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Dan Tong Sheng was a name that rumbled across the entire City of Dan. It was a name everyone from the City of Dan remembers deeply.

Ten years ago, he fought solo and defeated 127 eighth realm alchemists. From then, he grew extremely famous and he never looked back.

To know that those 127 eighth realm alchemists were not just nameless alchemists. They were either experienced elders or extremely talented geniuses. Without a doubt, however, they were all defeated in the hands of Dan Tong Sheng. It wasn't hard to imagine just how powerful this person was!

Because that year, he was merely 16 years old.

Since then, 10 years had passed and he had returned. Just how capable is he now with alchemy? Nobody knew. Everyone there, however, knew very clearly that his knowledge level should be at a level of pure terror.

Therefore, when they heard that he was participating in the last round of the competition, all their expressions changed. Once they saw that he was starting to brew, their expressions turned even more serious as they felt very threatened.

Even Hong Zhuang Luo and the other strongest descendant had a stern expression on their faces. They could not believe that the person had just started brewing and had already displayed such terrifying skills.

All they saw was that Dan Tong Sheng had kneeled down on the ground and before him, sat a black cauldron that was ancient and mysterious. His expression was calm and he straight up threw more than 10 types of spiritual medicines into the cauldron. Then, he engulfed the spiritual medicines using his Qi.

There is a saying that you can tell whether one is a master or not by their first move. In normal people's eyes, his actions may be nothing, but who here was an average joe?

There were alchemy geniuses and insane monsters here, who here can't tell how difficult that last action was?

To know that everyone else who brews a Dan brew it very carefully by putting in spiritual medicines in one at a time. Yet here he was, putting in more than 10 spiritual medicines at once. He was also acting as if he didn't care. This alone was enough to prove how profoundly capable this man was.

When he summoned his flame, another round of surprised roars erupted again.

An emerald ball of flame flared up from the middle of his palm. Instantly, the temperature all around began to increase, making everyone feel like they were on fire!

The Flame of Shura!

It was one of the Godly Fires. Its temperature alone was considered one of the best. It was an extremely destructive Godly Fire!

This was why everyone's expressions drastically changed at the sight of it.

Perhaps the only person who didn't react was Ling Xian.

It was true that tossing in so many different types of spiritual medicines was difficult. However, after he practiced a few times with brewing, he has always tossed in all required spiritual medicines to save time.

Therefore, to him, this was nothing. What's there to be surprised about?

As for the Godly Fire, there is even less of a surprise there. It wasn't like he didn't have it himself.

Though in terms of destructive power, the Flame of Purity is weaker than the Flame of Shura, if you asked a cultivator to choose which one they would prefer, 100 percent of them would choose his Flame of Purity!

Its ability to defend against all poison was a property that all cultivators would lust after.

"A bunch of uncultured idiots."

Sensing everyone's shocked gazes, Dan Tong Sheng's face revealed how much he didn't care about this. But of course, he was happy because of the attention he received. However, when he realized that Ling Xian was not at all flustered, he couldn't help but frown.

"You are somewhat determined. Sadly, you are destined to be stepped on by me. Or else this winner seat would come too easy."

As he thought about it, Dan Tong Sheng glared at Ling Xian. Then, using an insane amount of control, he began to brew the more than 10 types of spiritual medicines.

"You will regret provoking me."

Ling Xian frowned. Then, he took out his purple cauldron. He flapped around his sleeve and then, nearly 20 types of different spiritual medicines appeared and were dropped into the cauldron.

This action made everyone's heart thump. Nobody thought he would dare to do so.

Just then, Ling Xian summoned and the silver flame began to rise from the top of his palms and entered the cauldron.

This made everyone's eyelid hop. It wasn't their first time seeing the Flame of Purity, but now that they were seeing it, they couldn't help but be envious.

There was more envy towards his Flame of Purity than towards the Flame of Shura.

The level of skills Ling Xian displayed later made everyone scream even louder. They couldn't help but look surprised.

His expression remained calm as he divided his Qi into 20 different sections with each of them wrapping tightly around a spiritual medicine. He began the brewing process.

The entire process flowed like water, like a cloud. It was so easy that everyone looked astonished and found it extremely difficult to believe.

Even the five genius alchemists and Dan Tong Zheng reacted the same. They really didn't think Ling Xian's manipulation over the Flame of Purity would reach such a level of precision and accuracy.

To brew more than 20 spiritual medicines at once, and to do so so easily… how insane was this?

To know that even Dan Tong Sheng only imposed control over more than 10 types of spiritual medicines. In other words, Ling Xian was already winning against Dan Tong Sheng.

This made Dan Tong Sheng's expression drop. He hissed, "Hmmph, so what you can control more than 20 spiritual medicines at once? I can do it as well."

Then, he took out another 10 types of spiritual medicine and tossed them into the cauldron.

Instantly, everyone shouted out in shock. They didn't think this person would have this much guts. To know that adding spiritual medicines in the middle of the brewing process meant that he had changed the recipe and was now brewing a different type of medicinal Dan than originally planned.

Plus, adding new spiritual medicines meant these new medicines have to combine with the previous ones. This was not something normal alchemists could achieve. Therefore, everyone was in awe and felt like they learned something new about Dan Tong Sheng.

"Then, why don't you try brewing 30 types at once." Ling Xian had a faint smile on. He too changed his original plan and tossed in another 10 types of spiritual medicines.

What the f*ck!

How insane are you!

Everyone's expression was blank. Because none of them predicted that Ling Xian would have this ability and none of them predicted that he would brew 30 different spiritual medicines at once!

To know that at the very most, they could only impose control over seven to eight spiritual medicines and this was also done with difficulty. Yet Ling Xian was brewing 30 different spiritual medicines at once. His control over his Qi and his flame was heaven-defying!

Even Dan Tong Sheng wavered and for the first time ever, he looked straight at Ling Xian. To brew 30 spiritual medicines at once was something difficult even for someone powerful like him.

Therefore, he gave up on adding more spiritual medicines and said coldly, "So what you have great control? The winning criteria is the quality of the spiritual Dan. I sure want to see which rank you will end up brewing."

Then, he placed his focus on brewing and silently admitted his loss.

"You will soon see a Dan that will make you hopeless."

Ling Xian grinned and closed his eyes. He too, focused on the medicinal Dan inside the cauldron.

Just like that, the two of them stopped fighting and concentrated on winning this battle with the final medicinal Dan that they will make.

One has to admit that Dan Tong Zheng was truly insane. His entire brewing process was smooth and relaxing, fully displaying his profound skills with medicinal Dans.

Ling Xian did not pale in comparison and was even better!

As the two of them brewed their Dan, everyone at the scene had a shocked expression and their brains went blank.

Since the starting of this round, only half an hour had passed. Yet none of them started to brew. Because their confidence has been destroyed by Ling Xian and Dan Tong Sheng. Only one thought was in their minds.

Only these two have the right to fight for the champion seat.

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