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The entire Taoism community knew what it meant for someone to reach the undefeatable realm of the meditational, foundational, and completion level.

It meant true and shocking talent. It meant a path of being undefeatable.

A monster of such caliber required no explanation for what his future holds. It is for sure bright and limitless.

Thus, Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er were both ecstatic. They felt that to be able to follow behind Ling Xian was a great honor!

Therefore, they became firm in their belief that the best decision they've made in their lifetime was to follow this heaven defying beast who was standing before them.

At those two's excited looks, Ling Xian merely smiled. His posture remained effortless and calm.

His collectedness made Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er respect him even more. They asked themselves and decided that if they were the ones who broke through to the undefeatable realm of the completion level, they would be excited for three days and nights, and they wouldn't be able to stop.

Yet Ling Xian was as calm as ever, as if he hasn't done anything extraordinary. Why wouldn't these two be full of respect?

"Hehe, it is no wonder that you are our leader. You can remain so calm even after reaching the undefeatable realm of the completion level." Huang Er chuckled and flattered again.

Chu Zhong Tian couldn't help but to exclaim, "Yah, if I was in your shoes, I would be excited for three days and three nights. I would want to tell the world."

"If you were in his shoes, you never would've gotten to the undefeatable realm."

Huang Er laughed. "You think anyone can be like our leader? So dashing and so talented in so many disciplines?"

"That's true. It is the first time I've met a Heaven's Favorite similar to our leader." Chu Zhong Tian softly sighed. He was full of exclaims.

"Alright, you two need to stop flattering me."

Ling Xian shook his head and laughed, "I am merely undefeatable in the completion level. Why are you two making it sound like I am undefeatable in the world?"

"Hehe, why does it matter. It will happen sooner or later." Huang Er continued to flatter.

"Who can tell what the future holds."

Ling Xian shook his head. The undefeatable realm of the completion level was his current achievement. It can only represent what was happening now, not the future.

The cultivation journey is very treacherous and is harder than climbing up to the sky. He chose the path of becoming undefeatable, which means his journey will be more difficult than the average joe. A little carelessness may bring him death and misfortune.

Plus, he was already at the undefeatable realm of the completion level. What he would face now was the level that various cultivators found difficult.

The original level.

This level represented power and status. If completion leveled cultivators were considered powerhouses, then original leveled cultivators were even more extraordinary. Even in the entire continent, they were considered important figures.

This was why there was a saying that circulates around the Taoism community. Those who are not yet original cannot step up onto the stage.

The meaning of this saying is that no matter how talented of a Heaven's Favorite you are, or how dominating you are, until you are of the original level, you are nothing to be bragged about.

Once the original level is reached, not only will one's capabilities exponentially increase, their status will also become more important. In the entire continent, they would be considered a powerful figure.

A true powerhouse!

However, to get to that stage was a very difficult feat.

If out of 100,000 cultivators, only one can reach the completion level, the only one out of 1,000,000 can reach the original level. This million is also using the completion leveled cultivators as a base.

In other words, out of a million completion leveled cultivators, only one original levelled cultivator may be born. From this, it becomes apparent how difficult it is to breakthrough to the original level.

Luckily, the population of cultivators is extremely large. Combining the nine continents, there were several tens of billions. Or else there wouldn't be many original cultivators, or those above that level.

Thus, he didn't dare to relax.

"Save your flattery for when I reach the original level." Ling Xian softly smiled.

"Hehe, then it won't be long before we get permission to flatter you." Huang Er chuckled. He was full of confidence.

Chu Zhong Tian was the same. He saw highly of Ling Xian.

"Alright. Let's stop this here."

Ling Xian shook his head, "Don't forget that we still have to deal with the Tian Xuan House."

Hearing this, Chu Zhong Tian erased his smile and his expression turned serious.

However, Huang Er remained the clown of the group and laughed. "With you attending to the matter personally, we can easily deal with the Tian Xuan House."

"You know how to talk."

Ling Xian stared him down and waved his hand. "Go and prepare. We will depart in an hour. Huang Er, you stay and guard the home. I will go with Zhong Tian."

At once, Huang Er stopped moving like a frozen eggplant.

He then opened his lips, as if trying to say something. However, seeing Ling Xian's unmoving and unquestioning expression, he intelligently chose to shut his lips.

As for Chu Zhong Tian, he was more than happy as he paid his respect, "Please do not worry. I will go prepare now."

Then, he dragged Huang Er, who was without energy, and left the House.

"Chu Zhong Tian is fitting for a leader while Huang Er is suitable to be a manager. One is great at battles while the other is studious. One can point the House to the correct direction while the other can take care of the details. This is great team."

Watching the two leave, Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He didn't at all question these two's abilities. Within short six years, they were able to develop the Ao Xian House to this point, which was more than enough to prove that they were able to work together.

More importantly, these two were extremely loyal and thought of him as a God.

Because of everything, Ling Xian was very happy with his subordinates. However, when he thought of the Tian Xuan House, his smile disappeared and coldness flickered in his eyes.

"I don't care if you were trying to make the Ao Xian House work for you, or if you were trying to exterminate us, you have crossed the line."

The Tian Xuan House was located north of the Ao Xian House. The distance between the two Houses was less than 3,000 miles.

Before the Qing Ming House was wiped out, this House was the second strongest within the proximity. Though there were no original leveled cultivators there, there were at least 20 completion leveled powerhouses. They were considered extremely powerful.

Especially after the termination of the Qing Ming House, the Tian Xuan House became the number one force in the area.

Thus, the Tian Xuan House began to plot and strategize on how to swallow the neighboring forces.

If they start a war, then they would cause injuries to themselves and may even cause the other forces to unite. Therefore, the Tian Xuan House came up with the idea to use forming an alliance as an excuse to get the other forces under their wing before invading and wiping them out.

Thus, as early as five years ago, the Tian Xuan House hosted their first gathering. Sadly, that time, they were unable to suppress the neighboring forces and their plan failed.

After five years of prosperity and growth, the Tian Xuan House had grown stronger and finally acquired the capability to fight against its neighbors. Therefore, the Supreme Headmaster of the House once again sent out invitations for the gathering and was planning on using force to threaten the forces to bend down to them.

Today was the day of the gathering.

Currently, the Sun had just risen and the Tian Xuan House had lit up most of their lights, making the entire space appear lively.

All the descendants were keeping themselves busy. They entered and exited while waited for the start of the gathering.

Reality was that the meeting was going to be the Supreme Headmasters of the different forces sitting together, discussing some matters, and required no need for so much preparation.

All the preparation they were making made it seem like they weren't hosting a meeting, but were instead, about to celebrate the fact that they were now the leader of all forces.

It was obvious that the House was confident and very presumptuous. Even before the meeting started, they were behaving as if they had won. They sure were overbearing.

Because of this, the three Supreme Headmasters who have already arrived, felt unsettled by this.

Using the City of Sin as the center of the map, within its 5,000 miles radius, existed five forces. Other than the Tian Xuan House, the Ao Xian House, there were the Xuan Bing Palace, the Yao Guang House, and the Jie Le Valley.

These three forces were all small forces and were the targets of this meeting. Their capabilities were considerably weaker and they were no opponents against the Tian Xuan House. Even if they combine forces, they wouldn't be able to defeat the Tian Xuan House.

This was why they were too afraid to reveal how they felt despite their hatred towards the Tian Xuan House's actions.

They could only whisper in secret and discuss quietly how to act in this meeting.
They weren't idiots, they all knew the ambition behind the Tian Xuan House.

But so what they know? Even if they do come together, they weren't going to be able to act against the Tian Xuan House. What did they have to fight with?

Thus, the three Supreme Headmasters all sighed and were full of grief.

Though they didn't want to cave to the Tian Xuan House, they didn't want to go all out and fight against the Tian Xuan House until one side completely dies. Thus, they were between a hard place and a rock.

As they were looking hesitant, a round of bright laughter arrived, carrying some arrogance with it.

"Haha, to see the three Headmasters here is an honor for the Tian Xuan House's"

As the voice arrived, a giant gust of wind blew into the meeting hall. A middle aged man wearing an expensive gown appeared.

This person had a square face and a fit body. The moment he appeared, extremely powerful Qi exuded out of him. Like a mountain, he stood there, as if no matter how heavy the rain or how aggressive the storm, he wouldn't be moved.

This was the Supreme Headmaster of the Tian Xuan House, Tang Shan.

At the sight of him, the three Supreme Headmasters all silently cursed. However, they all hurriedly stood up and paid their respect.

"Headmaster Tang."

"Haha, no need for such politeness. Please sit." Tang Shan had a face full of smiles. He looked like a straight forward guy.

However, everyone here knew that despite his rough appearance, he was very detail oriented and was not at all a simple person. This was obvious from his nickname: the tiger with a smile. If he didn't have another side of him, why would he have earned this nickname?

"Headmaster Tang, please sit as well.

The three Supreme Headmasters sat down in their unsettled state.

They have all arrived except for the Ao Xian House's Supreme Headmaster. Who did he think he was?

"It appears that the Ao Xian House's Supreme Headmaster is not very punctual." Tang Shan was full of smiles but the vibe he gave off was cold.

However, just after he spoke, bright laughter arose from afar, making everyone frown.

"Headmaster Tang, please never mind me. I just came out of isolation yesterday, which explains my lateness."

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