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Painting of the Nine Immortals 651 A Pretend Pig

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Inside the forest, Ling Xian had a faint smile on his lips. He stood tall off the ground wearing an entirely white robe.

A terrifying spiritual energy exuded out and startled the trees.

Everyone here was shivering from fear. Looking at the smiling man, their faces were full of shock and terror.

Shock was from the fact that he somehow broke through to the foundational level in an instant. Terror was because they weren't sure what will happen to them next.

That was something obvious. If Ling Xian's cultivation level was merely of the ninth level, they were confident that they could kill him. Yet now, they didn't even have the courage to participate in the battle.

If they knew that Ling Xian didn't need a breakthrough to suppress them, how would they feel?

"Everyone, isn't it time for you to call me 'grandpa'?"

Looking at the terrified crowd, the corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up into a sarcastic smile.

This clone of his never cared for any bottleneck situations. The moment his clone began training, he could've arrived at the foundational level. He was the one repressing himself from rising his cultivation level too fast.

But now, he suddenly felt like pranking these people, which is why he increased his cultivation level to the foundation level.

From everyone's reaction, he realized that his action got him some good result. At the very least, the people's expressions were very fun to watch.

Hearing what Ling Xian had said, everyone almost puked out blood from anger. Those who said they would call him grandpa was now crying tearlessly.

They originally thought if they fought together, they could stop Ling Xian. Therefore, they felt like they were all acting like tigers and he was a pig that could easily get butchered.

Yet the pig in their eyes transformed into a tiger and they turned into pigs who could easily be slayed.

The exchange of the predator and prey identity would make anyone overwhelmed and cry from fear.

What the f*ck!

You are obviously a giant dragon, yet you were pretending to be a pig!

Everyone felt bitter and full of regret. They were regretful over the fact that they were greedy and decided to make a move before clearly seeing if their opponent was a dragon or a slug!

"So this is what it feels like to be eating a tiger when you are a pig. Sadly, these people aren't tigers. They aren't even cats."

Ling Xian silently grinned. With his tenth level Qi, he could easily change the entire situation. However, he was feeling mischievous, which was why he increased his cultivation level in order to see everyone's expression.

Now that he had seen it. He thought it was extremely fun.

Therefore, Ling Xian continued to smile as he admired everyone's fantastic expression.

Everyone's face was full of fear, shock, and were overwhelmed. Those with little courage even appeared hopeless.

This made him extremely intrigued. But very quickly, he lost interest.

At the end of the day, they were merely ants of the meditational level. Even though he was of the same level with this clone, using his battling experience alone, he could overpower the entire crowd and win them all.

Perhaps to some people, they were a crowd of tigers. But to Ling Xian, they were weaker than ants.

To put it more accurately, this whole thing wasn't truly a pretend pig eating tigers. Therefore, he lost interest very quickly.

"This is not fun."

Ling Xian brandished his hand without much interest, "Why don't you all slap yourselves three times each and get the hell out of here."

At this, everyone widened their eyes.

They were allowed to leave after slapping their faces three times?

It was that easy?

Everyone was looking at Ling Xian dumbfoundedly and they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Because they were intending to kill him and steal his treasures, they thought whatever punishment Ling Xian decided on to use against them was reasonable. At the very most, maybe he was going to be a little cruel.

Yet now, Ling Xian merely asked these people to slap themselves three times. Why wouldn't everyone feel shocked?

"What is it, you think it's too easy?"

Ling Xian smirked, "Then how about all of you break your own limbs."

At this, everyone shuddered and their heads began to shake.

"What are you waiting for? If you don't take action soon, don't blame me for starting to kill all of you."

Ling Xian's expression turned cold and everyone was startled. Then, they quickly raised their right hand.

Though slapping themselves was humiliating, compared to staying alive, it wasn't that bad of a punishment.

Therefore, everyone gritted their teeth and slapped their own cheeks. However, without exception, none of them applied too much strength.

This made Ling Xian raise an eyebrow, "I changed my mind. All of you, slap yourself in the face 10 times. If I don't hear a loud sound, then I will raise that number to 20. If I am still not satisfied, then it will turn into 50. You guys decide on what you want to do."

Hearing this, everyone bitterly smiled and once again raised their right hand.

This time, they didn't play any tricks and used all their strength.

Then, inside the forest, a series of noises that were humiliation to these people, but music to Ling Xian, began to rise and fall.

Slap, slap, slap!

Crisps sounds rose one after one and echoed throughout the forest. It lifted Ling Xian's mood dramatically.

Sadly, it only lasted for some time before all 10 slaps were done. The people's faces became swollen.

"Aye, it's over before I wanted it to be."

Ling Xian wasn't fully satisfied, "What if, you hit yourselves 10 more times?"

Hit you grandpa!

You devil!

Everyone was so angry they almost puked blood. They felt their bodies turn cold as if they had fallen into hell.

At this moment, their lungs turned purple and green and they blamed themselves for not having the correct eyesight and wrongly provoking someone so cruel. What a pity though, it was too late for them to have regrets.

They could only endure their fear and endure their humiliation.

"Whatever, slapping your faces brings me no joy."

Ling Xian waved his hand around and his lips curled up again. He then said something that confused everyone.

"It would be more fun for me to hit the person after you."

Everyone was extremely confused and they couldn't understand what Ling Xian meant. They also didn't want to understand as they only wanted to escape that place and escape the devil before their eyes.

"I wonder, if it's time for us to leave?"

The first man to speak was extremely careful and his face was full of fear. All the arrogance from before was lost.

Everyone else was the same. They were now staring at Ling Xian with respect and anticipation. They hoped for him to tell them that they could now leave.

"Disappear before my eyes right now. Looking at you is annoying me." Ling Xian waved around his hand impatiently, as if chasing away flies.

This gesture that would normally piss people off made everyone there feel extremely thankful.

Then, everyone made their move and left using the fastest speed they have ever mustered. Then, they all disappeared without a trace.

Staring at everyone's silhouette, Ling Xian smiled mockingly, "You have been hiding for a while. Isn't it time to show yourself?

Just then, a round of applause rose.

"You have some abilities to have sensed my presence."

A statement full of respect and some arrogance was spoken. Then, two silhouettes from the ancient forest behind Ling Xian stepped out.

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