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On the third level of the pavilion.

Ling Xian was just about to close an ancient book when his peripheral vision caught a few lines of words that made him frown.

The Palace of Fortune, the Immortal Palace, the Great Mausoleum, and the World of Immortality.

Written below these four location's names, were five cities' names. They were: The Guardian City, the Angelic City, the Sacred City, the Harmonious City, and the final one, the Endeavoring City.

Though these few lines were limited in content and looked very unimportant – the names seem connected and looked very profound.

Ling Xian frowned slightly as he stared at the names of these places, unable to make sense of what they mean. Could it be that it was trying to tell people that these places exist?

That was a possibility. But his sixth sense told him that all nine of these places are full of secrets. And these places must be connected to one another.

"I know about the Palace of Fortune and the Immortal Palace. I have been to those and other than an endless amount of treasure, I didn't find any other secrets."

Ling Xian's brows were tightly locked together as he pondered over these nine names.

He has been inside the Immortal Palace and the Palace of Fortune and he knew that they were valuable places. However, he didn't know the origins of those places nor their history. Or in other words, nobody in the cultivation world knows of their past.

He also knows of the Guardian City and knows that it's the entrance to another world. The other four cities, however, he has never heard of them.

Thus, he was extremely confused and couldn't figure out what these nine names indicated.

"Could it be that I am overthinking it? Could it be that this book was simply trying to tell people that there are nine holy places in the world?"

Ling Xian mumbled, "Wait, no, my sixth sense tells me that there are many secrets involving these places. But I have too little information and I cannot figure this out."

As he thought about it, he smiled and decided to worry about this later.

Since there was no way for him to find an answer, then why waste energy and time?

"Oh well… when I rule the world, I will naturally get the opportunity to hear about these mysterious places."

Ling Xian softly grinned, "When that happens, I will just visit the places to find out."

As he spoke, he closed the black book and then placed it in his storage pouch. He also took the effort to set a mini array on it.

This book is of the utmost importance and cannot be seen by others. If he didn't suddenly see the names of the nine places and thought of what they could mean, he was going to burn the book.

"Let's go. I will put a pin in this since I have more important matters to attend to." In a flash, Ling Xian left the pavilion.

Then, he explained some things to Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er before finding a mountain peak that hasn't been destroyed and began another round of isolation.


The destruction of the Qing Ming House indicates the birth of a new force.

Under Huang Er's leadership, the citizens from the City of Sin began their clean up. Because Ling Xian's one step caused too much destruction and trashed the majority of the House's architecture, there was much work to be done.

However, nobody was being impatient about this. Instead, they were full of joy and excitement.

Because this was their new home and this was where they were going to spend their life.

Thus, everyone was now full of energy. Within roughly seven days, they began to rebuild the destroyed architectures.

This wide land was now once again lively. It was as if the war that happened seven days ago never really happened.

However, nobody inside the City of Sin could forget about that war. None of them could forget the person who destroyed the Qing Ming House alone and rebuilt them an improved home.

In this lifetime, they will never be able to forget!

After the Qing Ming House has been rebuilt, Huang Er began to pick out talents amongst the citizens.

There were talented, and relatively younger people who he deemed as descendants and was going to train them. There were older people with higher cultivation levels who he appointed as House Elders who must manage the House.

The older ones with low capabilities but were intelligent cultivators were assigned by Huang Er to teach the descendants, or were asked to take care of admin tasks.

Even the elderly without much abilities were not neglected. Huang Er divided some spiritual stones amongst them and asked them to find a peaceful place to spend the remainder of their life.

Just like that, every single citizen found a place in the new house. Everyone was extremely happy and believed that choosing to follow Ling Xian was the wisest decision they've made in their lifetime.

One has to admit that Huang Er was a genius.

Though he didn't have much talent, much cultivation, and didn't have much of an appearance – he had amazing management skills. Don't forget, this House once had hundreds of people. Plus there were thousands of people coming from the City of Sin.

To be able to organize all these people and ensure everyone found their niche in this House in such a short period of time was an impressive feat.

Under his seamless management, the entire Qing Ming House relearned a new attitude. Nobody from the City of Sin felt wronged or hateful.

Everyone was full of energy and was extremely excited to make sure their new home is dazzling.

Just like that, this newly formed glorious force began their righteous path that was now leading towards an honorable direction.

However, just as this House returned to its normal course of business, a problem that must be solved appeared.

The House name.

From certain angles, the House name is a symbol for their spirits. It shouldn't be named the Qing Ming House still.

But the problem with the name of the House puzzled everyone. Logically speaking, Ling Xian earned this House and he should be the one making this decision. However, heavens would have it that this bastard decided to go into isolation!

He wasn't even seeing Chu Zhong Tian or Huang Er.

Because of this, the two faithful subordinates were in a pickle.

To know that a cultivator normally spends decades in isolation. To wait… they could wait. But the force was really looking forward to having a spiritual pillar.

Only when the name of the House is decided, will the citizens from the City of Sin feel like this place is now home. Only then, will they be proud to announce where they are from.

Thus, the two of them calculated and decided to stop waiting.

Just like that, they pondered hard. Every single idea they had, they shot it down because they didn't find it satisfactory. In the end, they decided to involve everyone from the City of Sin to think on this matter.

But, after much thinking, nobody could think of a satisfactory name.

In the end, someone unknown suggested that since the House leader earned this House, then the House should be named after the leader. This suggestion was greeted with much agreement, but then, the citizens suddenly realized that they didn't know what the name of the leader was!

Only Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er knew his name.

However, they also knew that Ling Xian was unwilling to reveal his name. Therefore, the two of them discussed and decided to use one word from his name, and then add another word.

Doing so, the House would be linked to him, but outsiders wouldn't think of him right away.

This made up name, other than Ling Xian, was voted satisfactory by everyone.

Ao Xian*.

The House of Ao Xian!

Without a doubt, this name was a powerful and domineering name!

It could be viewed as a proud immortal or could be interpreted as one proudly standing in heaven. Regardless, this was a great name.

Everyone there was very happy with this name. Not only was it because it's powerful, but it also made everyone feel a sense of belonging.

When they go out now, they could openly tell everyone that they were from the Ao Xian House!

Though these people's current capabilities do not align with this name, they firmly believed that under the leadership of Ling Xian, there will come a day when the name of the House will match up to this unparalleled domineering name!

After the name was done, it was the House's ceremony for voting for a House leader.

The candidate was naturally Chu Zhong Tian.

Ling Xian's personality was not suitable for such a position. He belonged to the peak of endeavors and there was no way he was going to stay in one place for a long time and be tied down by management.

This was why before he went into isolation, he asked Chu Zhong Tian to accept the leadership position.

Of course, Chu Zhong Tian accepted this without any argument.

Though he knew very well that he will only be the leader by name, he still accepted it willingly. It wasn't that he was obsessed with power and control, it was that he was willing to be on stage and help Ling Xian manage this place.

Just like that, the ceremony began.

The reality was that this group of people did not have the capabilities to create a House. Other than Ling Xian, only Chu Zhong Tian was of the completion level. There really wasn't enough powerful people to form a House. At most, they could form a Clan.

However, since they have Ling Xian, then all the impossible become possible.

With his insane capabilities, he could end any small scaled House. Thus, who dare to say this group had no right to start a House?

Him alone outcompetes a thousand men army!

Therefore, nobody questioned anything. Instead, they were all full of aspirations and waited for the ceremony.

Time passed little by little. When Chu Zhong Tian finally stood on top and announced the formation of the Ao Xian House, the entire place erupted into an uproar.

Everyone was applauding and cheering. Their faces were full of excitement as they expressed their ecstasy.

Rounds and rounds of cheers came and went. Statements of applause echoed throughout space, shooting into everyone's ears.

Because the ceremony meant that the Ao Xian House has now officially been created. It also meant that these people now have a home and are no longer nomads.

Before they were all wandering through the world, all living in darkness and in fear that they were going to be killed. They couldn't sleep in peace nor could they eat in peace.

But now, all those anxiety had faded. Because they have finally become rooted and found a place that could shield the storm away from them!

How could they not be happy?

Everything they have now was given by Ling Xian. Therefore, despite them calling Chu Zhong Tian their leader, they all knew.

There was only one leader inside the Ao Xian House.

That leader was the extraordinary young man in white.

The terrifying completion leveled cultivator whose sword slayed 21 completion leveled cultivators.

To them, he was an omnipotent heavenly being!

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