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Calling the sword, striking down, landing, and attacking – these four moves were made simultaneously and were unbelievably fast.

After the sky full of heavenly light dissipated, Ling Xian appeared before Tang Shan like a ghost. The bloody red blade was pointed against his left chest. If he moved it forward by three inches it would cause the downfall of another life.

Instantly, Tang Shan acted as if he was struck by lightning. The arrogance on his face turned into shock. As if he had fallen into hell, he froze where he stood.

It wasn't just him. Everyone at the scene was standing still where they stood with astonishment all over their faces.

The powerfulness of the Sky Cannon needed no explanation. The words "undefeatable beautiful" were enough to explain its prowess.

Yet before everyone's eyes, this attack didn't hurt Ling Xian the slightest. How unbelievable was this?

It was impossible to imagine!


Tang Shan shouted out loud, "That was the Sky Cannon that was on par with the undefeatable realm of the completion level, how can you be unharmed? How can you be unhurt?"

"How is it not possible?"

Ling Xian's expression was calm as he glanced at Tang Shan, then at everyone else who were in disbelief. He then uttered out something that silenced the entire place.

"After all, it was just on par with the undefeatable realm. It wasn't truly on the undefeatable realm."

On par with?

Not truly on?

Everyone froze in shock. They seemed to have realized something and began to howl in shock.

"I get it now! His cultivation level is now of the legendary undefeatable realm!"

That's right. No wonder he could knock out Tang Shan in one move and be unharmed against the cannon. He is a monster belonging to the undefeatable realm of the completion level!"

"My god, how unbelievable. I cannot believe I have met an unparalleled Heaven's Favorite!"

"This grace, this divinity, he truly is a beast."

The few Supreme Headmasters all chimed in. Other than fear in their eye, only respect remained.

Even Chu Zhong Tian, who already knew he had broken through to the undefeatable realm, was a little stunned. He didn't predict Ling Xian to be as powerful as he is now!

If even the Sky Cannon cannot hurt him, then what, who within the completion level, can hurt him?

"The undefeatable realm! You are in the undefeatable realm!

Tang Shan was full of awe and could not accept this cruel reality. However, reality was reality, no matter how much he lied to himself, he could not change that fact."

"The Sky Cannon is really powerful and it would be enough to allow you to lead all the neighboring forces."

Ling Xian spoke softly, "Sadly, you encountered me."

"Yeah, encountered a true monster in the undefeatable realm."

Tang Shan laughed bitterly and stared at Ling Xian, "Make your move."

"You sure are a man. If you didn't have the heart to exterminate my Ao Xian House, maybe we could've been friends."

Ling Xian glared at him slightly. "But now, because of the thousands of lives at the Ao Xian House, I have to kill you."

"I understand. Make your move."

Tang Shan accepted his fate and closed his eyes. Many layers of regret filled his head. He regretted being too presumptuous. He shouldn't have had the greed to rule all the neighboring forces and he shouldn't have thought of absorbing the Xian Ao House.

Now, there was such an unparalleled beast in front of him. Other than accepting his fate, what else could he do?

"Remember to not be so arrogant in your next life."

Ling Xian spoke softly. The Sword of Extinction began to emit light and then pierced through Tang Shan's heart.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere. He collapsed onto the ground with unwillingness on his face. His body slowly turned cold.

The other Supreme Headmasters' heart also turned colder and colder. They found themselves unable to move.


The number one powerhouse of the Tian Xuan House, the ambitious Tang Shan, who wanted to absorb all the neighboring forces, died.

This scene astounded everyone and made everyone fearful. They stared at the untainted and unaffected silhouette in white. Their faces were full of awe.

Not even in their dreams did they think that this meeting would end up this way.

However, they were very happy about it on the inside. Tang Shan's death meant the alliance was a no go and that they no longer had to obey the Tian Xuan House.

However, in seconds, everyone suddenly remembered that there was someone here who was far more powerful than Tang Shan. Their hearts felt cold. What if like Tang Shan, he too, wanted to absorb all the neighboring forces? Wouldn't that make them preys who just escaped the wolf's nest going into the tiger's home?

"It's over."

Ling Xian's eyes flickered. The Sword of Extinction turned into a red light and fused back into him. Then, his eyes shifted to the three Supreme Headmasters. He frowned.

The three of them were pale white and were full of fear. Their bodies were even shivering a little.

"Am I that terrifying?"

Ling Xian frowned and then quickly realized why these people were so scared. He explained, "Don't worry. I am not interested in your respective Houses."

Hearing this, the three of them sighed in relief. However, the fear in their eyes didn't lessen.

"I will not offend anyone who doesn't offend me."

Speaking slowly, Ling Xian glanced around and said, "Tang Shan died because he crossed the line. The line to me is that you cannot have ill thoughts about the Ao Xian House."

"I hope you understand what I am asking for here."

Ling Xian's eyes were serious and authoritative, similar to the god who controlled all nine levels of Heaven.

"If you all dare to take advantage of my Ao Xian House, I will use my swords and stomp your Houses flat."

At those words, the three Headmasters all began to quiver and sweat cold sweat.

"Headmaster Ling, do not worry! You killed Tang Shan and cured one of our major worries. To spare us from destruction is something we are already so grateful for. How can we turn on you after that?"
"Yes, we don't dare to have any ill thoughts."

"Headmaster Ling, please do not worry. I will go home and talk to all my descendants to ensure that no more friction will occur between the two Houses."

Everyone chimed in and indicated that they would not make a move on the Ao Xian House and that they would restrain their descendants.

"Very good."

Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction. The reason why he decided to kill Tang Shan was for one, the two of them had hatred that could not be resolved. For two, he wanted to use his actions to warn everyone else there.

Based on what was happening now, without a doubt, his goal had been achieved.

The three Supreme Headmasters were now tremoring on the inside from fear and were acting like their souls had left their bodies. Why would they have any bad intention towards the Ao Xiao House now? Even if they had 10 guts, they wouldn't dare!

"Very good. Then my intention has been fulfilled."

Smiling to himself, Ling Xian no longer paid any attention to the three Headmasters who were now treating him like he was the king. Instead, he walked towards the jet black cannon.

The Sky Cannon was a weapon that only major forces deserved to possess. Event the lowest level of Sky Cannon was extremely powerful and was nicknamed to be a weapon that comes from war.

The reason for that nickname was because it was an extremely destructive weapon that causes chaos for miles at a time. It's never used to target one person – because that would be too wasteful.

Every time it fires, it required several hundred thousands of spiritual stones. This is why the weapon was also known to burn money. Without some wealth, the House cannot use it.

"The Sky Cannon is a powerful weaponry used in war. Though the one before me is of the lowest level, it is enough to use it to protect my House."

Looking at the black cannon, Ling Xian grinned and was very happy.

If the goal for his trip today was to solve his problems, then the Sky Cannon before him was an unexpected surprise. This object was extremely rare and valuable. Even normal forces could not afford it and it was known to be extremely expensive.

To him today, it wasn't of much use. However, to the Ao Xian House, it was a perfect tool that could be used to protect its homeland.

A full strike of it was equivalent to the undefeatable realm of the completion level and could destroy everything within 5,000 miles. Who could defend against that?

As long as this object was his, he could leave in peace. He would no longer have to worry about the Ao Xian House not having its place in the area after he leaves.

"Now I can finally leave without second thoughts."

Ling Xian softly smiled. "Zhong Tian, place this object into your storage pouch."

"Okay, master."

Chu Zhong Tian was ecstatic. He too, knew the value of this object. To say it bluntly, as long as he had enough spiritual stones, he could gain possession of all the land around him by himself!

Thus, he hurriedly placed the object into his own pouch.

The three Supreme Headmasters were getting somewhat teary eyed as they watched him. Nobody wouldn't want a heavenly weapon like that one. However, they were fully aware that if they reveal the slightest greed, the person before them would kill them.

Therefore, they all lowered their head to indicate that they didn't have such thoughts.

At this, Ling Xian smiled, very satisfied at their self-awareness. However, he had to stir something up amongst these people.

"Zhong Tian, you have seen the power of the Sky Cannon. Don't feel pained by the number of spiritual stones required. Whoever dares to take advantage of my Ao Xian House, you just shoot at them."

At this, the other three shuddered. They knew that this was Ling Xian warning them and they couldn't help but to appear bitter.

Take advantage my @ss!

Even without the Sky Cannon, we wouldn't dare!

"Master, do not worry. The Ao Xian House may be a newly created force, but we are very wealthy. We have enough stones to shoot at least 10 times." Chu Zhong Tian smirked. He cooperated with Ling Xian well.

As expected, when the words "10 times" were dropped, the Supreme Headmasters shook even more violently. They thought the pair before them were monsters!

What the f!ck!

We were scared to this extend and you are still trying to scare us off. Is this fun for you? Is it?

The three of them cried tearlessly.

After seeing the Headmasters' expressions of almost crying, Ling Xian shook his head with a smile. He now knows that they were completely stunned. At the very least, in the next few decades, they wouldn't dare to make a move.

Thus, he shifted his gaze towards Chu Zhong Tian, "Alright, it's time for us to leave."

"Okay, leader." Chu Zhong Tian nodded.

"However, before we leave, we may have some trouble."

Sensing the Qi's that were approaching, Ling Xian revealed a soft grin, "I hope those people know what's up and leave right away."

Then, he leaped forward.

The moment he exited the palace, several silhouettes descended from the sky. All of them were walking with heavy vigor and were exuding extraordinary Qi.

Then, these people all summoned their own techniques to attack Ling Xian!

The combined Qi of them were rather impressive.

If this was before, Ling Xian would've found this pretty troublesome. However, at this point, these attacks were merely scratching his back for him – utterly harmless.

Thus, he merely flapped around his sleeves to get rid of all the attacks. Then, his eyes shone and a bloody red sword appeared.


The bloody blade sliced across the sky. Accompanying it, was a frigid statement that didn't conceal his intention!

"Those who stand in my way, die!"

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