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Painting of the Nine Immortals 607 The Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood

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Ling Xian's eyes brightened and he couldn't help but have high expectations.

During the lost century, he didn't win the winning title and naturally didn't know what the reward would be for the winner of the gathering. However, even if he was thinking using his toes, he would know that it would be a valuable treasure. Or else it wouldn't suit the image of this gathering being the most important one in Yuezhou.

Therefore, he was engrossed.

"You won first place during the first round and did the same during the second round. Therefore, we will reward you with two different types of fifth realm medicinal Dan recipes." Cao Clan Leader faintly grinned and took out two black scrolls from his own storage pouch and placed them before Ling Xian.

"Thank you Cao Clan Leader."

Grinning, Ling Xian didn't take a second look before putting them into his own storage pouch. To him, the last thing he needed was Dan recipes. No matter how precious they were, how could they compare to the beauties recorded inside the Essence of Herbalism?

Therefore, he didn't care much for these two fifth realm Dan recipes.

At this, the Cao Clan Leaders' eyes flashed with strangeness. He smiled, "Next, it's the reward for winning this entire gathering. I believe this treasure will make you feel satisfied."

"Then I can't wait to see what it is." Ling Xian had a faint smile and his eyes flickered with anticipation.

"I saw that the caldron you used when brewing was a cauldron of the seventh realm. It doesn't exactly match your alchemy skills." The Cao Clan Leader spoke softly. Then, he called out and a black cauldron dropped to the ground, creating a dust storm.

"Take a look at this cauldron. I believe your heart will flatter at it."

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow and shifted his gaze on the black cauldron before him.

The cauldron itself had a body that was completely black. On it was carved images of birds, fish, flowers, insects, the moon, the sun, and other scenic pictures. Around the body of the cauldron was a layer of faint light that made it look very ancient and mysterious.

Instantly, his eyes brightened. Though it wasn't obvious what the realm of the cauldron was, he could feel that this particular cauldron was better in quality than his purple one.

Seeing that Ling Xian's eyes were bright, the Cao Clan leader faintly smiled, "Have you heard of the Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy?"

"Of course I've heard of them. The Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy was said to be created by the heavens and are used specifically to brew Dans. Legend had it that every single cauldron possess the ability to create fortunes and influences. It has the magic power to break down ingredients more efficiently and adds to the quality of each Dan brewed in it."

Ling Xian nodded. The prominence of the Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy did not pale next to the Essence of Herbalism. They were treasures that every alchemist has heard of and dreamed of.

He was no exception. Then, he suddenly thought of something and his heart thumped violently. Without any certainty, he said, "Could it be… the cauldron before me is one of the nine legendary cauldrons?"

"Of course not."

The Cao Clan Leader gently shook his head and said, "The Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy is such a holy item, none of us five clans have them. How can we ever give it away like a reward?"

"That's true. I was imagining things."

Ling Xian lost his composure and chuckled. The Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy was a very holy treasure. Especially in the eyes of alchemists, they were irreplaceably precious. Why would anyone give it away if they had it?

He was simply misled by the Cao Clan Leader and subconsciously thought of the Nine Cauldrons of Alchemy.

"However, this cauldron is linked to one of those Nine Cauldrons. It is simply a replica."

The Cao Clan said softly and smiled, "This cauldron mimics the Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood. Don't underestimate it just because it's a replica. Its effects are very powerful."

"Even though it's nothing compared to the real Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood, it can still help enhance the quality of medicinal Dans. It's one of the best ones out of all the replicas."

Hearing this, Ling Xian's eyes brightened. The name of the cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood was a name he's heard of.

Legend has it that medicinal Dans brewed by this cauldron can at the very least be a third realm medicinal Dan, even if the alchemist brewing fails at controlling it. If the alchemist tries his or her hardest, the rank can hop up by two realms. It was a very heaven-defying cauldron.

Though the one before Ling Xian was a replica, it remained very valuable. Normal people did not even have the right to see one.

"I wonder how many realms it can be increased by?" Ling Xian asked the most important question.

"I am not too sure about that. Because a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration for that question to be answered."

The Cao Clan Leader shook his head, "But one thing is for sure. It can at least increase a realm for the Dan you brew. Plus, improving quality is just one of its effects. The other use for this cauldron is that it increases the success rate of brewing. Even if the medicinal Dan brewed is a waste, the cauldron can rejuvenate it and make it useful."

Hearing this, the joy on Ling Xian's face intensified.

To be able to increase the realm of the Dan is already a very special use. This meant it was an extremely useful cauldron. At least out of the nine, it was the most powerful. Plus, this cauldron can help rejuvenate any Dan, which was another very special ability.

Hearing this, the Cao Clan Leader asked with a grin, "What do you think? Satisfied with the reward for the winner?"

"Of course, thank you so much for your kind gift."

Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. Though the Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood before him was merely a replica, it was enough to make many alchemists crazy. Why wouldn't he be satisfied?

Can't you see how Hong Zhuang Luo and the others had looks of envy?

"As long as you are happy." The Cao Clan Leader smiled, "Take it. From today on, this cauldron is yours."

Ling Xian nodded. He then rolled up his sleeves and placed the black cauldron inside his storage pouch.

Seeing this, Hong Zhuang Luo and everyone else had a look of longing. The reason why they participated in the gathering of alchemists was not just to try and win the honorable winning title, but to win the reward of the replica of the Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood they already knew in advance.

Now that Ling Xian was exerting ownership over this treasure, they couldn't help but to be jealous.

These people had a good mentality, however, because they didn't show any envy. Perhaps it's because they knew being jealous is useless since they weren't as skilled.

"The reward for the winner has now been distributed. Time to distribute reward for everyone else."

The Cao Clan Leader marched forward before Hong Zhuang Luo and other people. "Because the medicinal Dan you brewed were all of the eighth realm, let's not determine who's second and who's third. I will give you two the same reward."

Then, he flapped around his sleeve. Six different treasures materialized before everyone and flew before the six different people.

Originally, the second place belonged to Dan Tong Sheng. But because he was crushed by the result and didn't stay, the second place was passed on to someone else.

Yet all the remaining participants were equal in capabilities. The Dans they brewed were all of the eighth realm and the sixth rank. Therefore, the Cao Clan Leader could only give everyone a reward, or else it'd be considered favorism.

Seeing this, Hong Zhuang Luo and the other people placed the rewards into their own storage pouches. There was no actual ecstasy on their faces, they merely smiled symbolically.

Normally, to have gotten an extraordinary treasure would've made them very happy. But before their eyes, Ling Xian was in possession of something so valuable that what they had seemed cheap.

Compared to the Cauldron of the Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood, these six treasures were absolutely nothing. In addition, the greatest honor was already taken by Ling Xian. How could they be happy?

"If it were me, I wouldn't be happy neither. What could I do? I never thought there would be someone so insane participating in the gathering."

Seeing how everyone was forcing their smiles, the Cao Clan Leader exclaimed over Ling Xian's abilities before clearing his throat and announcing, "Okay, I now announce the end of this gathering!"

Then, the gathering of the alchemists drew its curtains.

On the external world, everyone once again dove into a state of cheering because of this announcement.

The one they were cheering for was, of course, Ling Xian.

Who was the most attention snatching person for this year's gathering of the alchemists? It was without a doubt, Ling Xian. Setting aside his winning title, he remained the shiniest one.

Since the sign-up stage, he had already made his name known, shocked the entire City of Dan and became the eye-catching black horse of this year's gathering.

During the first round, he first disappeared, resulting in everyone's taunting. Then, he suddenly appeared and acing the test with a score of 1,000,000, astonishing all!

During the second round, he instantaneously melted the Fire Testing Stone, then used merely half an hour to complete the test, which blinded everyone.

These two accomplishments have already shocked everyone to their core and struck them hard.

During that last round, he had brewed a perfect Dan and suppressed the genius Dan Tong Sheng, which again, astounded everyone to a point of no return.

Thinking about these people carefully made everyone realize that Ling Xian's participation resulted in three giant waves during this year's gathering. In other words, this entire gathering was made for him to succeed. The participants of this gathering also only existed to accent his powerfulness!

The result was just as expected. Everyone had failed and only Ling Xian was able to climb to the top and shine brightly!

To speak bluntly, it won't be long before the entire Yuezhou learns of Ling Xian's name. Especially within the alchemy community, a storm will certainly roar and wash over every alchemist's heart.

"This is what it means to be famous and known by all." Yun Jian sighed softly, "Before, I have never heard of such a genius in Yuezhou."

"Me either. Perhaps he came from other continents." Fu Di grinned and instantly, lotuses materialized in midair, which was very mysterious.

"That is a possibility."

Yun Jian smiled, "Alright, the gathering is over. Go say bye to that kid, then we should get going too."

"That's alright. Today, I have formed a bond with him. If it's meant to be, I will see him again." A sheer light began to appear behind Fu Di.

"That's true. As someone who follows Buddhism, you like the word 'fate'". Yun Jian teased. Then, in a flash, he disappeared amongst the cloud like the wind.

Fu Di's silhouette disappeared as well.

As the two were leaving, Ling Xian, from inside the realm, took care of the perfect Dan and paid his respect to everyone, "Everyone, I bid my farewell now."

Then, he slapped around his sleeve and the space magically tore apart. He left the Realm of Alchemy then.

This once again startled everyone. They then exchanged glances and bitterly smiled.

The five Clans didn't purposely lock down the Realm of Dan. With Ling Xian's insane capabilities, of course, he could leave whenever he wanted. Nothing could limit him.

Therefore, he felt too lazy to ask the Cao Clan Leader and chose to leave right away. He headed towards the store Nothing is for Sale.

Now that the gathering of alchemists was over, it was time for him to find Hong Yan Xin and fulfill his promise.

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