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The entire field was dead silent. It was as if all nine levels of heaven and the 10 levels of hell had vanished. There were no crows croaking and even a needle drop could be heard.

Everyone at the scene widened their eyes and stared deadly at the silhouette in white. Their eyes were full of awe.

Only after a long time did they regain their consciousness. Then, the entire place began to boil like an angry ocean.

"He lifted the array? All it took was for him to lift his arm to destroy the array that Ta Ba Feng couldn't figure out?"

"Oh my god, have I gone blind? This is far too unbelievable!"

"My god! Just how powerful is this person? He lifted the array in seconds!"

Everyone was gasping. Other than shock, there was shock on their faces.

A mere flap of the sleeve that took one second resulted in the array being lifted. Just how unbelievable was this?

They couldn't imagine how powerful someone had to be, to be able to achieve that!

Even the elders who were unmoving in the air, had their eyes opened wide. As if they had encountered a ghost, they were full of disbelief.

They asked themselves and agreed that it would take even them, experienced masters, at least 30 minutes to lift that array!

Though Ling Xian did the same before – breaking arrays with the sweep of a sleeve… this time was different. Don't forget, Ta Ba Feng had been trapped by this array for as long as 10 minutes. Yet Ling Xian lifted it instantly. What did this mean?

It meant he was extremely capable!

It was meant there was a huge gap between him and Ta Ba Feng!

After that, how could everyone there not be shocked? They were surprised to a point of no return!

Who was the most surprised out of them all? That would be Ta Ba Feng.

Other than the designer of this array, nobody else knew how intricate this array was other than him. Honestly speaking, even with his expertise, he would need at least 30 minutes to lift the array.

Yet Ling Xian merely used a second. How capable did he have to be to achieve that?

This also meant, in this competition, he had lost. Utterly lost!

"Impossible! Impossible!"

Ta Ba Feng's face was full of awe as he could not accept this cruel result.

He was honored to be the rare genius of arrays. Since he began his journey, he had never lost, which contributed to his proud and confident personality. Yet today, he had lost to Ling Xian. How could someone as proud as he accept this?

However, reality was right there. Though he didn't want to accept it, he had to!

"Nothing is impossible. Just because you cannot do it, doesn't mean I also cannot do it," Ling Xian said softly, finding it hard to conceal how disappointed he truly was.

At first, he had high hopes of being able to compete against the next generation's grandmaster. However, after learning that Ta Ba Feng was stuck for a whole 10 minutes, all of his interest turned into disappointment.

Because the two of them were not of the same level.

Ta Ba Feng was truly powerful. Out of the entire younger generation in Yuezhou, there were very few who could match up to him. However, Ling Xian was even stronger. His array skills were already at the peak of the master level and were only one step away from becoming a grandmaster.

Thus, the gap between the two of them was huge. One could even describe them as being mud and cloud – not to be compared.

Thus, he was disappointed. But very quickly, he let go of that negativity.

It wasn't that Ta Ba Feng wasn't strong enough, it was that he was far too powerful. In other words, his array abilities could not be shouldered with the others of the same generation. Even the older generation of array masters cannot be compared to him!

Thus, what was there to be disappointed about?

"If I am going to blame someone, I should blame myself. I did not accurately estimate my own abilities."

Ling Xian softly sighed. "You right now is far too weak."

At those words, Ta Ba Feng was enraged. Yet he couldn't find any words.

Ling Xian was completely right. Compared to him, the Ta Ba Feng today was far too weak.

This was something everyone here knew very well. Even Ta Ba Feng himself realized this.

Though the competition had just begun and only one array was lifted, there was already enough evidence to support the giant distance between him and Ling Xian.

Describing them as night and day wasn't even an exaggeration.

Thus, Ta Ba Feng remained silence. He tightened his fists and stared deadly at Ling Xian with much unwillingness.

"You don't want to admit your defeat…"

Ling Xian softly sighed, "Then come after me. There are still 200 rooms. I hope you can catch up to me."

Then, he marched forward and left the room.

At this, Ta Ba Feng didn't hesitate. He crazily manipulated his Qi in an attempt to find a way to solve this array.

He vowed to catch up to Ling Xian and avenge himself!

However, he knew the probability of that was low. Everyone at the scene felt the same way as well.

Everyone now could see the gap between him and Ling Xian. They weren't even of the same elevation. If that's the case, how can he catch up to Ling Xian?

The speed Ling Xian demonstrated next confirmed everyone's guess and also made Ta Ba Feng extremely hopeless.

He continued to lightly flap his sleeve. He continued to pass through one room after another. He continued to lift one array per second. It was as if these rooms were not getting more and more difficult, but instead, were getting easier and easier. It was as if a new student of arrays could break them.

This made everyone quiver in shock. They were surprised to a point of no return!

Even the leader of the Path of Array, who was still hidden amongst the cloud, was moving slower now. He was now questioning if he had set the difficulty level too low when he was setting up the rooms.

Of course, that was not possible.

Therefore, this grandmaster was very much astonished. The way he was looking at Ling Xian was as if he was looking at a monster.

Everyone else was behaving the same way.

Because as time went on, Ling Xian remained as composed as ever as he aggressively moved room after room. He showed absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Of course, it wasn't exactly one array per second. Because that would be too insane… even grandmasters wouldn't be able to achieve that. However, despite him having to spend a little more time now, everyone was still extremely shocked.

Because after he walked into the 600th room, Ta Ba Feng remained where he stood. When he entered the 700th rooms, Ta Ba Feng only finally entered the next one.
This made everyone more surprised and made them more disappointed in Ta Ba Feng.

When Ling Xian finally entered the 756th room, which was the last room, Ta Ba Feng only barely just made it through the 530th room. The distance between them made them all hopeless and silenced everyone.

At this moment, everyone was certain that Ling Xian and Ta Ba Feng were not of the same level. In other words, one was the cloud in the sky and the other was the mud on the ground. They were incomparable.

But at the same time, everyone realized something else. Though it sounds hard to believe, it was the reality.

It wasn't that Ta Ba Feng wasn't powerful enough, Ling Xian was simply far too strong.

He was so strong that even this rare genius, Ta Ba Feng, wasn't worthy enough to be his opponent!

In other words, this duel was not an equitable one. If there was a word to describe what just happened, it would be that Ling Xian crushed Ta Ba Feng.


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