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Ling Xian barged aggressively into the 513th room. The moment he landed, he ignited everyone's passion.

Since everyone noticed how terrifying his speed was at lifting arrays, everyone had been waiting for the moment him and Ta Ba Feng would finally encounter each other. Now that these two rare Heaven's Favorites finally appeared inside the same room, why wouldn't everyone there feel excited?

Their faces were red and puffy. They felt blood shooting up to their heads and their entire bodies were shivering.

Even the normally calm elders were staring at the two of them without blinking. Their faces were full of anticipation.

Two rare Heaven's Favorites, two array masters – these kind of duels cannot be found normally. Naturally, everyone was engrossed in this.

"Haha, finally they have met. The long-anticipated duel is finally starting!"

"One is a prominent Heaven's Favorite. In the entire younger generation of the Yuezhou, very few people can match up to him. The other is a person who appeared out of nowhere. Though he arrived out of the blue and his capabilities are as profound as a genius. The two of them are finally meeting."

"Haha, this will be fun to watch. Who do you guys think will be better?"

"What's there to even question? Ta Ba Feng will definitely win. His array skills are terrifying!"

"That may not be the case. Yes, Ta Ba Feng is terrifying and has been leading since the beginning. But have you forgotten? The man in white was breaking one array a second! He caught up to Ta Ba Feng! How unbelievable is this whole thing?"

"While that is true, I still think more highly of Ta Ba Feng. He hasn't unleashed his true capabilities."

Everyone was discussing the matter and chiming in. Some people saw highly of Ling Xian, but more people were favoring Ta Ba Feng.

After all, the true capabilities of this man had been imprinted in everyone's brain. In comparison, Ling Xian had just appeared out of nowhere and naturally people didn't think too highly of him.

The elders suspending in midair were also favoring Ta Ba Feng. They felt that despite Ling Xian's insane speed until now, he might not end up being the final winner.

Plus, these two have broken through to the 500th room. This meant the difficulty was only going to increase even more now. They didn't believe Ling Xian could sustain his speed.

"Finally, they have met."

The Leader of the Path of Arrays, who was amongst the cloud, murmured to himself as he glanced at the reflection of Ling Xian and Ta Ba Feng from the mirrors before him, "I sure want to see who is better. Will it be Ta Ba Feng's technical that prevail, or will Xian Ling's aggressive capabilities prove itself?"

Just as everyone was fully anticipating this duel, inside the 513th room, Ta Ba Feng frowned.

Looking at the man before him who looked a bit unforgivingly young, there was a trace of shock amongst his gaze. He knew very well just how difficult it was to get to this room.

Yet, Ling Xian had caught up to him and was now trying to take over his first place. This surprised him somewhat.

But, he was a Heaven's Favorite after all. After a few seconds, he returned to his normal self.

"To have caught up to me, you do have some skills."

Ta Ba Feng's expression was calm. There was no happiness, anger, anxiety, or agitation.

"Catching up to you wasn't hard." Ling Xian smiled faintly. Looking at this handsome young man, his eyes flashed with compliments.

His visage was stern and heroic. Ignoring all other factors, his extraordinary demeanor made him worthy of the title of a Heaven's Favorite.

His array skills, without a doubt, were top notch. Someone who will eventually end up being a grandmaster would of course have insane talents. It could be said that he was one out of a million.

As for his where his array knowledge stands right now, Ling Xian wasn't too sure. He also didn't need to be too sure. No matter what, he was confident that he could overtake this person.

That was his confidence!

"I admit that catching up to me was not a difficult task. Because before, I never used all my capabilities."

Ta Ba Feng glared at Ling Xian. There was no disdain, his stare was simply a statement of how little he cared.

Though Ling Xian had proven his capabilities by catching up to him, he didn't really agree that Ling Xian possessed the capabilities to threaten him. Or in other words, in the entire younger generation of Yuezhou, he didn't think anyone was worthy to be his opponent.

That was his confidence.

"Catching up to me isn't difficult. What's difficult is if you can surpass me." Ta Ba Feng's expression was calm. He acted as if he was the king above everyone and peered down at Ling Xian.

"I don't believe you have the skills required to surpass me."

"You sure are confident."

Ling Xian revealed a grin, "With your array knowledge, you really should be this confident. However, you chose the wrong enemy."


Ta Ba Feng glared at Ling Xian lightly and continued, "You mean, against you, I shouldn't be so confident."

"Yes, against me, you should be more grounded." Ling Xian softly smiled, "if you are overly confident, the result will be traumatic."

"That's something I should be saying to you. Don't think just because you have a fast speed, you can surpass me." Ta Ba Feng's expression was light and he spoke like he simply didn't care.

It was true, he thought nothing of Ling Xian.

"It's good to be confident. But being too confident makes you conceited." Ling Xian chuckled, feeling too lazy to argue now. After all, with these things, reality had to speak.

"Stop uttering non-sense."

Ta Ba Feng parted his lips and said, "Only you somewhat qualify to be my opponent in this competition. Let us battle it out and see who is truly better."

Then, he shifted his gaze towards the wall before him, "I have spent 10 minutes here and I have yet to find a solution to this array. I sure want to see how long it will take you to leave this place."

"Ten minutes?"

Ling Xian frowned gently and shifted his gaze towards the wall. He searched the array set on this room using his Qi. When he finally saw the array, disappointment flooded his eyes.

He was disappointed at the difficulty of this array, and even more disappointed at Ta Ba Feng's skills!

Because he merely glanced and already found a solution!

Yet Ta Ba Feng had been trapped here for as long as 10 minutes, why wouldn't he feel disappointed?

"What's with the way you are looking at me?"

Noticing the disappointed look in Ling Xian's eyes, Ta Ba Feng frowned, a bit unhappy.

"It's a look of disappointment."

Ling Xian spoke softly as he checked out this top talent array pupil of Yuezhou. He softly sighed. "I cannot believe you array knowledge is this weak. An array of this calibre has trapped you for as long as 10 minutes?"

At this, Ta Ba Feng was first a little startled, then, he turned frustrated.

He was a genius array master of the younger generation. In the entire Yuezhou, who dares to say that his array skills are lacking? Even the grandmasters of arrays wouldn't make that comment!

Plus, what did he mean by arrays of such calibre?

The difficulty of the arrays in the rooms were extremely difficult. Unless the grandmaster personally attend to it, it would take anyone a lot of time to solve the problems. Yet from Ling Xian's mouth, the array turned into something that was described as easy and weak. Why wouldn't he be enraged?

"You sure do not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is."

Snickering, Ta Ba Feng's expression turned dark, "Do you know how difficult this array is? Any array master would take a lot of time to lift it. Even if the grandmaster personally came, he might not be able to easily break it."

"I originally thought you would make me somewhat interested. I cannot believe you would end up being this weak."

Ling Xian sighed while shaking his head. Based on the array before them, he had judged that Ta Ba Feng's realm should be at the entrance stage of the master realm.

But he was now at the peak of the master's realm. From certain angles, he was as capable as a grandmaster!

In other words, his array skills have surpassed Ta Ba Feng's by a huge gap. They shouldn't even be considered to be of the same level.

Therefore, he was disappointed.

"You talk as if you could break the array with the swing of an arm."

Ta Ba Feng sighed softly and restored the calmness he normally maintains. Looking at Ling Xian, who found it hard to conceal his disappointment, he laughed. "Don't just be all talk and no action. If you are so capable, break it and show me."

Just then, everyone watching began to discuss.

The rooms were not far from them. The rooms were transparent and there was no array in place that cancels sound. Therefore, they could hear clearly Ling Xian and Ta Ba Feng's conversation.

Thus, when Ling Xian commented on how weak Ta Ba Feng was, everyone froze. Only now, did they regain themselves and began to chuckle.

"Exactly. You talk like you could instantaneously break the array. If you are so smart, why don't you just do it!"

"This is far too funny. How dare you say Ta Ba Feng is weak? Don't you know that even grandmasters cannot say such a thing? Who do you think you are?"

"You sure overestimate yourself. Aren't you ashamed of the words you are saying? Ta Ba Feng is a master of arrays. In the entire Yuezhou, there are very few people who can live up to his level. Yet you dare to call him weak? What a joke!"

"Exactly! If you think the arrays are easy, then break them and show us!"

Everyone was laughing mockingly. They were all aware just how powerful Ta Ba Feng was and thus subconsciously thought Ling Xian was just exaggerating and bragging.

The elders all thought the same thing. However, due to their status and titles, they couldn't say anything. All of their gazes however, revealed how little they thought of Ling Xian.

Hearing everyone's taunting, Ling Xian's expression remained calm and he was not at all flustered. He glanced around calmly and finally locked in on Ta Ba Feng, "Do you really need me to prove myself?"

"Less trash talking. If you think I am weak and think this array is easy, then why don't you try lifting it?" Ta Ba Feng laughed without much thoughts.

He had been trapped there for 10 minutes thus he knew how complex this array was. Though he had the ability to break this array, he realized that it would take him at least an hour.

Any master would require that much time!

Therefore, he didn't think Ling Xian could break the array that easily!

Nobody there thought Ling Xian could do so. Thus they were all laughing at Ling Xian's overestimation of himself.

"Then let me lift the array to show you and to show everyone else."

Ling Xian smirked and glared at Ta Ba Feng and slowly scanned the crowd. His seriousness forced everyone to shut their mouths.

Then, he felt too lazy to say anymore and began to look straight ahead at the wall before him. Then, he lifted his sleeve and released the Qi needed to break the array.

Immediately, the wall before him began to quiver violently and before everyone's shocked gape, a giant hole appeared.

This meant, the array had been lifted.

Instantly lifted by Ling Xian!

At once, the entire place silenced. Even the nine levels of heaven and the 10 levels of hell fell into dead silent.

There was only heavy breathing that told the tale of how astonished everyone was.

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