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The setting Sun sprayed down faint red light that brightened the second-floor balcony of the store Nothing is for Sale.

Ling Xian wore all white and was bathing under the light red sunset. He looked just like a delicate immortal, extraordinary and proud.

Hong Yan Xin was looking absolutely beautiful with her delicate features and her black robe that tightly wrapped around her body. She was alluring and sexy.

The two of them had been standing here for a long time. Neither spoke and were both silently admiring the sunset.

After some time, Hong Yan Xin finally could no longer conceal her excitement and said in a calm tone, "Congratulations for earning the winning title for this year's gathering."

"Yeah, I'd consider it me fulfilling a regret of mine."

Ling Xian had a faint smile hanging on his lips. He had participated in the gathering of alchemists once before in the hidden territory and was eliminated during the second round. Today, he had won the winning title so gloriously, naturally, it was like he had fulfilled a regret from before.

"You brewed a perfect Dan and defeated Dan Tong Sheng. I have to admit that I have underestimated you." Hong Yan Xin looked at Ling Xian meaningfully. She really didn't think his alchemy knowledge was of such caliber.

Ling Xian smiled and teasingly glanced at Hong Yan Xin, "Let's not kid ourselves. You don't care about my alchemy skills, you care about the two items."

"You're right."

Hong Yan Xin nodded, finding it hard to conceal her excitement and anticipation, "I wonder if you successfully acquired the two items?"

"I am not someone to bite back on my words. If I didn't get them, I wouldn't be leaving the Realm of Alchemy." Ling Xian said teasingly.

Immediately, Hong Yan Xin's beautiful eyes began to flicker with excitement. Her voice shivered, "Then can you please give me the items?"

Seeing how excited she looked, Ling Xian no longer wanted to play around with her. Silently calling out, he took out the two items.

The first item was the yellow tinted yellow Sheep Skin Scroll, on it, were full of strange symbols, looking very ancient and mysterious. It was a language of the previous era and in the world today, not a lot of people could identify them.

The second item was the flower with three petals. It was a flower that was completely white and there was no heavenly light surrounding it nor were there faint spiritual energy. It looked very plain and ordinary, just like a normal flower that wasn't even of the ninth realm.

But Ling Xian knew very well that this flower was not a simple one. It was connected with a legend that had been passed down for generations.

It was the legendary The Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores, also known as the Flower of Transmigration.

This flower was extremely rare and hadn't appeared many times since the history of time. Its rarity was comparable to the Devious Burial Flower.

Legend has it that this flower can bring a dead man back to life. Even if the person's soul has been crushed all over the place, the flower could be used to restore the dead man's strength.

Of course, this was just a legend. As to whether or not this heaven-defying power is real or not, nobody knows.

Even Ling Xian, who has the Essence of Herbalism, didn't know. Due to some kind of special reason, he could only see this flower's name and a short explanation for it. Its effects remained unknown.

When he found this flower inside the Realm of Alchemy, he was stunned for a long time. He didn't know there was a spiritual medicine that the Essence of Herbalism didn't know.

Of course, this was normal. Though the Essence of Herbalism was known as the Encyclopedia of spiritual medicines, there were some things it didn't know. Without a doubt, the Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores was one of them.

"Awesome, awesome!"

Looking at the miraculous items in midair, Hong Yan Xin was getting more and more thrilled. There were splashes of tears in her eyes, and it was obvious she was finding it hard to control herself.

With these two miraculous items, she could now revive the most important person in her life. Why wouldn't she be thrilled?

"Though I don't know what the Sheep Skin Scroll is, from the Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores alone, I can tell that you are planning on reviving someone."

Ling Xian softly sighed. "I am not sure just who you want to revive, but I want to advise you: do not have high hopes."

"There is no way. With these two miraculous items, I can do it." Hong Yan Xin was more than excited and she was determined.

This made Ling Xian frown. He never believed the whole ordeal with reviving someone from the dead. Even the legendary Miraculous Dan of Nine Reincarnations might not be able to do it.
Though the two items were rare, with the Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores rumored to be able to restore someone from the dead, they were still rumors that were unverified. What made Hong Yan Xin so confident all of a sudden?

"Well, I have warned you, don't have too much hope. Or else you will fall really hard." Ling Xian shook his head softly, not wanting Hong Yan Xin to have too high of expectations in case her hope turns into hopelessness.

"No, I believe these two items will achieve what I want."

Hong Yan Xin's face was full of confidence as if she could already see that person appearing before her eyes again. She was excited for a long while before she bowed towards Ling Xian.

"Thank you for acquiring these two miraculous items for me. If you need a favor in the future, I won't decline to help you."

"There is no need to thank me."

Ling Xian brandished his hand, "We had a deal. I take your spiritual medicines and in return, help you complete these tasks. There is no need for thanks."

"No, compared to what these two items are worth, what I gave you was far too little."

Hong Yan Xin shook her head and said sternly, "No matter what you may need me for in the future, I will not say no to you."

"Do whatever you want then."

Ling Xian was too lazy to argue about this with her. He changed the subject, "I am more interested in the Sheep Skin Scroll, I wonder if you can tell me what it does?"

"About that…"

Hong Yan Xin hesitated and bit her lip, "Whatever, it's fine if I tell you."

"I am listening."

Ling Xian grinned, very curious about the Sheep Skin Scroll and very much wanted to know what made Hong Yan Xin so sure that she can revive the man.

"This Sheep Skin Scroll is an object known as the Book of Soul Attraction. I don't know who placed it inside the Forest of a Thousand Poisons, but I found out simply by chance."

Hong Yan Xin continued to bite down on her lips, "Just like I said, this Sheep Skin Scroll attracts souls. If you repeat what is written on it, it will be able to gather the soul you want."

"Attract souls?"

Ling Xian frowned. He'd heard about the art of attracting souls, but normally they were targeted towards people whose souls had dissipated. As for this book that can attract souls… it was something he'd never heard of it. He couldn't help but ask, "Even the souls that have been attacked can be attracted?"

"Of course. Why else would I be so certain about it?"

Hong Yan Xin smiled. Her eyes flashed with anticipation, "The scroll for attracting soul and the flower for the power of revival… I can definitely bring back the dead."

"I still advise against having too much hope."

Ling Xian shook his head, "Ignoring whether or not the rumor with the Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores, the Book of Soul Attraction is unrealistic. If one's soul has dissipated throughout the world, how can the soul be attracted?"

Hong Yan Xin grinned and didn't respond. However, her expression remained confident.

Seeing this, Ling Xian gave up on trying and said, "Oh well, might as well try since you won't give up until you do. I will temporarily stay here for two months. When the time comes, I will leave."

Then, he turned towards his stone room and decided to rest here for two months before heading to the Shang Qing Sect.

All in order to snatch the great fortune.

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