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"Dear God, please stop using your ability!"

Various geniuses shouted in unison. They summarized their awe into one sentence that echoed throughout the clouds and startled the river.

Such a simple statement represented the extremely shocked state of everyone and represented their helplessness. It was obvious that they no longer wanted to be a part of this astonishing act.

What could they do? Ling Xian was far too insane. Everyone suspected that if he continues what he is doing, the entire composition of the Mount of a Thousand Spiritual Medicine will be named by him.

Because of that possibility, they suspected whether or not they have the ability to handle that shock. This was why so many people yelled in unison and asked Ling Xian to stop.

This number was heaven-defying enough!

"Might as well. Everyone is now in shock. Continuing this will now be useless."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips revealed a faint smile. He felt like the number 1,00,000 was enough to astound everyone here. Plus, during the identification process, he had spotted the legendary The Flower of Three Lives on Opposite Shores.

Because of this, giving up now was not a big deal.

Therefore, he slowly dialed back his spiritual energy and his Essence of Herbalism calmed down. He no longer wanted to continue surprising everyone here.

At this, everyone sighed in relief. Even Cao Yu, who was full of hatred towards Ling Xian, reacted the same.

They really didn't want to be shocked for any longer. Especially after thinking of the possibility that he might end up naming the entire Mount of a Thousand Spiritual Medicine, they became depressed by the idea. Now that Ling Xian had stopped himself from naming them, they naturally sighed in relief.

However, they still felt somewhat depressed. Because the number, one million, was far too heavy. Like a giant mountain that pressed onto their chest, they found themselves having difficulty breathing.

Especially Cao Yu, who rivaled Ling Xian, as well as the one who was chosen by Zhe Xian, they were both breathing heavily and their bodies were trembling.

It was due to shock and due to helplessness.

One million!

This number was higher than all the numbers added up by everyone there. Even if a true grandmaster alchemist was there, he might not be able to end up with such a heaven-defying number!

Therefore, how could the two of them not feel desperate?

They weren't the only ones. Everyone at the scene had no desire to try and catch up to this out-of-the-world number.

"An insane score and an insane person. I am helpless and incapable. I cannot compete."

"Yes, forget outcompeting him. Even fighting alongside him is not something I can do."

"That's right. I can only watch him from behind and admire him with my head held up high."

Everyone was helpless as they stared at the obviously skinny, yet grand as a mountain silhouette. They couldn't help but exclaim.

Everyone watching from the external world were all exclaiming as well.

They originally thought Ling Xian was a waste of space and trash of a person for having no courage and escaping. Therefore, they all said bad things behind his back.

Yet before their eyes, Ling Xian merely used half an hour to generate a score that was in the millions. This, without a doubt, was an action that behaved like a giant fist that landed on everyone's face.

They felt their cheeks burning up and they were full of guilt. All they wanted to was to find a crack and crawl in there.

"Unbelievable. Based on what I know, since the creation of this gathering, we have not had a heaven-defying number in the millions.

"That is true. The gathering has been hosted 10 times in total and never once has such an insane number appeared. This man here truly has defied heaven."

"Unbelievable. What is inside his brain? Is he a walking encyclopedia? Or else how could he identify a million different spiritual medicines?"

"That's what I'm thinking. Don't forget, since he has entered the Realm of Alchemy, there is no way he is older than 40. For someone to be younger than 40 to name a million different spiritual medicines is such an unbelievable event!"

Everyone chimed in with their opinions and exclaimed about Ling Xian's powerfulness.

To know that identifying spiritual medicines may seem easy, but in reality, it is a hard test for an alchemist's fundamentals. Normally speaking, even a grandmaster cannot necessarily identify a million different spiritual medicines. Yet today, Ling Xian had done it. How could everyone not be shocked?

Of course, this doesn't mean Ling Xian could compete with the grandmasters. Anyone who possesses the Essence of Herbalism, would not perform badly against any grandmaster alchemist.

Or better put, it's never happened!

After all, the Essence of Herbalism that makes one recognize all spiritual medicine was a heaven-defying treasure. In the entire world, only he possessed it. If it didn't have heaven-defying abilities, how could he ever own up to his name?

"What a genius alchemist. If it were me, I would not be able to name one million types of spiritual medicine." The Cao family clan leader sighed softly and exchanged glances with the other four clan leaders. He saw the shock and the suspicion in their eyes.

The five of them were important figures in the City of Dan. With alchemy, their knowledge surpasses all normal people. Therefore, they had this idea and wondered if Ling Xian owned the legendary Essence of Herbalism.

After all, he was young in age. Even if he started getting taught alchemy since he was in his mother's womb, it would be hard for him to recognize a million different spiritual medicines. To know that this was something even a grandmaster may not be able to achieve!

Therefore, of course, everyone had their suspicion.

Other than them, Fu Di and the Zhe Xian were also thinking of the same thing.

"An absolutely unbelievable score. If I'm not wrong, he has the legendary Essence of Herbalism." Yun Jian softly chuckled while his expression remained calm. If one looks closely, one could see that there was a trace of shock on his face.

"The Essence of Herbalism."

Fu Di commented quietly and his eyes revealed his admiration. "Other than this Essence, there is no other way for someone his age to obtain such a high score."

"What a lucky fella. There are only seven different types of Essences and every single one of them is unique and singular." Then Zhe Xian softly sighed. "I cannot believe that the Essence of Herbalism that so many different alchemists dream of would be possessed by him."

"It's all dependent on fate."

A light began to shine behind Fu Di's head, making him look like the reincarnation of a Buddha. He smiled. "It seems like I made the right choice betting that he will win the competition."

"It is too soon to conclude that. This is just the first test." Fu Di shook his head slowly, "The Essence of Herbalism may be heaven-defying, but it is only helpful with spiritual medicines. As to whether or not he will win the entire competition will be dependent on his abilities.

"I believe his alchemy skills will be as shocking." Fu Di smiled softly. Immediately, lotuses materialized in mid-air, appearing incomparably strange and heavenly.

Seeing this, Yun Jian's expression froze and he said, "One smile created this many lotuses. Your journey on the Chan Path has grown more and more profound."

"Your progress on the Xiao Yao Path is not any weaker than mine." Fu Di softly smiled and made no further comment.

Just then, the leader of the Cao Clan disappeared from the stand he was sitting at and by the time he reappeared, he had entered the Realm of Alchemy.

Then, he did not waste any time and right away announced the result of the first test.

"Time is up. I now announce that the first place of this competition is Ling Xian!" The Cao Clan Leader stared at Ling Xian for a long time and his gaze was rather complex.

He could not believe it. No matter what, that the number one contender from this test ended up being someone who was not a descendant.

After he announced this result, nobody here commented and instead, fell into silence. They could not find the words in them to describe their astonishment. Or in other words, they had nothing to say.

However, a round of applause emerged in the external world.

Even though they knew very well that first place was 100% Ling Xian, hearing the Cao Clan Leader say it personally made them very happy.

This was because Ling Xian was not raised to win this competition and he had no background. Therefore, all those normal and average citizens treated him like he was their hope. Now that he had placed first, he naturally garnered everyone's cheers.

"Number one?"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips lifted up. However, he didn't have many positive emotions. For one, he didn't care about the placement, for two, he didn't think this was something he should be proud of.

In terms of identifying spiritual medicines, he was now absolutely undefeatable. Why would he be proud and satisfied with being number one?

"The reward for being first is the Dan Recipes for a spiritual Dan of the fifth realm. It will be granted to you at the end of the gathering. We hope you can stay patient," Cao Clan Leader said happily and smiled at Ling Xian.

His gentle and kind visage was the polar opposite of his normally cold self.

What could he do though? Ling Xian's behavior today was far too heaven-defying. Plus, with his completion leveled cultivation level, he easily acquired everyone's respect. Even the Cao Clan Leader, one of the most powerful men in the City of Dan, had to be respectful before him.

"You are being too kind." Ling Xian grinned.

He had no particular interest in the Dan recipe because he had gained enough with his test. At the very least, he had fulfilled his promise to Hong Yan Xin.

The Cao Clan Leader smiled gently and turned back to everyone here. "The second place belongs to Hong Zhuang Luo. You will gain a Dan recipe of the sixth realm. The third place is Cao Yu, who will gain a Dan recipe of the seventh realm."

At his words, Hong Zhuang Luo nodded gently and subconsciously glanced at Ling Xian with complexity.

Cao Yu, on the other hand, tightened both of his fists and looked at Ling Xian vilely.

"Okay, the first three have been established. Those who have scored over 100,000 can stay and participate in the second test."

The Cao Clan leader spoke gently and shifted his gaze towards those with a bitter look on their faces. "To those who failed to score higher than 100,000, I can only apologize."

Hearing this, everyone who failed looked even more bitter. They were, however, helpless. They had no abilities so who can they blame?

"Okay, the first round of tests has ended. Everyone who is staying please take a short break. The second test will begin in an hour."

Cao Clan Leader smiled gently and said, "The second round will test the alchemist's manipulation of fire and spiritual energy. Everyone, please start preparing."

Then, he rolled up his sleeve and pushed everyone who failed out of the Realm of Alchemy. Then, his silhouette began to vanish little by little until he completely disappeared from where he stood.

"The manipulation of fire and spiritual energy?" Ling Xian revealed a faint smile and walked aside to rest for a bit.

After all, he had just used up much of his energy and his Qi was a bit weak now. He naturally needed a break.

However, before he could close his eyes, he saw Hong Zhuang Luo approaching him.

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