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In the desert, thousands of beasts were converging with a boiling amount of killer's intent that rushed over like giant waves.

Immediately, everything in all directions was trembling and gold sand was all over the sky!

The terrifying spiritual energy was rippling outwards, changing the color of everyone's face except Ling Xian's. Those with a poor mentality and a weak heart were shaking at the sight of this.

After all, there were a countless number of beasts. Even though the beasts were merely dashing towards the group of people heads on, everyone was scared witless. After all, most of the people were meditational leveled cultivators. None of them were old in age and why wouldn't they be scared of what was happening?

Even Xia Ling Er and Wang Feng, these two cultivators with extraordinary backgrounds, were pale in the face from fear.

Originally, they were silently being happy over the fact that they didn't make a move against Ling Xian after witnessing what happened to Qin Lie. However, after seeing what was happening before them, they couldn't smile anymore. They felt like there was a dark cloud above their heads and they felt utterly hopeless.

The only person who was able to keep composed was Ling Xian.

He was quiet as per usual without a single trace of panic. It was as if the animals before him were ants, not thousands of different types of beasts.

They were merely beasts of the ninth realm. He could kill them with a flick of his finger so he had nothing to fear. However, he also understood that the examiners were observing him from the external world. So no matter what, he could not use any Qi from his original self.

In other words, he could again fight like a cultivator with a Qi level of 10.

Despite this, Ling Xian remained calm. His handsome face was of pure relaxation.

His powerfulness was enough to make him absolutely undefeatable in every realm!

Don't forget, before the mountain ranges, he had cultivated until he was at the undefeatable realm of the meditational level. With his battling experiences and knowledge, he was different than the cultivators around him, who had no experience.

The reason why he was able to get so far today, was one, he had amazing talent. And two, he made sure to be in the undefeatable realm of every level, so he was absolutely undefeatable.

For three, he had a colorful and rich experience with battling!

Therefore, Ling Xian wasn't scared, he just felt a little helpless.

"Originally I thought I could pass the test easily. But I didn't think the last round requires me to fight against thousands of beasts. Though they pose no threat to me, it's a bit of work to have to kill them."

Ling Xian rubbed his temples. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the crowd of people who were standing there with their legs shivering. He grew even more helpless.

From the way they were behaving, he realized that he couldn't count on them.

"It seems like I will have to carry this."

Sighing, Ling Xian's expression turned serious. "Oh well, I will use this opportunity to fight as a cultivator in the perfect realm of the meditational level. I want to see if I truly reached the peak of this level."

Then, he marched forward, throwing behind a statement to the terrified people.

"You guys stay put, don't go around randomly. Or else don't blame me if you get eliminated from the test."

At his words, everyone was a little startled. But after seeing Ling Xian's back, they immediately realized what he was planning on doing.

This touched them somewhat, but they also felt sorry. They were already imagining the scenery of Ling Xian being stomped on by beasts until he turned into mud.

Though they witness how he defeated Qin Lie with one finger, they didn't think he had the ability to defeat thousands of beasts!

One should know that there were thousands of beasts! If they dash over, they would have everyone beneath their feet. How was a single man powerful enough to defend against that?

"Hehe, you sure overestimate yourself. I look forward to the moment you get stomped into a pile of mud."

Qin Lie snickered. Thinking about Ling Xian's death excited him so much he was shaking.

Hearing this, everyone glared at him with disgust. However, they couldn't deny that they weren't thinking the same thought.

It was true. Compared to the giant group of beasts that were galloping over, Ling Xian appeared so small and so helpless.

However, his expression was calm like usual and his back was straight. There was no fear in his eyes.

This created a very interesting scenery, which silenced everyone.

Amongst the air filled with sand and before the group of the beasts, Ling Xian's white robe was white like snow and his hair was black like ink. The two were tussling in the word, compared to the ocean of beasts before him, it created an extremely impactful contrast for everyone.

Especially since he was so collected and since his left hand was moving slowly forward, he really did look like a real immortal descending into the world.

How could anyone not be surprised at the scene before them?

What happened next was even more shocking, enough to make many of them scream!

Because Ling Xian had come in contact with the thousands of beasts. His tiny silhouette was swallowed by the group of beasts and it looked like he was being pushed off a mile tall cliff.

Just then, his body began to emit light. The undying and never-ending sunlight was blinding and attention snatching.


After an earth-rumbling noise, Ling Xian's spiritual energy was dialed up to its peak. He began to utilize all his energy and slaughtered the entire group of beasts!

First, he activated his Winged Blitz to stop the beasts from pushing him over. Then, with his right hand, the Sword of Extinction howled and swept in all directions with thunderous energy!


The sword roared and white feathers drifted throughout the air. The sharp objects pierced right through the beast before him!


Shouting, Ling Xian used his Winged Blitz and Sword of Extinction in a crazy manner. Both of these transformative qualities were striking down like lightning!

Limited by his cultivation level, Ling Xian could only display these two transformative qualities. Luckily, he had a lot of other moves he could use other than the Eyes of Execution. Such as techniques.


The roar of a tiger howled, shaking everything in sight!

Ling Xian formed a hand seal and displayed the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger that shredded the beasts before him into mulch.

Then, the Sword of Extinction spun around and defended against another attacking beast.

Though the beasts were huge in size and were very large in number, their cultivation lacked next to him. Therefore, without a short of time, there was no way for them to infiltrate the defense built by the Winged Blitz and the Sword of Extinction.

Ling Xian can now safely attack and take an offensive position.

What could they do? Though the beasts were large in number, Ling Xian's capabilities were far too powerful. In the mediational level, he was deemed to be undefeatable like an immortal. He could easily slaughter anything and everything.


Ling Xian formed another hand seal and a mysteriously strange power began to dissipate throughout. The beasts before him froze in place.

It was the God Inhibition Spell.

Then, using the Spell of the Moon and the Sun, two giant dials appeared and bashed into the crowd of beasts.

Instantly, hundreds of beasts collapsed, and a hole was created in the battleground.

Now that everyone could clearly see the situation with the battle, they couldn't help but gasp!

The two sides were now in contact yet Ling Xian remained alive. More than that, he was attacking aggressively. Acting like the devil from hell, everywhere he walked by, he left behind a handful of corpses. Why wouldn't everyone feel shocked?

At this moment, a few simple words flashed across everyone's brain.

A one-man army!

The elders observing from the outside also thought of these words!

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