowers who can never marry. An ancient city with legends… what kind of links are formed between the two?"

Then, he threw down several spiritual stones from his hand and left the building.

He was done with his beverage and has heard everything he needed to hear, thus there was no more need for him to stay. Therefore, he left the restaurant and found a hotel.

After paying several spiritual stones, he entered a relatively quiet room.

Then, he laid on top of the wooden bed and refreshed himself while waiting for the day of the festival.

Based on the information he retrieved, the Flower Festival was happening in three days. This year's festival would be a little different as they were required to choose a God of Flowers.

Both of these matters attracted him. The former allowed him to get a taste of the legendarily beautiful scenery of a sea of flowers. The latter would fulfill his curiosity.

Even thinking about it made him realize there were some secrets behind all this. He has always been interested in the Taoism community's secrets.

Thus, Ling Xian silently waited for the Festival to begin.

The Flower Festival is hosted once every decade. On that day, all the cultivators who belonged to the city would takeout the strange flowers they have planted and nurtured. Under a strange technique, they would force the flower to bloom.

To know that the City of Flower was one of the 10 cities and had a dense population of at least several hundred thousand. If everyone brings out one flower, then imagine how many flowers there would be.

For so many flowers to bloom at once… it is no wonder it is nicknamed as a sea of flowers.

Just like that, time passed by little by little. Three days passed by just like that.

Today, the Sun had just risen and Ling Xian opened his eyes. A white flash of light dashed beneath his eyes.

"It is time for me to get an understanding of what it means to see a sea of flowers."

Smiling faintly, anticipation lit up his eyes. Then, he left his hotel and came out to the long street.

Then, his silhouette was very quickly buried amongst other people.

What could he do? The Flower Festival was an important event for the city. Everyone participates or at the very least, comes out and watches.

Thus, many respectable figures even visit the city during this festival.

This made Ling Xian very overwhelmed as he finally understood the meaning of being amongst a mountain and sea of people.
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