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The moment Ling Xian landed in the Qing Ming House, he had sensed two important locations.

The first location he felt was the treasury that was filled with many treasures, the other was the pavilion filled with many books and scrolls. These two places represented the Qing Ming House's richness and foundation. These two places were of the utmost importance to the House.

Therefore, when he delivered that fatal step into the House, he consciously landed softer on these two places. That, plus the defensive properties automatically carried by the treasures, resulted in these two places being completely unharmed.

Currently, Ling Xian was at the treasure storage place.

Excluding the fact that he had resolved his hatred and safely placed the citizens of the City of Sin elsewhere, his other biggest gain was without a doubt, the treasure house before his eyes.

The Qing Ming House has been there for a long time and was considered to be the wealthiest out of all the forces within its proximity. Ling Xian wasn't sure how much wealth it accumulated in recent years, but he was certain that it would be an astronomical number.

A number that would move even an original leveled cultivator!

"Let me see just how much wealth the Qing Ming House has accumulated." Ling Xian softly grinned. He manipulated his Qi and knocked down the treasury's door.

The storage place for treasures was an important place and naturally, it had powerful defensive properties. Sadly, before someone like him, who was capable and knew arrays, the defensive properties meant nothing.

Therefore, after a loud "bang", the giant door that led to the storage room popped open.

Immediately, different colors of light began to exude dizzyingly and were so blinding, it made it hard for anyone to look directly at it.

After Ling Xian entered, he immediately felt like he had underestimated Qing Ming House's wealth.

There were three levels inside the treasury. Every single floor was giant in size and was stuffed with all kinds of treasures. After seeing just the first level of treasures, his face blossomed into a satisfied smile.

Spiritual stones!

There were white spiritual stones everywhere. Roughly estimating, there were at least a few million. None of these stones were of poor ranking, they were all high-quality spiritual stones.

"It is no wonder that the Qing Ming House has ruled this land for so many years. It sure is wealthy." Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He didn't speak much more and went up to the second floor right away.

To him, spiritual stones were just objects. What he wanted more was the type of treasures that had no real price tags attached.

When he made his way to the second floor, his eyes brightened. It wasn't that he had found more valuable treasures, it was that he found color spiritual medicines.

At first sight, there were at least several thousand different ones lying on the ground. All of them were emitting different colors of light, looking like a hazy dream.

This made Ling Xian's eyes brighten up in happiness.

Even though he doesn't practice alchemy often and merely does it out of interest, he does enjoy spiritual medicine. There were so many before him and naturally, he was excited.

"Not bad. This will make brewing Dans much easier in the future."

Ling Xian had a faint smile on his lips. He flipped around his sleeve and took half of the spiritual medicine into his own pouch. As for the remaining half, he decided to leave them to the citizens of the City of Sin.

After all, everyone there will be his subordinates. Naturally, he needed to train and raise them well.

Just then, he leaped up and came to the third floor.

There were treasures all over this floor. They were of different types and were all extraordinary. Some were used for defense, some were for offense, some were for flying… there were all sorts of different ones but one thing was in common – they were all treasures within the fifth to the ninth realm.

There was not a single treasure that was higher ranked.

This was normal. The Qing Ming House was merely a small scaled House. To have such wealth had already impressed Ling Xian.

"I have resolved my rivalry and have made sure everyone is safe, on top of all that, I have gained so much riches. This trip sure was worth it."

Ling Xian was very happy with what he had gained on this trip. In a flash, he left the storage place.

He didn't need the spiritual stones nor the treasures. Therefore, he had no plans to make them his own. He was planning on using all this to train the citizens of the City of Sin.

After he enhanced the protective array of the treasury, he began to walk towards the Pavilion with books.

After some time had passed, Ling Xian arrived before a three-story building. It looked ancient and was constructed out of expensive wood. The entire building was emitting a classic scent.

"So this is the pavilion."

Ling Xian grinned faintly but did not have high hopes for this place. He knew that for a House as small as the Qing Ming House, it was impossible for them to have any records of great techniques.

Thus, he had no high expectations.

The reason why he decided to come out and take a look was that for one, this place was his already. For two, he wanted to flip through some ancient books to find out why the Qing Ming House knows about the secret of the City of Sin.

"Let me go in and take a look."

Ling Xian formed a hand seal and called out an array breaking seal that immediately crushed the pavilion's defensive arrays. Then, he slowly walked in.

He entered the first level and roughly scanned over the yellowing books using his Qi. Just as he expected, they were all low leveled techniques that were useless to him.

The second level was low-level tricks. To others, these were valuable treasures, but to him, they remained useless.

He had predicted this and thus he was not disappointed.

After that, he entered the third level. Here, there were only books that had the recording of historical figures and their stories.

"This is what I was looking for. Let me search around."

Glancing at the hundreds of ancient records, Ling Xian bitterly chuckled. It wasn't going to be easy for him to try and find recordings regarding the City of Sin from all these books.

However, since he was already here, he had to try.

Thus, he calmed down and casually picked up an old book. He began to search in detail.

Just like that, time passed by little by little.

One by one, Ling Xian picked up the book and then dropped the book. Within two hours, he had read over 75 books. However, he didn't find any of them mentioning anything about the City of Sin.

"Could it be.. that the Qing Ming House didn't learn about the secret through books? Or perhaps they put the book elsewhere?"

Ling Xian frowned. After some time, he decided he might as well read all the remaining books. After all, he had nothing else to do and he could learn some new things by doing this.

When he finally found a black book, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Even though there were only a few sentences regarding the City of Sin and there was no detailed description of anything – it very much made people sense that the City of Sin was full of secrets.

"So it really was recorded on a book."

Ling Xian softly smiled. To have found the reason, his last worry disappeared. He was also very glad that he decided to kill all the upper management inside the Qing Ming House.

If he didn't and the information regarding this was leaked, then he would fall into a major crisis. If he was uncareful, the situation would definitely turn sour.

"My master and the Immortals made the right decision. Even though I am still confused, the secret must be very important. If it gets leaked, it's over for me."

Ling Xian's expression was serious. He decided to hurry up and bury the City of Sin after the Immortal of Arrays finishes designing his array.

Then, he closed the book and was prepared to leave the pavilion with it. However, just as he was about to close the book, his peripheral vision caught a few words.

Immediately, he began to frown.

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