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Inside the barrier, Ling Xian's left hand was controlling the Godly Fire as his right hand formed a hand seal. He began his crafting in a fluid motion.

His movements were well practiced and he was not at all moving with difficulties. He gave everyone the sense that craftsmanship was beautiful art.

After some time, a disc-shaped object began to suspend in midair, emitting faint light. After another half an hour, before everyone's gazes, the Qi Testing Disc was finally fully complete and was emitting bright light!

It was suspending in midair and was vibrating brightly. Just like the giant sun in the sky, it was brightening up everything within miles.

Though all the other goods were also emitting light, compared to this Qi Testing Disc, they were like fireflies that were competing against the moon. They were not of the same level.

As if the Disc was the only object in the world, its light overshadowed all the other treasures and also attracted everyone's gazes.

All eyes were on the Qi Testing Disc and they were full of disbelief. Nobody could believe that Ling Xian made it.

He actually succeeded in making it?

Within a short half an hour, he crafted a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc?

Before everyone's sluggish stares and despite their disbelief, they were forced to believe because the truth was right before their eyes.

After some more time, gasp after gasp filled the air. Then, both inside the barrier and outside began to boil and screams as loud as waves filled up the air.

"Unbelievable! He is the last of his class? You are joking me!"

"How can I believe this… within 30 minutes, he created a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc. Why do I feel like the world as I know it is crumbling?"

"This is actually insane. Even craftsmen of the fourth realm cannot create a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc within such a short period of time!"

Shout after shout rose after one another and entered everyone's ears.

Every single person here was full of astonishment to a point of no return.

Even the elders who were normally immobile were showing traces of shock as they stared at Ling Xian.

For one, a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc was far too shocking. Especially when compared to the other participants' crafts, it had surpassed all expectations.

To know that the worst of them were of the eighth realm and the best was only of the sixth realm. This one sixth realm creation was also crafted by Xiang Ru Gu, their estimated winner.

Under this circumstance, a treasure of the fifth realm had appeared. How could everyone else not be shocked?

The second reason for their reactions was the time it took to make the Qi Testing Disc.

To know that treasures of the fifth realm could not be created just like that. Normally, a fifth realm craftsman would need half a day to make it.

Yet Ling Xian merely used 30 minutes. They naturally felt very surprised at this.

The third reason was because of Ling Xian's identity.

To everyone, he was the last person in his class, which was no different than being a piece of trash. Yet at this moment, the trash in everyone's mind had just crafted a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc and won over their expected winner.

The drastic difference between expectation and reality was enough to bewilder them.

Plus the former two reasons, these three reasons formed into an impactful attack that was impossible for them to believe in!

Therefore, everyone was shocked to their core. They all felt their brains turn blank and they were losing their abilities to think.

"I told you, the winning seat would be mine."

Ling Xian revealed a soft grin. He wasn't being arrogant nor did he make fun of everyone. However, in everyone's eyes, his action was a giant slap that landed on all of their faces.

After everyone found themselves again, the way they looked at Ling Xian turned even more complexed. There were shock, disbelief, and shame.

At this moment, they all felt their cheeks aching, as if their entire face was slapped swollen.

Especially to those outside the barrier, who were mocking Ling Xian, felt like they were being the most stupid they've ever been. They were so ashamed they wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

The competition had ended and the result was clear. There was no need for judgments or unnecessary words.

The moment the fifth realm treasure appeared, all other creations paled in comparison. Even Xiang Ru Gu's sword, which was created under the circumstance that he just had a breakthrough, could not be compared to the fifth realm Qi Testing Disc. It wasn't even worth mentioning anymore.

In other words, their anticipated winner did not win, but the person they were laughing at won instead. Why wouldn't everyone be embarrassed?

Feeling everyone's complexed gazes, Ling Xian revealed a faint grin. He had done it.

Not only did he reach his own goal, but he also slapped everyone in the face.

Yes, slapping these people in the face was only a side mission. They were merely descendants weak like ants, with his broad heart, he normally didn't' care about what they had to say.

"I hope there are no debates about who won today."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and glanced all around. Other than those elders, who stood still, everyone else subconsciously lowered their heads.


You created a fifth realm craft, who the f!ck would disagree with that?

Everyone cursed silently. Other than embarrassment, they only felt acceptance with his win.

Honestly speaking, even if these people here were given half a year, none of them would be able to brew a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc.

Even the elders who were floating in the air could not make a fifth realm Qi Testing Disc unless they were given two hours.

Therefore, why wouldn't everyone here accept the result?

Now that everyone had lowered their heads and there were no questioning voices, Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, "Not bad. Since nobody disagrees, then I will take the winning title."

At that, everyone silenced. Nobody cheered, but nobody spoke out in disagreement.

Normally, when the winner was announced, everyone who was watching would cheer the winner on. However, they were just slapped in the face, why would they cheer now?

Of course, Ling Xian didn't need these people's approval, he only needed these people to agree with the decision.

"Very good."

Smiling in satisfaction, Ling Xian walked towards Xiang Ru Gu apologetically, "I am sorry."

"There is no need to apologize. We said we would compete with our actual abilities."

Xiang Ru Gu's expression was complexed, "I have lost because my skills were lacking. It's not anyone else's fault but mine."

"It is great that you think that way." Ling Xian beamed and stopped speaking to Xiang Ru Gu. He shifted his gaze to those outside the barrier.

Then, he lifted the barrier so his voice could carry out to those on the outside.

"As for the reward for the winner, please help me keep them for now. I have something to take care of, and I will leave first."

At this, everyone froze.

Something to take care of?

What's more important than accepting the rewards?

Nobody could think of an answer. And when they refocused on Ling Xian, they found his silhouette slowly stepping away as he left the barrier.

Everyone was now even more confused.

As much as they were confused, they all suddenly recalled Ling Xian's name. A suspicion began to form inside their mind.

When they realized how Ling Xian walked out of the barrier without the elders' help, their suspicion intensified.

Is that person… could it be that that person is the legendary Master Xian?"

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