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"Since the Supreme Headmaster and the grandmasters have requested my help with such sincerity, of course, I will have to do you a favor and help you out."

Ling Xian faintly grinned. What he had said brought much excitement upon Ji Qian Bai and others.

Though this sentence didn't sound very pleasing. What did he mean by he was doing them a favor?

As the top figures of Yuezhou, Ji Qian Bai was famous in Yuezhou. When did he ever need a favor from a meditational leveled cultivator?

Yet now, he really needed Ling Xian to do him this favor.

Though this statement didn't sound pleasing to the ear, everyone still endured. As much as they were absolutely overjoyed, they were also relieved.

Though they could've threatened for Ling Xian's compliance through brute force, he was, after all, brought here by Yu Wu Xiu. This woman's position inside the Shang Qing Sect is extremely high. Even all the almighty elders needed to look up to her.

Plus, if they forced Ling Xian to agree, what if he didn't give his all? Or if he did something bad on purpose. Wouldn't they end up losing more?

Therefore, Ji Qian Bai and others decided to beg Ling Xian.

Though this way, they had lost face, they got him to agree to help, which meant it was worth it. No matter what the result would be, they at least had some hope.

Therefore, Ji Qian Bai and others were extremely happy. Everything that happened with Ling Xian just now was forgotten.

"Xian Ling, no matter what the result is today, let's let the past be past."

Ji Qian Bai grinned. Thinking about Ling Xian's Royal leveled talent and his profound knowledge of array, his gaze appeared admiration.

He suddenly remembered that Ling Xian was a pupil of the Shang Qing Sect. To have such a talented pupil under his wings was without a doubt, a good thing.

Everyone else felt the same. They weren't small-hearted and all the unhappiness they felt disappeared the moment Ling Xian agreed to help them.

"I didn't think there was anything bad that happened."

Ling Xian revealed a faint smile, "Alright, let's not waste time. I will now give it my best shot. However, I will say it like it is; if I cannot successfully help the array, then don't blame me."

"Don't worry. Even if you fail, we will not place any blame on you."

Ji Qian Bai nodded and smiled, "But if you succeed, then you would be a hero in the Shang Qing Sect. I will reward you with 100,000 contribution points. Isn't that a nice reward?"

"100,000 contribution points?"

Ling Xian's eyes brightened. He didn't think Ji Qian Bai would be so generous.

In the Shang Qing Sect, contribution points were like spiritual stones, and may even worth more with more purchase power. Because the Shang Qing Sect sold many strange but rare items, sometimes, even old inheritances were up for grabs.

But of course, one must have enough purchase rights in order to buy them.

Majority of the treasures could be bought by any descendant or pupil. The currency here was contribution points. Spiritual stones or bartering with other treasures was a no go in the Shang Qing Sect.

Like its name indicates, in order to acquire contribution points, then one must give and contribute to the Sect. Or else why would the Shang Qing Sect allow its people to purchase so many heavenly objects?

The source of the contribution points was normally given after its pupil completes ordered missions. Low leveled missions could acquire a few points. However, don't underestimate small points – they were enough to buy some decent medicinal Dans.

From this, it became obvious just how much wealth 100,000 points were!

This was why Ling Xian was ecstatic.

He originally wanted to figure out some ways to get himself some points, and then buy all the inheritances there are in the Shang Qing Sect. Now, Ji Qian Bai had promised him 100,000 points. Naturally, he was very happy.

Though the prelude was that he must succeed in helping the Array of the Astonished Gods, Ling Xian was not worried.

Because within the inheritance given by the Immortal of Arrays, there was a mysterious technique that could help a heavenly array successfully metamorphose.

"Then, thank you Supreme Headmaster."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and didn't speak another word. He placed all his focus on the gold array board.

The transformation of a heavenly array is a phenomenon that happens sometimes with ancient arrays. The possibility of it happening is extremely small and the chances are one out of one thousandth.

This alone was enough to prove the extraordinariness of the Array of the Astonished Gods.

Sadly, not a lot of people knew about how arrays can transform. Mostly it was because the success rate of a successful transformation was very low. This possibility was lower than the possibility of an array undergoing this process. If entering a state of metamorphosis was one out of a thousand, then the success rate would be one out of a hundred thousand.

This was also established on top of the possibility of the array entering a dormant state.

Based on Ling Xian's estimations, the Array of the Astonished Gods wasn't ordinary, but it won't be easy for it to successfully transform.

Luckily, this famous array from Yuezhou encountered him – the sole inheritor of the Immortal of Array.

"Consider yourself lucky, I happen to know the way you can successfully transform."

Ling Xian smiled and formed a hand seal. He displayed the technique that targets a dormant array and its effects were extremely dominating.

At once, a milky white ring of color began to release from his hands and surrounded the gold array board.

At the same time, a strange and magnetic power began to pour out. It made the Array of the Astonished Gods exude even more light that reflected off the entire hall.

It was obvious that the mysterious technique was doing its work.

At this, Ji Qian Bai and others had an even denser look of anticipation. They had high hopes for just how powerful the array would be after its transformation.

The array grandmaster, in particular, was staring directly at Ling Xian without blinking.

As the grandmaster of arrays, he was very passionate about arrays and naturally was very interested in what Ling Xian was doing with the dormant array. Based on what he was seeing, the milky ring of light had a special type of strength that could help the spirituality and intelligence that the heavenly array had just acquired.

From this alone, it became obvious just how powerful this technique was.

Therefore, his eyes were shining hotly and were full of greed. But after a moment, his old eyes regained their shine.

It was obvious that his mentality wasn't bad.

Just as everyone was completely fixated on Ling Xian, Ling Xian made a move and an even stranger force of power diffused throughout the air and engulfed the gold array board.

This time, not only did the array board not emit light, it darkened instead.

However, everyone at the scene wasn't freaking out but instead, were extremely happy. Because in the air, a silhouette was slowly forming.

The human-shaped silhouette was very vague and only its shape could be seen. However, this was enough to prove that Ling Xian's technique had worked.

"So its silhouette is showing. Looks like I have to try harder."

Mumbling, Ling Xian used up the remaining of his spiritual energy and gave his all to complete the technique. However, since his current Qi is only of the meditational level, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't speed up the transformation of the array.

Therefore, only after half a day, did the human silhouette finally materialize.

The moment it solidified, a giant swirl of Qi emerged. Similar to the descendant of a God, the entire hall was quivering from the shock.

Not only did this mean the Array of the Astonished Gods is done with its metamorphosis, but it also meant it had succeeded in becoming stronger and that Ling Xian had succeeded.

At least he had gained the appreciation of all Shang Qing Sect management and he could now get the 100,000 contribution points.

More importantly, this new soul now owed him a favor. There would come a day when it would be of critical use to him.

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