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The Shang Qing Sect was very very big and very prosperous. There were pavilions and temples everywhere.

However, there were also many remote areas beneath the prosperity.

Those places were extremely isolated and people rarely if ever enter.

Therefore, after noticing that many people were onto him, Ling Xian did not return to his place right away, nor did he go to the where Dong Fang Bi was. Instead, he headed towards one of those remote areas where nobody ever goes.

He never liked troubles. Once he finds himself in troubles, he deals with them in a sharp manner and never leaves traces behind.

Those people, seeing that Ling Xian was heading towards remote areas, were ecstatic and followed him closely.

What could they do? The Shang Qing Technique was far too tempting. Even though Ling Xian had displayed capabilities that surpassed their own, they couldn't stop their greed.

Many people even called out to their friends and were planning on killing him.

After about half an hour, Ling Xian finally arrived at the remote place that was in his memories.

This place was a barren forest behind a giant mountain. It was extremely isolated and hasn't been occupied by anyone in ages.

"This is the place."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He turned around to look at the more than 10 silhouettes behind him. "You have followed me all the way here. I wonder if you are satisfied with the place I have chosen?"

"You know what we are planning on doing yet you still chose to walk to somewhere isolated."

A rather handsome young man stepped out and said in a cold voice, "I don't know if you are too confident or if you are too stupid."

"That's right. If you walked to more populated areas, then there would be no way we can make a move on you because of the Shang Qing Sect's rules."

Another young man chimed in, "Yet you chose this remote area, giving us an opportunity. How stupid are you?"

Everyone chimed in. Their voices full of sarcasm. It was like they were certain that Ling Xian's choice was a dead end for him.

Everyone knew he was a Heaven's Favorite with tenth level Qi. Yet there were so many of them there thus they were unafraid and didn't think much of him.

"I do not like trouble. I do not like to prolong my problems."

Ling Xian glared at everyone. "Since you already have ill intentions towards me, then it's better for me to finish all of you so you can no longer annoy me."

"You talk like you can finish us. How laughable."

"People like you tend to overestimate themselves. So what you are of the tenth level? There are so many of us and we can end you with one move each."

"That's right. Everyone, stop wasting our time. After we kill him, we can divide up his treasures."

Everyone continued to speak, their voices full of sarcasm.

It was obvious that they didn't think much of Ling Xian.

There was a saying that it is difficult to fend against four with two fists. There were at least 10 cultivators there. It was hard to defend against them even though he was a Heaven's Favorite of the tenth realm.

They did not know that Ling Xian once killed a thousand beasts by himself.

Or, if they knew Ling Xian's actual cultivation level was the advanced stage of the completion level, they would die from shock.

"Come at me. I am far too lazy to waste more time with you." Ling Xian shook his head and smiled. They were merely young cultivators of the meditational stage. In his eyes, they were less than ants.

"Young man, we have to thank you for choosing this place as your place of burial. Here, nobody will know it was us who killed you."

The person who first started to speak snickered and his face was full of arrogance.

"You are wrong. I didn't choose this place for myself. I chose it for you."

Ling Xian had a sarcastic look on his face. He suddenly realized that one of the reasons why these people were thinking bad thoughts was because the Shang Qing Technique was far too alluring.

The second reason was that these people thought they could kill him since they were in a group.

If he suddenly unleashes his foundational capability, he wondered what kind of expression these people will have.

Thinking about it made Ling Xian excited. Though his tenth level Qi was enough to end them all. It wasn't as fun.

"Haha, this is laughable. Young man, there should be a limit to your stupidity."

"Young fella, I admit that you are strong. But you think this many of us can't destroy you?"

"That's right. You can only blame yourself for being too stupid to want to try and go against us. You sure overestimate yourself."

Everyone had looks of sarcasm. Their voices were full of disdain.

Against everyone's mocking, Ling Xian appeared intrigued. He grinned. "How are you so sure that I am merely a meditational cultivator?"

At this, everyone froze.

They never even thought of this as a possibility. For one, Ling Xian appeared inside the section reserved for meditational cultivators. For two, they all only felt tenth level Qi when he attacked the masculine man.

After a moment of pause, everyone started a new round of mockery.

"You are joking. You are not of the meditational level? Are you of the foundational level then?"

"I have seen stupidity but I have never seen someone this stupid. This is far too funny. If you are a foundational powerhouse, I will kneel and call you my 'grandpa'!"

"Haha, I will even call you my ancestor!"

Everyone laughed, thinking that water had entered Ling Xian's head and ruined his brain. Or maybe his extreme stupidity was because he was kicked by a donkey.

However, a statement and a terrifying round of Qi suddenly exploded, freezing the smiles on their faces.

"I am a powerhouse of the foundational level. You, kneel down and call me 'grandpa'."

Ling Xian spoke in a relaxed manner and ditched the limitation imposed by the clone.

Immediately, an infinite amount of spiritual energy was released in all directions before re-entering his body. then, his Qi began to climb up and in the blink of an eye, he broke through to the beginning stage of the foundation level!

The terrifying Qi poured out, swept around in all directions, and shook up the forest!

Immediately, everyone froze. All their mocking laughter froze on their faces.

They all knew what this rush of Qi meant. Therefore, after they made sure that he was of the foundational level, their faces instantly changed.

Shock, regret, and disbelief replaced all their emotions. The common thread that tied them all together was fear.

If Ling Xian was a tenth level cultivator, they really wouldn't be afraid. They would still be certain that they could repress him.

However, the foundational level was a whole other realm. Though from a capability point of him, a Heaven's Favorite of the tenth level was not that different from a normal foundational leveled cultivator, to these cultivators of the meditational level, the word foundational was oppressive.

Therefore, after they realized that Ling Xian was of the foundation level, everyone immediately felt fear.

"Everyone, I wonder if you still think you have the ability to kill me?"

Staring at the fearful crowd, Ling Xian's gaze played games with them. "Those who wanted to call me 'grandpa', please stand out. I am sorry to say that I am actually of the foundational level."

What the f*ck!

You are a tiger dressed up as a pig!

Everyone there almost puked blood.

The ones who betted against Ling Xian being a foundational powerhouse were now crying tearlessly.

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