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The moment Ling Xian stepped into the cave, a shot of coldness appeared. It was full of a sword's killer intent and held a horrifying demeanor. It headed straight for him.

Immediately, his heart froze and he felt like he was completely bundled up by the sword's intention.

Pay attention now, this was a sword's intent. It was a shapeless property and not an actual object. Therefore, it was attacking Ling Xian's soul, not his physical body.

In other words, this sword's intention was an attack on the soul and Ling Xian's many different abilities could not be displayed. Whether it was the Inner Eyes or the unparalleled technique from the Untainted, none of them were useful.

This was why Ling Xian's expression changed so drastically. He stood still as if struck by lightning.

Under his senses, this sword's intention was eerie and cold. It belonged to a killer sword of the purest form. Normally speaking, attacks from this sword are critical. Especially since it was targeting the soul, it was incomparably horrifying. Even for someone as powerful as himself, he felt pressured.

However, he was an experienced cultivator who had been through millions of battles. The moment he noticed the shot of coldness, he had switched his original self with his clone.

"Since you are a killer sword, then I will defeat you with my own sword."

Lifting the corner of his lips, he began to manipulate the sword he had inside him and formed a very pure sword's intention. His sword's intention defended against the attacker.

Don't forget, he was once a pupil under the Wan Jian House. He used several months to thoroughly study the Slay Sword Peak's inheritance, which was all about how to form a killer sword inside you and how to use it effectively.

It was just that he had the Inner Eyes that he could use to fight against most enemies. In addition to that, this inheritance from the Slay Sword Peak was rather low leveled, which was why he hadn't used it.

Now that he was under attack and couldn't use most of his other attacks, the inner sword he had was the best weapon to use.

"Luckily I have trained myself to use my sword's consciousness. Or else I would've been screwed."

Ling Xian revealed a smile. However, he didn't dare to be reckless. Because the sword's intention that was attacking him was truly terrifying. Even for someone as powerful as he was, his head was becoming numb.

Therefore, he focused on his own sword and used its purest killer's intent to defend against the attack.


The two swords' intentions began to battle inside of him. Both swords possessed the purest killer's intent and at once, they were at a stalemate.

This troubled Ling Xian.

Though he had his own killer's sword that protected himself against the harm of the attacker, the killer sword that was attacking didn't care about anything and continued to pose threat to him, which was hurting his soul and his spirit.

Within seconds, his face was turning white.

"Things can't continue like this. I have to get rid of this."

Ling Xian frowned and crazily manipulated his killer sword in an attempt to subdue the attack. However, the attacking sword was far too powerful. Even those of the original level would be suffering.

Therefore, despite him being in an advantageous spot, he could not defeat the attacker in a short period of time. But the longer this dragged on, the more his soul would be hurt and the weaker he would get.

This wasn't something he had planned. After all, this was just the beginning and he had already experienced such a terrifying attack. He wondered if something more horrifying would happen.

Just as he found himself in a pickle, he suddenly remembered that he knew the Slay Sword Peak's inheritance pretty well. So why doesn't he use the techniques he knows and change the sword's killer intent?

After all, both his and the attacking swords were killer's swords.

Thinking about it enlightened Ling Xian. He quickly used the technique he learned from the Wan Jian House to try and change the cold killer's intent.

Just as he predicted, this technique actually could change this killer sword's intent. This was normal, after all, both his and the attacking swords were killer's swords. Thus his technique should work on both.

Though this sword's intention was very powerful and was definitely left by someone of the original level, it was just a sword's intent after all. How could it pose a threat to Ling Xian?

Therefore, after moments, he had completely resolved the sword's killer's intent.

After resolving it, Ling Xian's eyes brightened. He suddenly felt like this attack wasn't such a bad thing. Because after resolving this attacking sword's intent, the killer sword inside him grew by an inch and was now more powerful!

"Interesting. I cannot believe my sword can swallow other swords and lengthen."

Feeling the now stronger sword, the corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and his eyes shone with anticipation.

He was certain that there were more than one of these sword's intent left in there. If his killer sword could defeat all of them and strengthen, then his killer's sword will completely transform into a stronger one!

"It looks like luck was on my side again."

Grinning, Ling Xian paced forward more, "Let me go in and see just how many sword's intents are hidden."

Just then, as if his provocation was heard, another killer's intent slipped through space.

Instantly, a wave of coldness expanded with the plan of freezing heaven and land.

However, Ling Xian was emotionless at this. Because this sword's intent also belonged to a killer's sword. In other words, he could resolve it again.

"Come at me, I sure want to see how powerful the techniques the Shang Qing Sect's ancestors left are."

Grinning, Ling Xian manipulated his killer sword and instantly, a terrifying killer swords' intent flew up and greeted the cold sword's intention.


Wind began to blow in all directions and the cave shook.

Ling Xian's black hair was tussling in the wind. His killer sword's intent engulfed him, making him look like the God of Warrior.

All around him was killer's intent and coldness.

The attacking killer swords' intent did not pale next to him, however. It was as cold as ever and had the aura that it would destroy everyone in sight. Based on his estimates, this sword's intent was also left behind by an original leveled cultivator.

However, the stronger the opponent, the more feisty Ling Xian got.

"Great timing!"

Ling Xian stepped forward one step. The killer's intent from his sword was turning more and more terrifying. It was as if he, himself, was now a sharp sword.


The swords' intents called out to each other. As both killer's swords, they entangled into a battle. The powerfulness unleashed by them were terrifying to the extreme.

However, despite his attacker's powerfulness, Ling Xian was even more insane. He was utterly undefeatable!

The sword's intent was pulsing with enough prowess to break open the sky and slice the moon in two.

One had to admit that he was truly powerful. Even the attack planted by an original leveled cultivator couldn't hold up against him for too long before being destroyed.

His killer sword enhanced once again!

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and his hopefulness began to run high, "Come at me even harder. Let me swallow all of you."

As if sensing his provocation, the cave began to tremble. Then, more terrifying sword's intent began to fill the air. It wasn't just one this time, there were 10 of them!

Under the horrifying threat, Ling Xian showed no fear. Instead, his smile brightened.

To him, the killer swords in the sky were not threats, they were delicious meals that could help enhance his capabilities!


After shouting out that one word, Ling Xian marched forward. The killer sword's intent was howling like a giant and angry wave!

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