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Inside the cave, Ling Xian strolled around and waited for this fated battle.

His mood was complexed and very contradictory. He had high anticipation but he was also somewhat afraid.

He had high anticipation because he wanted to resolve this quickly and get rid of his inner demons. Yet he was afraid of seeing Yu Wu Xiu again and the treasure that once stripped him of all his abilities. It wasn't that he was afraid of his talent being taken away from him again, it was that he was afraid of the heart tearing agony again.

But Ling Xian knew very well that he had no way out of this one. No matter how much he wanted to avoid this, he had to face it.

Therefore, he suppressed his complex emotions and silently waited for the woman to arrive.

After some time, a gentle and meaningful laughter rose.

"Xian Ling, I didn't know you would be here as well."

Yu Wu Xiu's face held a faint smile. She walked softly over like a fairy. Her aura was out of the world, extraordinary, and beautiful.

"I would be here as well?"

Ling Xian chuckled. He knew very well that it was no coincidence that Yu Wu Xiu was here today. She was here because she had plotted this. Her intention was to steal his talent and plant it onto herself.

Was there really a need to fake such a thing?

"You came."

Speaking softly, Ling Xian turned around slowly. Looking at the beautiful woman before him, his expression was faint.

Because right now, Yu Wu Xiu was wearing an all blue dress that was fluttering softly in the wind. She looked the same as how she looked last time.

This triggered his memories to emerge. Those happy memories, and those agonizing memories.

After hearing Ling Xian's emotionless response that was void of surprise, Yu Wu Xiu raised an eyebrow, a little puzzled.

To her, he should've looked at least somewhat surprised, if not excited, to see her arrival. Why was he so calm and expressionless?

Yes, the Ling Xian right now was utterly expressionless. It was as if he was looking at a stranger.
Yu Wu Xiu had a bad premonition. However, she was a smart woman. She didn't interrogate Ling Xian as to why he was acting this way. she merely continued to smile.

"I have forgotten that you have won under all four paths and gained the four highest leveled Token of Enlightenment. But I really didn't expect us both to be here at the same time. Isn't this fate?"

Yu Wu Xiu continued to walk towards him with gentle footsteps. Her bright smile was colorful, dazzling, and soul snatching.

Pity though, Ling Xian remained expressionless and did not move at all.

He has seen through this woman a long time ago. To her, anything and anyone could be used as objects. Perhaps she knows what love is, but that was only to be used by her as a step to the top. She could sacrifice anything to get there, even love.

What could he do? Though he could see through her, he couldn't let her go.

But today, he had made up his mind. No matter what happens today, he will put an end to this.

Looking at Ling Xian's matter of fact expression, Yu Wu Xiu's frown deepened but at the same time, her smile brightened.

"I haven't even congratulated you yet. To have won the winning title for all paths. You have paved a path for the next generations."

"Congratulate me?"

Ling Xian had a meaningful grin on his lips. "Honestly, how real are you being right now?"

"Of course I am being fully honest with you. I have no ill intention against you." Yu Wu Xiu's smile was like an angel's. She had enough beauty to poison the drink of all the men in the world and have them drink it willingly.

Ling Xian shook his head and decided to stop wasting time with this woman. Therefore, he made a statement that startled Yu Wu Xiu.

"Your intention of being here is to strip away my talent. Why are you faking it and pretending you have no ill intent against me?"

At this statement, Yu Wu Xiu froze where she stood as if she had just been struck by lightning.


How did he find out her intentions?

Yu Wu Xiu's eyes widened as her fists tightened. She felt like she was being dragged into hell and her entire boy ached.

She really couldn't think of a single way how her plans were found out by others. If others knew about this, then whatever. Yet the target of her plans knew about it beforehand!

This meant Ling Xian might've known even earlier than this and may even have baited her!

Thinking about this made Yu WU Xiu's eyes flush with disbelief. Her entire body hurt and she felt so cold she trembled.

"Are you surprised?"

Ling Xian had a sarcastic and cold beam on his face. "Why is it that you are allowed to plot against me but I cannot bait you?"

Hearing this, Yu Wu Xiu's shocked face intensified. Her entire being felt cold as well.

At this time, she finally realized something.

Her first meeting with Ling Xian was no coincidence. It was all planned. Then, him helping with the Sect's array and winning the title under all four paths, were all plots to reveal his talent and entice her.

This made her realize that she had fallen into a man's trap since the beginning.

After having this realization, Yu Wu Xiu felt her entire body hurt as if she was sent to hell. As much coldness as she was feeling, she was more confused than ever.

She really couldn't think of why Ling Xian would bait her when she had nothing against Ling Xian.

"Who are you? I do not remember ever doing any wrongs against you."

Yu Wu Xiu stared deadly at Ling Xian. Her flustered gaze finally restored to her normal self.

It was obvious that she was confident with her capabilities.

"Wronging me?"

Ling Xian mumbled. Remembering the heart tearing agony he experienced in the Hidden Territory because of Yu Wu Xiu, he felt hatred. But when he remembered that everything happened during the lost century was merely an illusion, he was helpless.

Honestly speaking, the people and the places from the Hidden Territory were real. But what had happened to him were directed and acted by himself. In other words, in reality, he really had no ties with Yu Wu Xiu.

Sadly, he still could not forget and get over this woman. So much so he had an inner demon form inside him. Therefore, he had to put an end to this so he would stop being bothered by this.

"You've never wronged me before. But you are wronging me now." Ling Xian said softly and asked a question that Yu Wu Xiu could not answer.

"Honestly speaking, if I didn't plot all this. Would you not be interested in me after learning all about my talent?"

Hearing this, Yu Wu Xiu froze and was speechless.

Just like he had said, even if he didn't bait her, she would be tempted to steal his talent after learning all about him. It was because she desired powerful talents, she desired to become the best.

Rather than saying Ling Xian had plotted this against her, it was more like she had ill intent towards him since the beginning. If she had no ill thoughts, why would she take the bait?

At the end of the day, Yu Wu Xiu was in the wrong here. At this moment, she had no words to argue against him.

At this, Ling Xian laughed. His heart dropped and turned cold.

He really wished that Yu Wu Xiu never thought bad thoughts against him and he wished that she didn't show up here today. Sadly, nothing went as he wished. This ruthless woman came after all.

This was fine. It's good. He can now finally let her go.

"Since you have nothing to say, then be quick and make your move. It will be easier for me to move on." Ling Xian sighed.

"Very well."

Yu Wu Xiu's expression turned emotionless as well. She said, "Since you know everything anyway, then I won't waste my time. Hand over your talent. Only then will I let you leave alive."

"Why are you so certain that you can defeat me?"

Ling Xian shook his head and laughed. Since he dared to lure her here, he had the confidence to defeat her.

No matter how terrifying that evil treasure was, he had the confidence that he could overcome it!

"You are merely a foundational cultivator. So what you found out about my plans? Other than surprising me a little, you really think it would drive me away?"

Yu Wu Xiu's expression was smug. She looked down at Ling Xian like a goddess who was above everyone else.

In the beginning, she was somewhat flustered. But that was a normal reaction to his unexpected words. Unless she could see it coming, everyone would be a little flustered at that.

Yet now, she was certain that Ling Xian was merely of the foundational level. Thus, she restored her natural calmness.

After all, she was of the completion level. Against a foundational ant, it was like he was the prey and she was the predator.

"I really don't know where you are getting your confidence from. Is it because of the cultivation that you have acquired by consuming so many Dans?" Ling Xian glared at Yu Wu Xiu and his feelings towards here faded little by little.

Though he was happy about it, he was also disappointed.

"So what I am where I am because of medicinal Dans? I can still squish you with one hand."

Yu Wu Xiu's arrogance was now flowing out of her naturally. The way she was looking at Ling Xian was full of passion. "Once I acquire your talent, I will cultivate again. When that happens, I will not need any more Dans."

"We will have to see if you have the ability to do so."

Noticing Yu Wu Xiu's greedy gazes, Ling Xian's inner demon thoughts disappeared at a faster speed.

At this moment, he felt like the woman before him was very ugly. Though he understood her ambition, her way of achieving it using such ruthless methods was way out of line.

At this time, he suddenly remembered Lin Qing Yi. For her to achieve her goals, would she ever steal his talent?


Ling Xian was very certain that that woman, who was gentle like the water, would never do anything to hurt him.

"Defeating you is as easy as killing an ant." Yu Wu Xiu's grin was taunting. The way she looked at Ling Xian mimicked the way she would look at a rare treasure. It was full of naked greed.

"Then why don't you try. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time."

Ling Xian spoke softly. He knew that Yu Wu Xiu was about to use the Pearl Opportunity. When she does, his inner demons will be completely gone. It was the result he wanted to see.

"Believe me, what you waited for was utter defeat and forever darkness."

Yu Wu Xiu had a victorious smile on her lips. At once, the Pearl of Opportunity emerged and shone.

Instantly, a black and white light engulfed Ling Xian. The two rays of light had devious energy about them and tightly shackled him right where he stood.

At this, Yu Wu Xiu's smile turned even more bright. Her steps were light as she walked towards Ling Xian slowly. Her nonchalant smile reflected her confidence.

It was obvious that she was certain that Ling Xian's talent will soon be hers.

"How is it? You are now bound by me. The moment I use this treasure, your talent will be transported to me." Yu Wu Xiu teased. She was looking forward to the moment Ling Xian loses his composure.

Sadly, she was about to be disappointed.

Ling Xian remained as calm as ever as he stared at the confident woman before him. In a tone just as taunting, he said, "Are you sure you can steal my talent just like that?"

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