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On the barren field, the Qing Ming House's Supreme Headmaster had a look of shock as he regretfully collapsed to the ground.


Killed by Ling Xian with a sword.

Everyone's expression changed to surprised and then, their bodies began to tremble uncontrollably as well.

To any force, the Supreme Headmaster isn't just a symbol for power, it's also a reflection of the force's capabilities. Therefore, when a force's leader dies, the impact it creates to the force is powerful and difficult to imagine.

Using the current situation for example, the moment the Supreme Headmaster collapsed, all the people from the House felt themselves falling to the deep abyss. Only one thought passed through everyone's head.


The Qing Ming House is finished.

The Supreme Headmaster had died, which means the war is near its end and that what will happen next is predictable.

Thus, why wouldn't everyone feel scared?

Even the few remaining completion leveled cultivators were shaking. Especially when they remembered what they had just seen, their fear reached a boiling point.

Since the battle started until now, only moments have passed. Whether it was the few completion leveled cultivators before, or the Supreme Headmaster later, Ling Xian killed them all so crisply and quickly.

It was just one rebuttal, and just one second, that's all it took for the enemy to die.

This made them realized that they were the dumbest idiots in the world!

Against such a terrifying powerhouse, they thought they could stop him. If this wasn't stupidity, what was it?

The few elders had a bitter look on their faces and all their desires to resist disappeared. Originally, they were full of fear. Now that the Supreme Headmaster had died, and their spirits were crushed.

Everyone here had the same feeling. None of them dared to even think that they would be able to stop this demon!

"Your Supreme Headmaster had been killed by me. Is there someone else who wants to fight me?"

Ling Xian spoke softly as he glanced around with much vigor. Everyone subconsciously lowered their heads.

They were full of fear and there was only one thought in their minds.


The further they escape the better!

The several elders were thinking the same thing. They exchanged glances and saw the resolve in each other's eyes. Then, as if they had practised before, they all dashed in all four different directions, south, north, west, and east.

This scene once again struck the descendants hard. They didn't think that the elders they have always admired would escape to save their own lives. But after thinking about the situation, they accepted it.

The Supreme Headmaster had died. If the elders don't escape, they could only wait for death.

Plus, against someone as terrifying as Ling Xian, who has the courage to fight against him?

"You think you can run away before me?"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up into a teasing smile. After some time, the Winged Blitz appeared and carried him before two unnamed elders.

The two of them reacted as if struck by lightning. They didn't think his speed would be this terrifying!

"Though you pose no threat to me, I have to be responsible for the citizens of the City of Sin. So, please die."

At that, Ling Xian made a move. As he brushed shoulders with the two, both of his hands turned into the Hand of Breakage and they stretched up to the elders' throats.

Bang, bang!

The moment the two corpses fell to the ground, Ling Xian had already reappeared to the south. Within breaths time, he once again blocked two elders.

"Though you pose no threat to me, I have to be responsible for the citizens of the City of Sin. So, please die."

He spoke the exact same words and made the exact same moves.

By then time Ling Xian showed up to the west, the two elders from the south all collapsed to the ground – dead.

Instant kill!

Just how capable was he, just how insanely fast was he?

Immediately, the elder who was escaping to the west reacted as if struck by lightning. The only thought in his head was how was it possible that the Qing Ming House encountered such a monster!

"Go on your way."

Ling Xian uttered out these words, then he used the Spell of Sun and Moon to form a ray of energy that pierced through this person's chest.

Another instant kill!

Then, his silhouette flickered. The Winged Blitz showed themselves again as he turned up right in front of the last elder.


Perhaps he had seen what happened to the other five, this completion leveled cultivator did not speak. The moment Ling Xian showed up, the elder made a move.

However, the gap between Ling Xian and him was far too large. So large that even if Ling Xian was not resisting, he still would not be harmed.

Therefore, the elder's strike was like throwing a bull into a pool of mud. Not even a wave could be created.

"Stop wasting your time."

Ling Xian's expression was calm. "If you want something to blame, blame your Qing Ming House for being overbearing. You tried to harm me for a second time after the first time had failed. You deserve to die."

Then, the Sword of Extinction appeared in his hand. Bloody light emerged and killer's intent shot through the cloud.

At once, the sword roared and before everyone's helpless gaze, it pierced through his left chest.


After a thump, this person collapsed to the ground and blood splattered in all directions.

His death meant the end of all completion leveled cultivators in the Qing Ming House. It also meant the battle was now over.

Thus, after seeing him taking his last breath, everyone lost all hope.

Their faces were white and they were acting like they had lost their soul. Only their physical shell remained.

The death of all powerhouses in the Qing Ming House meant that it would be useless for them meditational and foundational cultivators to struggle. In other words, the House was finished.

Ling Xian had ended an entire House by himself!

Just how powerful was this? Why wouldn't all the descendants from the Qing Ming House feel hopeless?

All the citizens from the City of Sin were extremely happy. They didn't know that Ling Xian was this powerful and that it was possible for him to stop an entire House as one person.

"Haha, you have done well. I am so happy!"

"The Qing Ming House has been acting wildly for years. They should've been wiped out a long time ago. Master, you sure have helped us out."

"Not only that, all the completion leveled cultivators, including the Supreme Headmaster, were killed by him within seconds. His powerfulness is insane!

"That's right. His strength stripes everyone else of hope. Nobody could even escape.

Everyone chimed in. As they applauded Ling Xian's ability to destroy the Qing Ming House, they also exclaimed his powerfulness.

"Phew, it's over."

Ling Xian exhaled deeply. The anger in his heart completely disappeared and he finally relaxed. Then, the corner of his mouth lifted and he revealed a joyous smile.

All the completion leveled cultivators of the Qing Ming House had died, which means he had won this battle. Which also meant this House now belonged to him.

The large land he fought so hard for, the wealth that has been accumulated for years, all sorts of techniques and inheritances… everything that once belonged to the Qing Ming House were now his.

To know that this was a House. The amount of wealth they have accumulated must be an astronomically high number that was hard to imagine!

Thus, why wouldn't Ling Xian be extremely happy?

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