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The Sun had just rose, shedding down faint gold lights that reflected off Shang Qing Sect's door front.

Four grey-haired elderly were sitting in their chairs and were each in charge of their respective part of the test to help find the best pupils to accept into the Shang Qing Sect.

Behind them, more than 10 direct descendants, all wearing black, were in charge of keeping the order of the test. All of them were exuding with a seriousness that was heavy as the mountains.
Before them, were tens of thousands of passionate young cultivators who were respectively lining up and getting ready to enter the test.

These people, without exceptions, were aged under 20. None of them had even reached the foundational level. After all, most Clans and Sects would never accept cultivators above the foundational level. Because that means the path these cultivators followed had been set, and they would much prefer if they could try and train their pupils from the ground up.

This was why Ling Xian suppressed the cultivation level of his clone.

As he stood amongst this group of cultivators who were all of the meditational levels, he became speechless. Don't forget, he was a multi-talented Heaven's Favorite of the completion level. Whether it's his identity or his capabilities, he could surpass these people by a landslide.

Even those from the royal Clans, or prominent clans, could not be compared with him. Yet now, he was participating in this test with everyone. This feeling made him feel like an immortal competing against young students. He was utterly helpless.

As much as he felt helpless, he also felt a strange sense of satisfaction. It was like returning to his starting point after succeeding. He could now look at everything and everyone around him in a relaxed manner.

This feeling was complexed, but without a doubt, was also very satisfying.

Attempt to imagine this: everyone around him was fighting to their death for a treasure of the ninth realm, but there was a mountain of ninth realm treasures inside his storage pouch; when everyone was working their hardest to cultivate themselves and improve their level of training, he could instantly have a breakthrough. Wasn't that satisfying?

Of course, the reason why Ling Xian was concealing his cultivation level and trying to get into the Shang Qing Sect wasn't just to experience the satisfaction of pretending to be a pig and ending up eating the tiger. His ultimate goal was to get his hands on the giant fortune.

To get his hands on the fortune, everything he did would be worth it. Plus other than this ultimate goal, he had other small businesses to take care of.

Such as Yu Wu Xiu, the woman he could never forget.

"We will be seeing each other very soon."

Recalling the beautiful smile from his memories, Ling Xian mumbled to himself with a complexed expression. Then, he forced himself to stop thinking about the woman and waited silently for his own turn.

Just like that, time passed by little by little.

Those who passed the first test cheered, while others left in disappointment. At the door front of the Shang Qing Sect, there was a mixture of emotions, from happiness to sadness.

Majority of the people ended up feeling very sad. After all, this was the Shang Qing Sect, one of the three largest major forces in Yuezhou. The test is naturally extremely difficult to pass.

Therefore, after just the first round, 30 percent of the people were deemed to have failed.

This made Ling Xian exclaim how difficult the test was and how hard they made it for anyone to enter the Shang Qing Sect. However, he wasn't at all worried. Since he was merely using his clone after all.

After all, this clone's level 10 Qi and his wide experience were enough to guarantee that he would pass the Shang Qing Sect's test.

Just like that, two hours passed. Everyone before him had finished the test and it was finally his turn.
"The first test is to test the root of your spirituality. Please place your hand on top of this testing dial." The elder in charge of this test said softly. His eyelids didn't even lift up.

"Root of my spirituality?"

Ling Xian slightly frowned. He never had this tested therefore, he wasn't even sure if he had what it would take.

In the Taoism community, the root of spirituality is a great scale to measure a cultivator's talent. Though those without root are allowed to begin their cultivation journey, those without cannot even be compared with those who have the root of spirituality.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.

For example, there are nine different types of sage bodies for the humankind. Those with sage bodies do not have a root of spirituality. But who dares to make the comment that these people aren't talented?


The nine sage bodies were agreed to have extremely powerful qualities. Both their natural talents and their capabilities are strong to the extreme!

And Ling Xian's majestic and ancient blood were powerful to the extreme as well. He never paled next to the nine sage bodies!

Especially the majestic ancient blood in his body… based on the fact that after only awakening his blood by a quarter, he was able to gain the Eyes of Execution and the Heaven Shadowing Palm, it is obvious that his talent was extremely dominating!

One should know that his Eyes of Execution were ranked to be the fourth kind. And his Heaven Shadowing Palm was known to be the sixth strongest guiding law!

Therefore, despite the fact that he wasn't sure if he had the root of spirituality, Ling Xian wasn't worried. Unless this testing dial could not successfully seek out his talent level, there was no way he would be eliminated here.

He placed his hand on the dial and manipulated his Qi ever so slightly to transport information onto the dial.

Immediately, the testing dial gloated with light in a shade that was similar to the Sun! Endless and blinding!

This stunned everyone at the scene. Even the elders responsible for the other tests opened their eyes and peeked over.

This testing dial was a supporting treasure in the Taoism community. Not only could it test out whether or not a cultivator had the root of spirituality, but it could also test out if they were talented enough.

Normally speaking, from lowest to highest, there were four levels of talent. They were known as the Ordinary Level, the Emperor Level, the Royal Level, and the Immortal Level which was the highest and a legendary one.

However, this was merely a legend without actual proof. Plus, even if there was actually such a level, a mere dial would not be able to test it successfully.

When the testing dial glistened with a blinding amount of light meant that a super talent had appeared. Therefore, everyone at the scene looked over.

"This is… the royal level?!"

The elder in charge of the tests was completely startled. Not even in his dreams did he think that during this year's admission test, there would be a rare genius of the royal level.

After he used his Qi to scan Ling Xian and found out that he had a level 10 Qi, he became even more shocked.

Though before Ling Xian, he had encountered several Heaven's Favorites with level 10 Qi, none of them possessed royal level talent!

After hearing what the elder said, everyone fell into a deeper state of shock. All eyes were now on Ling Xian with admiration and jealousy.

As for Ling Xian himself, he wasn't satisfied with this result. He knew very well that his natural talent was not as simple as being merely at the royal level.

After all, the talent of the clone could not be compared to the original. The majestic ancient blood in his body had only awakened by half. After all of his blood awakened, what new height would he reach?

However, pretending as he'd never seen anything in life before, Ling Xian had a huge grin on his face and asked innocently, "Elder, I wonder if this counts as passing?"

Counts as passing?

What the f!ck! if talent of the royal level doesn't count as passing, then nobody can be admitted into the Shang Qing Sect!

Everyone was silently cursing and was staring at Ling Xian with jealousy and hatred.

The ones with powerful backgrounds and the ones who had level 10 Qi were staring at Ling Xian like he was an enemy.

It was obviously because Ling Xian had stolen their spotlight.
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