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Dark clouds covered up the entire sky and lightnings were swimming amongst the clouds. A heavy scent of destruction filled the air.

Three thick lightnings suddenly struck down in the same manner as three mountains falling down. Everything was crushed at once.

Everyone here felt their heads tingle and their hearts shaking. Though they all knew this God's Trial wasn't aiming at them, the terrifying vibe of it all was enough to make them all shiver.

What could they do? God's Trial's reputation was very well known. Even if it was sent because of an alchemy achievement, it remained very much terrifying.

Therefore, they all stared at Ling Xian with worry. They all worried about whether or not the new winner of the gathering would soon succumb to the terror of the God's Trial.

It was true. Compared to the purely terrifying thunders and lightning, Ling Xian appeared very weak.

His black hair softly tussled and his white robe followed. Under the lightning filled sky, he looked so tiny, so helpless. However, his expression remained quiet and unwavering.

It wasn't his first time experiencing a God's Trial sent for an alchemy achievement. Though that last time, he was struck by the lightning until his flesh split open, he still successfully passed the trial. Why would he be fearful now?

Not only was he not fearful, but his eyes were also reflective of how high he felt with the soon to be conducted battle.

"Come at me. Last time, I was exhausted by the end. This time, the result may not be the same."

Lifting the corner of his lifts, Ling Xian's desire to fight flared as he greeted the three lightnings!

He didn't want to waste too much time with this God's Trial but at the same time, he wanted to move around his limbs and determine just how powerful he now was. Therefore, he activated his Immortal Fists right off the bat!

A terrifying Qi washed over everything. Ling Xian's black hair crazily danced as his fists shone as bright as the Sun!


After an earth-shattering rumble, the Immortal Fists defended against the three struck of lightnings, trembling even the void.

Trailing after it, however, was the aggressive reaction of the thunderous clouds. As if they had sensed Ling Xian's overpowerfulness, they sent down more than 10 lightning bolts!


The lightnings struck and their energies rolled out in all directions and caused chaos for miles!

"Come at me, let me fight!"

Ling Xian was excited to fight. Between his punches, he appeared to have the energy to swallow even the mountain and the sea!

His fists were acting like heavy pounds of metal. Every single punch threw destroyed a lightning bolt and shocked the nine heavens!

However, a God's Trial was still a God's Trial. Its powerfulness was commonly known and it wasn't that easy to overcome it. The thunderous clouds continued to roll and they all combined and materialized into a thunderous giant with an extremely terrifying horror.

Then, the hand of this silhouette made a move. Instantly, lightnings swam across the sky and crumbled down onto the space.

"It materialized into a human form."

Ling Xian frowned, as everyone else at the scene did.

God's Trial was also divided into different ranks. The lowest level of God's Trial appears in the form of lightnings. Then, it appears in the shape of a human. Legend had it that higher level of God's Trial materializes into the shape of a powerhouse known to the mortal world!

The giant before Ling Xian was not God's Trial of the highest level. But regardless, it was extremely powerful. Even a Heaven's Favorite at the peak of the completion level would be no opponent before it.

Therefore, everyone's face changed color as they worried for Ling Xian's safety.

He himself, however, other than feeling troubled, did not feel any fear. This giant made out of thunder and lightning sure was powerful and normal Heaven's Favorites would pose not threat to it.

However, he was not an ordinary Heaven's Favorite.

"Come at me, I will use my Disorder Conquering Fists to shred you to pieces!"

Ling Xian was now behaving like a bull. He once again activated his Immortal Fists and the aura his fists emitted changed the color on everyone's face again.


Thunder continued to rumble and electricity continued to swim. The giant was incomparably strong with enough energy to destroy everything. If this was anyone else, they wouldn't even have the guts to defend right now. Even Heaven's Favorites would be petrified from fear and find it hard to fight against it.

Pity that its opponent was Ling Xian!

He was a monster who treated God's Trial as a test of his capabilities!


Shouting, Ling Xian hopped out aggressively. He destroyed the lightnings sent, then, before everyone's wide eyes, he dashed towards the giant.


His fist slid across the sky. Like the giant Sun, his fist was incomparable in power!

Everyone was in utter shock as none of them expected Ling Xian to be this powerful. They all thought if they were in Ling Xians' shoes, they wouldn't even have the courage to make a move.

Even the five clan leaders were thinking this way. Yet Ling Xian was dashing towards the giant voluntarily. Leaving aside what the result would end up being, his courage was not something normal people could see shoulder to shoulder with.

However, nobody saw Ling Xian in a positive light. After all, it was the undefeatable God's Trial!

"So what you are the level two God's Trial? Die!"

Screaming, Ling Xian's fist acted like a dragon. The Immortal Fists were endless in power and pushed back the thunderous giant.

However, a God's Trial was still a God's Trial. Though Ling Xian now had the upper hand, a line of blood began to seep out of his lips.


Though the giant was losing, its attacks remained eerily violent. Every single lightning bolt it threw, it crushed something in the void.

Pity though, Ling Xian was already organically strong. Complemented by the powerful fists, he was pretty much an undefeatable completion leveled cultivator. As time went on, his attacks turned more and more aggressive and the giant could not win a single rebuttal.


As if a god had descended and was attacking with pure destruction in mind, his attacks were incomparably terrifying. The two opponents exchanged attack one after another and neither backed down even the slightest bit. Every time they clashed, a terrifying vibration was created.

Every single strike, the giant would step back half a step. After a while, the giant was utterly under Ling Xian's control.

This astounded everyone. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of disbelief.

What happened next even more accented the crowds' shock.

"Time is up. Let me send you your way with one fist."

A cold snicker crawled on Ling Xian's lips. He slammed a fist towards the giant and quickly backed away. Then, both his fists began to shine with light, similar to the Sun in the sky, they lit up everything within miles!

His temperament was also climbing. By the end of it, he was emitting the vibe that he was utterly undefeatable and he could win against all heaven creatures!

As if it had sensed his terror, the thunderous giant used its one final move. Its body began to disassembled and slowly transform into rays of thunders. The color of it was an unusual red!

It was obvious that the God's Trial had transformed into the third level!

Instantly, everyone here felt a shudder down their spine. Even Fu Di and Shen Xian lost their composure.

However, against the horrifying red lightning, Ling Xian was unfazed and kept on being collected as per usual.

"The God's Trial had once completely exhausted me. This time, however, let me destroy you."

Then, Ling Xian made his move. Concentrating all of his power onto his fists, the energy from his fists alone was enough to destroy the space around him.

Once he threw his punch, the unparalleled power made it seem like the Keeper of the Land and Sea had been reborn!


After an earth-shattering noise, the red lightning was destroyed by his one fist. The sky regained its clarity.

At this moment, Ling Xian's fists had ended the God's Trial!

Immediately, everyone froze in shock.

As they watched the man in white, the following statement was all they could think of.

The reincarnation of a real God!

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