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In midair, the human-shaped silhouette was engulfed by murky air and it was difficult to identify his visage. However, the Qi he was exhibiting was extremely terrifying. Similar to the descendant of a God, the entire hall that was protected by array was trembling under its vigor.

The Array of the Astonished Gods was an extremely famous and powerful heavenly array. Now that it had transformed, it must be better than before in terms of capabilities. Though it did not exceed its god level, it was at the very least, at the peak of its realm.

It wasn't hard to imagine just how powerful this living being before them was!

"It really did generate intelligence!"

Everyone at the scene was in awe. They were originally doubting what Ling Xian was saying and thought that even if the transformation was successful, an ancient array wouldn't be able to gain consciousness. Yet before their eyes, the Array of the Astonished Gods had turned into a human shape. This alone was enough to prove that the array had underwent metamorphosis.

Therefore, how could everyone not be shocked?

All eyes were at Ling Xian, full of disbelief.

As much as everyone was shocked, they felt a wave of ecstasy.

The Array of the Astonished Gods was extremely loyal to the Shang Qing Sect. The more powerful it becomes, the more powerful the Sect becomes. This naturally made Ji Qian Bai and others feel very happy. Though they had lost face, it was all worth it.

Just as everyone was feeling the happiness, the human-shaped silhouette slowly arrived before Ling Xian and made a gesture that nobody expected.

He slowly bent down his body and opened his mouth to speak, "Thank you, human, I owe you one."

At this, Ling Xian's face turned into a smile.

His original intent was to display his abilities and bait Yu Wu Xiu while gaining the Sect's attention. However, after the series, he gained exponentially more from this trip.

First, he had slapped Ji Qian Bai and other powerful figures in the face. He forced them to admit their wrongs, which fulfilled him spiritually.

Then, he helped the Array of the Astonished Gods transform successfully. Not only did this garner the important figures' appreciation, but he also got himself 100,000 contribution points.

But most importantly, the Array of the Astonished Gods now owed him one.

To know that before the transformation, the array was insanely powerful. Today, its capabilities were even more powerful, therefore, how much of favor did the array owe him? The day would come when this favor would become surprisingly useful!

Therefore, Ling Xian was extremely happy and grinned, "You have flattered me. I merely did my best."

"If it weren't for you, I never would've successfully transformed. No matter what, I will remember this huge favor you did me." The human-shaped silhouette shook his head and no longer paid attention to Ling Xian. Instead, he turned to Ji Qian Bai and others.

"I have protected the Shang Qing Sect for hundreds of thousands of years. I cannot believe that there would come a day where I gain intelligence."

Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai and everyone exchanged glances. They then paid their respect and said in unison, "It is our pleasure, your honor, Array of the Astonished Gods."

From certain angles, the position of the Array of the Astonished Gods was extremely high. Before it was dead, but now that it gained consciousness, then people can't treat it like it was merely an array, they had to treat it like it was a senior.

After all, the Array of the Astonished Gods had existed for hundreds of thousands of years and had always been extremely dominating. Naturally, it was worthy to be called "your honor".

"Your honor? I guess that title is suitable."

The human-shaped silhouette had a faint smile and shifted his glance to Yu Wu Xiu, "From your physical body, I can sense 'that person's' vibe. I am thinking you are his descendant."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, your honor."

Yu Wu Xiu's lips curled up, revealing a warm smile.

She understood how terrifyingly powerful the transformed Array of the Astonished Gods was. Therefore, she tried her best to lay down low and avoided any possible conflicts.

"Since you are his descendant, I sure do miss and hate this vibe of his all at the same time." The human-shaped silhouette made this meaningful statement. Then, his silhouette began to fade away and together with the array board, they both disappeared.

"I have just gained consciousness and there are many things I still do not understand. I will leave first. But do not worry, I will not leave the Shang Qing Sect. After all, this is my home."

Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai frowned but very quickly, he relaxed his brows.

Since the human-shaped silhouette had spoken and promised that it won't leave, then there is nothing to worry about.

"It is a strange creature transformed from a god level array. It is a newly born consciousness but its intelligence level is equivalent to an adult. It is not as innocent as the Petal of Enlightenment."

Ling Xian mumbled. The transformed Array of the Astonished Gods made him think of the Purple Dwarf. He couldn't help but exclaim at the giant difference between the two.

From the human-shaped silhouette, one could conclude that his logic and way of thinking was the same as any other adult. The Petal of Enlightenment, however, was naïve and spoke like a child.

However, remembering that the Purple Dwarf was a purebred Elfkind and had bright potential, Ling Xian's mood improved.

Though the humankind's capability was extremely dominating, it was transformed from a god leveled array after all and was merely half Elfkind. The Purple Dwarf was however, pure in blood and had shocking potential. Its success would for sure surpass the Array of the Astonished Gods in the future!

Thinking about it that way lifted Ling Xian's mood. He shifted his gaze towards Ji Qian Bai and he smiled, "Since I have helped the Array of the Astonished Gods transform successfully, then will you give me the agreed upon 100,000 contribution points?"

"Haha, of course."

Ji Qian Bai laughed, making his good mood very obvious.

After all, the Array of the Astonished Gods was very powerful and was the reason for Shang Qing Sect's successful. As the Supreme Headmaster, of course, he was happy. The way he was looking at Ling Xian was extremely soft and gentle as if he had never been slapped in the face by him.

Everyone here was extremely happy as they gave Ling Xian a look of approval. Then, compliment after compliment began to roar.

"What an outstanding Heaven's Favorite. I cannot believe you have such profound knowledge of arrays."

"Yeah, you are obviously only 20 something years old but you can help the array successfully transform. This proves that you are very capable with ancient arrays."

"This sure is several good news in one. Not only did the Array of the Astonished Gods became more powerful, but we have also acquired such an excellent pupil. The Shang Qing Sect sure is fortunate."

Everyone chimed in and complimented Ling Xian with great words.

The array grandmaster, in particular, was looking at Ling Xian passionately. If there weren't so many people here, he would've rushed up and dragged Ling Xian to talk about this shared interest of theirs.

Yu Wu Xiu on the side reacted just the same. Though her facial expression appeared calm, deep within there was a hidden flame of hotness.

It was obvious that after what just happened, she was now very serious about stealing Ling Xian's talent.

"Everyone, thanks for your praises. I simply happened to know some stuff about the array's metamorphosis process."

Ling Xian brandished his hand. He wasn't here to listen to people's compliments. Therefore, he faintly smiled and said humbly, "Headmaster, I have some business to attend to and I must leave now."

Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai was a little startled at first but quickly realized what happened – Ling Xian was hinting for him to hand over the contribution points.

Shaking his head with a chuckle, he said in a low voice, "As the Supreme Headmaster, I am awarding Xian Ling 100,000 contribution points, effective immediately."

As his voice trailed off, a mysterious strange of power began to press down lightly. Then, Ling Xian felt the identity token in his pocket getting heavier.

"Alright, look at your token. It should say you have 100,000 contribution points now." Ji Qian Bai smiled.

Hearing this, Ling Xian took out his token and saw a line of small characters.

Contribution points: 100,000.

At this, a smile appeared by his lips and he whispered to himself, "This trip sure was worth it. Not only did I successfully complete my goal, but I also acquired a giant favor and 100,000 contribution points. I didn't come for nothing."

100,000 contribution points was an astronomical number to a majority of the descendants. It was an amount that most of them can never achieve in their lifetime.

Even some elders cannot get as many contribution points like this.

Therefore, why wouldn't Ling Xian feel happy?

100,000 contribution points were enough for him to purchase many heavenly treasures.

"What do you think? Are you satisfied?" Ji Qian Bai had a gentle smile.

"Of course I am satisfied. Thank you for your kind gift." Ling Xian paid his respect, very happy at the result.

"It is what you deserved. There is no need to thank me, I should be the one thanking you." Ji Qian Bai waved his hand with appreciation on his face.

Everyone at the scene did the same.

At this, Ling Xian grinned, "Then, I will bid my farewells."

"Alright, you may go." Ji Qian Bai nodded his head.

Ling Xian paid his respect and after spending a few seconds looking at Yu Wu Xiu, he left the great hall.

After he left, Yu Wu Xiu had a meaningful smile on her lips and her eyes were full of greed.

It was like she just saw a valuable treasure.

Noticing her gaze, Ji Qian Bai frowned immediately. Everyone else also frowned.

As important figures of the Shang Qing Sect, they naturally knew some of the secrets of the Sect. however, because of this woman's high position, they couldn't comment.

They all sighed and pity flashed across their eyes.

Who were they pitying?

Of course, it was Ling Xian.


Inside the resident room, Ling Xian was completely unaware of how Ji Qian Bai and others were feeling sorry for him. Even if he knew, he would've just laughed it off.

Because his goal was to catch Yu Wu Xiu's eyes and to have her plot against his talent.

That was the only way for him to get over his inner demons and to forget all about this woman that had taken over all his thoughts. Or else the darkness inside him would never disappear and his cultivation journey would be blocked.

"Now that I have 100,000 points, I should see what I can buy with it. If possible, I want to acquire the best treasures from the Shang Qing Sect."

Grinning, Ling Xian took out his white token and injected his spiritual energy into it.

Instantly, a gigantic and transparent screen appeared inside his head. On it were names of treasures, the requirements needed to buy it, as well as the number of contribution points needed.

This item was named the Exchange System. It was a very mysterious treasure. When the Shang Qing Sect's descendant injects his or her Qi into their token, they could see this item.

Of course, they could merely see it. If they want to make any purchases, they would have to go to the Mission Hall.

"I have forgotten about some of the things from the Hidden Territory, such as the treasures that can be found on the Exchange System. Now let me see, just what kind of rare items can be found in here."

Grinning gently, Ling Xian focused. Then, he became astonished by all the items he found on the screen.

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