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Amongst the cloud, Ling Xian stepped into the Qing Ming House's land, displaying all his vigor!

This step was comparable to a giant's foot or an ancient beast's paw. It cast over them like a giant piece of cloud and made the earth shake.

He spoke no words and gave no warning. He merely stepped down this one foot. How dominating was this?

How powerful was this!

Mo Jing Lei had once struck in a similar manner, but compared to Ling Xian, he was very weak. What Ling Xian was doing was truly aggressive and truly powerful!


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud. Like a giant peak collapsing, it hovered over the entire Qing Ming House and made everything quiver!

This made everyone from the Qing Ming House feel a sense of fear.

Even the Supreme Headmaster and the elders were astounded by this scene. They were so shocked they could barely speak.

Luckily, they were powerhouses of the completion level. The moment the terrifying foot landed, they were already ready to defend.

The Qing Ming House Supreme Headmaster formed a hand seal and activated the protective array of the House in an attempt to stop this attack.

However, this step was far too powerful. It was similar to a God descending and had the prowess to destroy everything in this city.

As the foot landed, heavenly light shot up through the cloud and destroyed everything it touched. All the mountain peaks inside the Qing Ming House turned into dust under the terrifying vigor.

To know that these were mountain peaks that were miles tall. Yet they had been turned to dust under the pressure. How unbelievable was this?

Why wouldn't everyone be shocked?

What happened next forced everyone into a state of awe!

The protective array that was exuding an infinite amount of light engulfed everything inside the Qing Ming House and protected everyone with insane might. However, Ling Xian was far too powerful. The moment the layer of light came in contact with his foot, his foot pushed through like it was paper.

Then, the entire Qing Ming House collapsed.


The rumble was ear piercing as the heavy foot dropped with the destructive power to end all living beings!

Originally, this place was filled with clear water, colorful flowers, pavilions, and different sceneries. Yet now, Ling Xian had destroyed all of them with one foot!

Including the palace where the leaders lived, all the mountain peaks, along with other architectures, collapsed. Even the ground showed multiple giant cracks.

The entire Qing Ming House turned into ruins!

Though the cultivators were also within the radius where the foot stepped down, nobody was hurt. It wasn't that they were extremely powerful, it was that Ling Xian didn't want to hurt the innocent, thus he only aimed for the architectures.

Though nobody was hurt, all of them were now covered in dust and fear was all over their faces.

Not even in their dreams did they think that someone would be ruthless enough to enter their home by stepping down like this. They also didn't expect this one foot to destroy the Qing Ming House!

This was unbelievable!

"Dammit, you dare to destroy my Qing Ming House! You are overdoing this!"

The Qing Ming Supreme Headmaster howled into the sky. His old eyes were gawking at Ling Xian, as he felt his fury raise to the top.

"Overdoing it?"

Ling Xian wore a robe as white as snow. He was expressionless as he peered down like a respectable God.

Glaring at everyone, he said softly, "I am merely giving you back what you did to me. You provoked me, in the same manner, using Mo Jing Lei. Why can't I do the same to you?"

"You are the one who killed Elder Mo!"

The Qing Ming Supreme Headmaster was a little startled while the other elders lost their composure. They didn't think the person who killed Mo Jing Lei would be someone as young as this person.

The woman elder who's known for her relationship with Mo Jing Lei appeared utterly shocked and was full of hatred.

"That's right."

Ling Xian admitted without a word. His eyes flickered with coldness, "If you think I am overdoing it, then what do you call yourselves? You continuously provoked us."

The Supreme Headmaster's expression darkened and he said something extremely arrogant.

"It should be an honor for you!"

Immediately, the elders began to laugh, their voices full of mockery.


Ling Xian laughed, laughing from anger.

Even now, the Qing Ming House refused to change from their arrogant ways and did not know what it means to be regretful. This made Ling Xian's killer intent flood.

"I am way too lazy to waste my time with you."

Speaking softly, Ling Xian's cold gaze glanced around, "The elders of the Qing Ming House, all of you who are above the completion level, can take the blame for your actions. Everyone else, please leave."

At those words, everyone froze in shock. Only after a while did they realize what this meant.

He was planning on destroying the Qing Ming House?

What a joke!

Even the descendants were laughing, finding this extremely ridiculous. The capability of the Qing Ming House was extremely powerful and was considered to be king of this land, how could it be destroyed?

That would be a ridiculous result!

Even the upper management of the Qing Ming House was laughing and rocking back and forth from it. They were laughing so hard tears were pouring out.

"Haha, you moron who does not know how powerless you are! You think just because you killed Elder Mo, you can think lowly of us?"

"This is so funny. Since I have been alive until now, that is the best joke I have heard!"

"It really is ridiculous. Maybe if you were inside the City of Sin, I cannot do much. But you ran all the way over here to talk to us. Did you really think we have no cards up our sleeves?"

Everyone chimed in. Other than mockery in their tone, there was disdain.

"Hopefully you can still laugh in a bit." Ling Xian spoke gently. In a flash, he descended to the ground.

Facing such an irritating House, Ling Xian was now truly speechless. Plus, they were now enemies and only one party will end up alive.

So, what more was left for him to say?

His expression was calm as he glared at the gawking cultivators and uttered out a statement that was full of killer's intent.

"Since you all want to die so badly, then I will put in some effort and send you on your way."

Just then, the completion leveled cultivators turned furious. Waves of energy poured of them and dashed towards the young man before them.

At the same time, the two elders could no longer contain their anger. They all manipulated their own Qi and stepped forward.

"You sure overestimate yourself."

At that, Ling Xian made a move. Powerful Qi poured out of him and clashed against the group of men!

Instantly, an infinite amount of light rushed out and drowned this space.

Amongst the light, the two elderly men approached Ling Xian like ghosts. They each raised a palm and they were carrying proud smiles on their faces as if they have decided that they could end his life with one hit.

The next second, however, their arrogant expressions froze on their faces. What replaced it was astonishment!

Because Ling Xian made a move. He didn't make any move that extravagant. He merely stepped out one step and brushed shoulders against the two elders.

Just then, slashes of red marks appeared on their necks. Their eyes widened and they held onto their necks subconsciously. But they quickly realized that they could not stop their blood from gushing out.

Life was slipping away from them and their eyes were full of shock and regret. Helplessly, they collapsed in their own pool of blood.

This scene froze everyone!


To have killed two completion leveled cultivators at such a speed was far too powerful!

Everyone's expression displayed their awe. Fear replaced the disdain on their faces.

Even the upper management of the Qing Ming House was now wide-eyed. Their breathing was hasty and heavy.

"Dammit, I do not believe you to be this strong. Let me see how you are!"

A middle-aged man marched forward and unleashed a technique. Terrifying Qi caused everyone's heart to quiver.

However, Ling Xian did not appear at all scattered. He merely flapped around his sleeve and stopped this attack. Then, a bloody hole appeared between this man's brows.

Instantly, everyone once again fell into shock and fear.

"Dammit, kill him!"

The Supreme Headmaster ordered angrily. Just then, two completion leveled cultivators who refused to believe reality stepped out.

In a flash, they appeared before Ling Xian. One called out to a sword technique and 10 different sharp light rays howled, brightening up the area.

The other person threw a fist that crumbled the space.

But these two powerful techniques, in Ling Xian's eyes, were not enough to even scratch him.

What could they do? The distance between them was far too large. They could easily destroy them with one move.

"Weak. Way too weak."

That was the last thing the two completion leveled cultivators heard. The last thought in their mind was that it was over. Completely over. The Qing Ming House is done!

The two of them laid in their own blood, accenting Ling Xian's victory and adding to everyone else's fear.

Their faces were full of disbelief. They didn't think this man was this terrifying. In the blink of an eye, he killed five completion leveled cultivators!

"Are you feeling the fear now? Next, you will feel even more fearful."

Ling Xian spoke lightly and marched forward. There was no heavenly Qi and no spiritual energy that shot through the cloud.

Yet every step he took acted like a drum that was beating in everyone's heart. They were frightened and they felt their breathing turning difficult.

The atmosphere turned depressing then. Everyone felt a dark cloud hovering over them and they were full of fear and hopelessness.

"Dammit. Everyone let's go! I do not believe that a group of us cannot kill him!"

The Qing Ming Supreme Headmaster shouted. He formed a hand seal that exploded with light.

At the same time, the woman elder could no longer contain her hatred. In a flash, she appeared before Ling Xian. Using the cane in her hand, she slammed down!


The drop was heavy. It had the same strength as someone from the peak of the completion level!

Sadly, though she too was of the peak of the completion level, similar to Elder Lan, there was a big gap between them and Ling Xian.

Therefore, he didn't think much of this cane. He remained casual and marched on.

The woman elder felt like she had been ignored. Angry, she slammed again with more strength.

The terrifying Qi made the space quake and brought everyone into shock. As much as they were surprised, they were also proud.

The woman elder especially was exhilarated. It was as if she had already seen Ling Xian's brain splattering everywhere.

However, the moment this slam was 3 inches away from Ling Xian, their arrogant expression froze.

Because at that moment, the cane began to crack. Slowly but surely, it turned into pieces and disappeared from the world.

The elderly woman's body too was deteriorating into pieces of flesh and blood.

Instantly, all levels of heaven and hell silenced.

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