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In mid-air, the Ancestor of Technique displayed his almightiness. Enough Qi to cover up the entire sky poured out and aimed to destroy!

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder; all seven different elements converged into a technique that evolved into something 10 times more powerful. It engulfed the area where Ling Xian stood.

Immediately, the color of the earth and the sky changed. All immortals moved in response.

Ling Xian's expression changed. Peering at the speedy and unfriendly energy, he remembered an all-powerful battling weapon.

A bombing carrier!

This was a gigantic treasure in the Taoism community that only the most powerful forces were equipped with. Its offensive powers are extremely strong. If one has enough spiritual stones, one can use it endlessly!

Without a doubt, the technique before him was similar to a human bomb carrier and might be even stronger!

Though the techniques he summoned were not high in realms, with most of them being in the lowest ninth realm, the Ancestor of Technique was just too powerful! He somehow possessed the ability to turn ordinary things into extraordinary and the many low levelled techniques have combined and turned into something that surpassed their realms!

For so many different techniques to stack up and attack you, anyone would lose their composure.
However, Ling Xian showed no fear. Instead, he was high off his desire to battle!

So what it was similar to a bomb carrier?

So what if he was a legendary real immortal?

Amongst those of the same level as him, he didn't need to fear anyone!
"Come at me!"

Shouting, Ling Xian's black hair tussled in the wind like the God of Warrior.

At the same time, all six transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution seeped out terrifying Qi and rushed out like an infinite amount of heavenly light.


A sword swept by and as if everything in sight was tofu, it crushed them.


The Halberd sliced down heavy like the Tai mountain; enough to end an army of a thousand men.
At the same time, the Armor of the Royal Spirit and the Winged Blitz began to shine and tightly guarded Ling Xian. The two hands that were above the ancient zither began to compose a heavenly song that astounded everyone since the history of time!

The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality shone even more brightly. Rays of heavenly light howled out and wiped out all the different attacks from all directions!

The six transformative qualities all aimed to slaughter with enough might to destroy everything in sight!


A series of clacking and clashing echoed throughout the clouds. The entire place was completely wrapped under heavenly light. Other than ear piercing rumbles, nothing else could be heard or seen.
After a long while, the heavenly light in the sky finally began to fade.

Then, the crowd of immortal couldn't help but be shocked. Because the space above them had completely crumbled and there was a giant hole of the color black.

Amongst this terrifying scenery, Ling Xian was somehow completely unharmed!

He was holding onto his Sword with his left hand and the Halberd with his right, bathed under the light shed down by the Burnished Mirror, he looked just like a God who lived above the nine heavens.

The vigor he emitted was incomparably terrifying and mimicked an undefeatable warrior!

Yes, undefeatable is right!

The Ancestor of Technique's attack was nothing but pure terror. To have remained unharmed in the face of that was truly deserving of the adjective, undefeatable!

Of course, this doesn't mean he's undefeatable in the entire world. It meant in the advanced stage of the completion level, he was undefeatable.

This surprised the group of immortals. Even though the Immortal of Alchemy and them already knew of Ling Xian's terror, they couldn't help but to be shocked.

Remember that the Ancestor of Technique was undefeatable during his era. Within his generation, all Heaven's Favorites could only look up to him. In the entire history of time, only a few could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Yet his ultimate final attack didn't do anything to Ling Xian. This was unimaginable!

Even the Ancestor of Technique was shocked at this. Though he didn't display any technique that could result in an even more destructive attack, he truly didn't expect Ling Xian to be able to defend against him and remain unwounded.

"Haha, what an unprecedented Heaven's favorite!"

Laughing, the Ancestor of Technique sucked back in his Qi and stared at Ling Xian with praises in his eyes, "I, Fa Wu Liang, acknowledge you as my apprentice!"

"So you really are the legendary Ancestor of Technique."

Ling Xian exclaimed. After witnessing the convergence of the several techniques, he had a good idea of what was going on. Because based on his knowledge, other than the legendary Fa Wu Liang, nobody can use low leveled techniques to this extend.

Only the Ancestor of Technique has the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and pose a threat with such low leveled techniques.

Now that Fa Wu Liang had announced his identity, Ling Xian was somewhat proud as much as he was surprised. Though he didn't win this battle, and he understood that Fa Wu Liang didn't fight with all his might, no matter what, he didn't lose.

This was enough!

Against the legendary and unreachable Ancestor of Technique, even the impressive Untainted can barely tie against him. Now that Ling Xian had done it, why wouldn't he be proud?

Since he began his cultivation journey, he had never lost nor had he ever stalemated. But this record is highly dependent on who the opponent is. Against the undefeatable Ancestor of Technique, losing is a normal thing. To end the battle with a tie was an extremely glorious achievement!

If this news passed around, perhaps the entire Taoism community would fall into a state of shock!

"I am Ling Xian, pleased to meet you." Ling Xian paid his respect. His face full of respect and happiness.

Ever since he was young, he was full of respect towards this glorious ancestor, who was born from a low leveled family. Now that he was seeing this ancestor in person, he was ecstatic.

"There is no need for such etiquette."

The Ancestor of Techqniue shifted his gaze to Duan Shan He, "I wonder if you are satisfied with this chosen apprentice?"

"Haha, of course I am!"

Duan Shan He laughed openly, his red hair tussled in the wind, "Young man, just from the determination you possessed and your capabilities, I approve of you!"

Hearing this, Ling Xian suddenly recalled who this person was. He couldn't help but to be startled for a short bit. But he returned back to normal very soon.

After meeting the Immortal of Alchemy, the Immortal of Arrays, and the Untainted, Ling Xian was numb from surprises. He also deeply understood that all nine immortals living in the Painting of the Nine Immortals have a strong background and history; nobody here was simple.

Despite this, having acquired the approval of the Ancestor of Technique, he was very proud. Not only did this mean his capabilities have been acknowledged, it also meant Liao Cang Qiong's decision was approved.

"I approve as well. A Heaven's Favorite of such calibre reminds me of myself back in the days," Dao Wu Liang smiled gently and looked at Ling Xian with support.

Hearing how Duan Shan He and Fa Wu Liang accepted Ling Xian, Feng Qing Ming and the Untainted smiled, not at all surprised.

They have always firmly believed that Ling Xian's talent could for sure acquire these two's approval.

Liao Cang Qiong was all smiles and almost blossomed into a flower. He was more and more convinced that the most important and the most correct decision he made in his life was to accept Ling Xian as his apprentice.

Because having such an excellent pupil meant he could enjoy much glory. Even other immortals were jealous of him.

"Haha, why don't you see who's apprentice he is? My eyes are amazing and I would never choose anyone you wouldn't be happy with."

Liao Cang Qiong guffawed and shifted his gaze towards Duan Shan He and Fa Wu Liang, "Don't look at me with so much jealousy. Hurry up and hand over your inheritances."
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