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Before the Mountain of a Thousand Medicine, Ling Xian's jet black hair was crazily tussling in the wind. He called out to his Essence of Herbalism and used his spiritual energy to scan the mountain that was composed of spiritual medicines.

There's less than half an hour left until the end of the test. Ling Xian must push himself and use the Essence of Herbalism or else he may really end up being the laughing stock.

Though Ling Xian had made a bold statement, nobody here had a change in expression. Instead, they found him more and more laughable. Cao Yu especially, had a look of pure sarcasm on his face. He was already silently plotting about how to deal with Ling Xian after the test.

"Let's let reality speak."

Ignoring everyone's mocking stares, Ling Xian completely dialed up his Essence of Herbalism abilities and his spiritual energy. He scanned around the Mountain of a Thousand Medicine.

In that instant, the name of hundreds of different types of spiritual medicines flashed inside his brain. Then, the number on his token began to change and the giant mirror above everyone also changed in correspondence.

Originally, the number behind his name was zero. Yet at this time, at this second, his score turned into 328!

In other words, he recognized 328 spiritual medicines within one second. How unbelievable?

This was just the beginning, in the next second, his score changed again and reached 1,000!

"Look at his score!"

Someone shouted and everyone immediately looked towards the giant mirror. Then, they fell into a state of shock.

Because at this second, Ling Xian's score had increased to more than 2,300! It was also growing at a crazy speed to 3,000, 4,000, and then 5,000… within seconds of time, his score had reached 10,000!

What the f!ck!

How insane was this!

Everyone was stunned and their faces were full of shock. They could not believe what was happening was real!

Everyone else identified spiritual medicine using their scent and their looks. Therefore, every single spiritual medicine took some time. Even ones they were very familiar with required at least two to three seconds.

After all, there were far too many types of spiritual medicine in the world. There were some that were spiritual medicines that were similar in shape and appearance.

Yet before their eyes, Ling Xian used a few seconds to identify hundreds of thousands of spiritual medicines. How aggressive was that?

How could everyone not be in shock?!

What could they do? The Essence of Herbalism was far too heaven-defying. The nickname of it being the encyclopedia was not a joke. In addition to that, Ling Xian was manipulating his Qi like crazy, which helped increase his speed in being able to identify hundreds of spiritual medicines at once.

In other words, he could identify hundreds of spiritual medicine every second, which was absolutely heaven-defying!

Plus, this speed was slowly improving. After all, he possessed the Essence of Herbalism, which meant if he could see it, he could name it.

This was why his speed was so insane and why everyone was in such a state of shock!

However, Ling Xian was not satisfied with his current speed. Even though there was still some time until the end of the test and he will for sure pass. Because people were laughing at him, if he doesn't acquire a heaven-defying score, how can he slap them in the face?

"Come! Let me be crazy once and stun everyone!"

Ling Xian made his decision. He continued to use his Qi and Essence of Herbalism at the same time. His speed increased yet again!

The number on the mirror was changing as well. To 12,000, 13,000, 14,000… at an average of 1,000 per second, this number surprised everyone.

Even the top 10 ranked geniuses couldn't help but to sneak a peek and then they all fell into astonishment.

Remember that their average speed of naming spiritual medicines was around one per second. This was also under the circumstance that they were confident with what they were seeing. Yet Ling Xian was naming a thousand per second. What a big gap!

It was unbelievable!

"My god, this is far too insane!"

"A thousand per second? God damn, how do you want us to live?"

"Yeah, have I gone blind? How could he be this heaven defying?"

Everyone was in pure shock and their expressions froze. They could not imagine someone as insane as him!

Even the Heaven's Favorites who were in the top 10 were silenced from shock. They stopped what they were doing and stared at Ling Xian's score reflected on the mirror.

Because continuing to identify spiritual medicines was now utterly meaningless. No matter how fast they can identify them, they cannot beat Ling Xian.

After all, they were fighting to be the first. If he manages to comeback from his current failure and end up being number one, then it would be meaningless for them to keep on identifying spiritual medicines.

This was why everyone was fixated on the big screen and closely watching Ling Xian's score.

Everyone else from the external world were all also focused on the giant mirror. Like the geniuses from within the Realm of Alchemy, they were speechless from shock.

Even the examiners and the five clan leaders were reacting in the same way. They could not believe what they were seeing was real.

What could they do? Ling Xian was far too astonishing. Everyone was dumbfounded from this.

All gazes were now on the giant mirror and there was only disbelief.

This was all because the speed of the score growth was increasing drastically. Within a short period of time, it jumped from 10,000 to 50,000!

Ling Xian's ranking went from last to third last. Though this number doesn't look optimistic, when someone talks about how he managed to bring himself up in ranking, it will be nonetheless be a shocking story!

Plus, nobody here doubted that if he continues this, he won't manage to get to top 10!

To recognize 1,000 spiritual medicine every second was a heaven-defying speed!

Just as everyone was in awe with Ling Xian's insane speed, his number had reached 100,000. However, he was still not satisfied with this speed. After all, he had wasted too much time and the exam was ending.

Though with this speed, it wasn't going to be hard to become first place and he could achieve it easily, since he decided to give his all, why would he be satisfied with just being number one?

"Come on, let the astonishment be even stronger."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as his eyes flashed with deliria. Then, he crazily manipulated his Essence of Herbalism and used his Qi to help speed up the identification process.

Originally, he was recognizing 1,000 per second. But now, he had increased that to 2,000 per second!

After a while like that, his score reached 190,000 and straight up stomped on the third placer, Shang Guan Wu Yao. The gap between him and second place Cao Yu was now only 30,000.

Seeing this, everyone, whether they were the geniuses from the Realm of Alchemy, or those watching externally, were in shock. Some people with poor mentality were starting to question themselves and wondering if they were hallucinating.

Cao Yu, in particular, was shocked to the extreme. Very quickly however, his snicker turned cold, "So what his speed of naming them is fast? He's already at 200,000 so his speed must be slowing down soon. I do not believe he can keep this up!"

Right after he spoke however, he was once again slapped in the face by Ling Xian.

Because just as he wasted his time speaking, Ling Xian's score had reached 230,000 and replaced him as the second placer. He was now a threat to the first place, Hong Zhuang Luo!

Instantly, Cao Yu froze. Everyone froze.

Only after a long time did they regain their consciousness. However, before they could completely stop themselves from the shock, they saw that the name Hong Zhuang Luo had disappeared as first place.

What replaced it was the name Ling Xian, with a score of 250,000!

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