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The City of Sin was located near the border of Yuezhou and connected Yuezhou to Yunzhou.

This city has been known to be chaotic for all of its existence. However, after the arrival of an unnamed man a decade ago, the city became regulated and lawful. At the very least, it was a lot more peaceful compared to before.

Most people were happy to see this. Therefore, they were all very loyal and protective of the unnamed man's subordinate, the leader of the city, Chu Zhong Tian.

Under his ruling, the City of Sin was improving every day. The majority of the population could be found smiling on most days.

However, everything changed three days ago.

Out of nowhere, five completion leveled cultivators came to the city. All of their battling capabilities were extraordinary and the moment they appeared, they announced that they planned on taking over the city.

Chu Zhong Tian of course was not going to let this happen. Sadly, he was fighting solo and was not powerful enough to stand up against all five of them. He was heavily wounded at once.

If he didn't display his last ace card, then he would've died a while ago. Even the City of the Sin would be in the enemies' hands by now.

This was all thanks to Ling Xian.

Even though he was not at the City of Sin and basically was not in charge of anything that was going on in the city, before he left, he built a powerful array.

It was thanks to this array that Chu Zhong Tian was able to escape and temporarily stop the group of people.

However, despite the powerfulness of this array, Chu Zhong Tian still sustained heavy injuries. The invaders were all strong and the array would not hold on much longer.

This was why these days, the citizens of the City of Sin were living in fear. They all felt grey clouds hanging over their head, making everyone feel desperate.

Under this terrifying atmosphere, many people made the decision to leave the City of Sin. However, many others chose to stay and battle with Chu Zhong Tian till the very end.

While their willingness deserved praises, based on the situation, the chances of saving the City of Sin was next to none.

What could they do? The invaders were far too powerful. At least to the people in the City of Sin, they were almost impossible to defeat.

Currently, the Sun was hanging high in the sky.

Inside a tent in the rural area of the City of Sin, five people with terrifying demeanor were sitting in a circle and discussing how to destroy the array.

To them, the array was troublesome. They didn't think that at a place as isolated as the City of Sin, would exist such a powerful array.

"I cannot believe there is such a complex array inside the City of Sin." A grey haired elder sighed.

"That's true."

An elder in a black robe nodded and exclaimed, "Even though this array is not of the godly level, it's not far from it. I don't know who set it up."

"Based on the information I have, up until 12 years ago, there was no protective array inside the City of Sin. It wasn't until the three original forces were defeated and when Chu Zhong Tian took over, did this array appear."

The elder in white frowned and analyzed, "We have battled against Chu Zhong Tian and he doesn't seem like someone who knows anything about arrays. If it were him, he wouldn't have tried to fight me in the beginning. He should've activated the array in the beginning."

"In other words, there is someone behind Chu Zhong Tian who is the true array master. It is very possible that he is the one behind everything." The elder in black frowned, feeling troubled.

"Hmmph, I don't care who it is that is operating behind Chu Zhong Tian. To me, everyone is an ant." A female elder hissed. Her wrinkled face appeared very proud.

"It is also not the time to be complimenting the person who set up the array."

The elderly woman used her cane to hit the ground. In a cold voice, she continued, "What we need to be thinking about is how to break the array. Don't forget, the order came from above. We have to take over the City of Sin within 10 years. Three days have already passed."

Hearing this, the other four silenced.

They wanted to take over the City of Sin as well, but none of them were array masters and they could not figure out ways to break the array. In other words, all they could do was to try and break it with brute force.

That array was far too dominating. Even with the power of all five of them, there was no way for them to defeat the array within a short amount of time.

Thus, what could they do?


The old woman coldly hissed again, "I know the array is powerful and it's hard to break it in a short period of time. But, I believe that if we strike it enough, the array will be depleted of energy."

"That's right."

A middle aged man spoke slowly and his pale face snickered, "It's merely an array. It's dead. I believe we can smash it into pieces if we continue to attack it."

"That's right. We all are completion leveled powerhouses here. We are not going to be stopped by a small array."

The elder woman had a look of disdain. "I also don't care if Chu Zhong Tian actually has someone working behind him. Whoever comes my way dies."

Hearing this, the other two elders nodded. Their expressions turned arrogant as well.

They merely thought the array was a little complex but they never thought too much about the City of Sin. With their capabilities, they could take over 10 cities that are the size of the City of Sin.

Seeing the other two nod, the elderly woman grinned. "Let's go. I can't wait to break the array."

Then, she marched forward and headed towards the city center.

However, just as she stepped forward one step, she suddenly heard a calm statement carried over from afar.

"There is no need. I have arrived. There is no more need for you to attack anymore."

At that statement, a giant wave of power descended down, making the five of them perspire.

Looking at the man in blue, fear flashed across everyone's face. They quickly paid their respect, "Elder Lan."

"Stand up."

Elder Lan glared at them and scolded with blame, "You are all useless. You spent so much time here and you couldn't even take over the City of Sin. The House has wasted all its resource on you."

Hearing these, the group was a little angry, but they didn't dare to argue.

For one, this person had better capabilities. For two, this person was in a higher position. Therefore, they could only suppress their anger.

"Hmmph, useless!"

Elder Lan sneered. His attitude composed only of coldness and pride. He glanced around and everyone lowered their head in response. Nobody dared to exchange glances with him.

"When I came, I checked out that array. It is a little difficult, but to me, it is nothing."

Elder Lan smiled arrogantly, "Now, I am going to destroy the array. You wait for me here. When I'm done, you will help me take over the city."

Then, he ignored the group who was now bowing towards him and walked out.

At this, the five of them sighed in relief. Though they only spoke a few words, the terror of this man had stabbed them deeply. They couldn't help but shudder from the cold.

They exchanged glances and saw the anger in each other's eyes and the relief that they were now saved.

Though Elder Lan was rude, they had to admit that the man was really capable. Therefore, they felt like as long as he steps out, the City of Sin would for sure be dealt with.

Just as this man arrived at the City of Sin, Ling Xian had also quietly arrived.

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