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"If I am not guessing wrong, you should have possessed the Essence of Herbalism and the Flame of Purity, don't you?"

The statement was made with firmness and with tease.

Ling Xian frowned, but he was not all that surprised. He knew very well that his behavior was far too obvious today. Anyone with some knowledge would realize what he've possessed.

The 43 different spiritual medicines were extremely rare. Even real alchemists of the grandmaster would not be able to identify them all. Yet, a loner like him with no background recognized all of them. How unbelievable was this?

Take Cao Feng as an example. Ignoring what kind of person he was, the Cao Clan was a giant player in the alchemy field with extremely profound foundations. Despite this, he, as a talent from the Clan, could not recognize any one of them. This was enough to emphasize how insane Ling Xian was and how mysterious he was.

Try to imagine, a miraculous medicine that a grandmaster of alchemy could not even name was explained in detail by a young fella. Doesn't this tell you something?

Other than the Essence of Herbalism that allows you to recognize all spiritual medicine, what else can match such heaven-defining qualities?

Then, Ling Xian was utterly calm as if the poisonous medicines were useless against him. Every single medicine was digested by him within three seconds. This was also under the fact that he didn't consume any detoxifying Dan beforehand.

Remember, those poisonous medicines were extremely aggressive. Even those of the original level would not be able to defend against them with their bodies!

Yet Ling Xian digested the poison as easily as he digested water and food. Within seconds, he neutralized more than 20 extreme poisons. Just how heaven-defying was this?

How could Hong Yan Xin not be suspicious at this?

So, she searched her memory and found that only two objects could overcome all poisons. One was the legendary holy water, and the other was one of the Godly Fires, the Flame of Purity.

She rejected the first idea. Because if Ling Xian secretly consumed the Holy Water, there would be no way that she didn't notice with her cultivation level. After that, the answer became clear.

Only the legendary Flame of Purity could get rid of all poison and make neutralizing poison as easy as eating!

"I wonder if I guessed correctly?" Hong Yan Xin smiled brightly. Her beautiful face carried certainty.

Ling Xian was collected as he spoke, "Since you are certain of yourself, why bother asking me?"

"Asking you because I want to see your astonished face. But it seems like you don't feel surprised." Hong Yan Xin mockingly grinned and stared deadly at Ling Xian, trying to judge if he was actually calm or if he was faking it.

Then, disappointment crawled up her eyes. She had realized that Ling Xian was really calm and not at all surprised at this. It was as if he had predicted this to happen all along.

"Why would I be shocked?" He lifted the corner of his lips and said softly, "The moment I decided to speak of all the details about the spiritual medicines, I realized that someone would guess the two treasures I have."

"Then why did you still reveal yourself? Aren't you afraid that somebody could plot against you?" Hong Yan Xin raised an eyebrow.

"My old self would be afraid and I would do whatever I could to hide it carefully."

Ling Xian appeared reminiscent and paused for a short while. He exclaimed, "However, I am no longer the old self. My new self today have the abilities to protect myself."

That's right. He was no longer the old self. Within this short decade, something about him extraordinarily transformed.

Back then, he was merely a small and young cultivator without any ability to protect himself.

Therefore, he had to hide himself carefully. Nowadays, he was a completion leveled powerhouse and a leader of his realm.

Even if original leveled cultivators came out to fight him, they might not be able to control him.

Therefore, he no longer felt the need to hide like he did before. He could reveal his Essence of Herbalism and his Godly Fire whenever he wanted. After all, these two treasures had become a part of him and could not be taken away from him.

The reason why he never showed them off before was, for one, he was afraid that it would get him into trouble from those who didn't know much about these treasures. For two, he had no opportunity to show them off. Today, he had to power to solve all his problems and these two items were not something others could steal away. What's there to be afraid of then?

"It seems like you are very confident."

Hong Yan Xin's eyes flashed with strangeness, "I just really wanted to know your thought that, if an original leveled cultivator challenged you, how would you, a completion leveled cultivator, defend yourself?"

As soon as that question left her lips, this alluring woman became enraged. Because she realized that Ling Xian was staring at her like she was an utter idiot of a woman.

"To be able to guess that I have the Essence of Herbalism and the Godly Fire has shown that you are very knowledgeable. But do you not know that these two abilities of mine are not things others can just snatch away from me?"

Ling Xian shook his head with a smile, "I can also accurately tell you that the moment the Flame of Purity entered my body, it already converged with the Essence of Herbalism. In other words, the Essence also cannot be taken away from me."

"Then why would you say you no longer feel the need to hide these abilities? Aren't you contradicting yourself?" Hong Yan Xin frowned. She was fully aware of the fact that the Essence of Herbalism cannot be taken away from him, but she has never heard of how the Godly Fire also cannot be stolen away.

"Before, I never revealed myself."

Ling Xian chuckled and taunted, "Because I was afraid of running into people like you, who didn't understand these things and could try to steal it from me and cause me trouble."

"You took so many turns just to make fun of me?"

Hong Yan Xin hissed and felt extremely humiliated by the idiotic way Ling Xian looked at her. She was extremely angry, and if she didn't have a request to ask of him, she would've slammed him away by now.

"You said it, but I didn't say anything," Ling Xian beamed and continued, "Alright, I can tell that you have something to say. Just say it."

"You sure are smart," Hong Yan Xin whispered, "Alright, follow me. We need to discuss something that will greatly benefit you for sure."

Then, she walked in the opposite direction.

At this, Ling Xian paused before following her.

Just like that, one in the front and the other at the back, the two of them turned left, and right, and then arrived at another stone room.

This place wasn't large by area and there was Light Pearl in all four corners that were emitting soft and gentle light. In the middle, a stone table and two stone chairs were placed. On top sat a tea cup set.


Hong Yan Xin said softly. She fluttered her sleeve and two snow white tea leaves drifted into the tea cup, exuding a relaxing aroma.

Ling Xian's eyes brightened and he complimented, "Snow from the Heavenly Mountain. This is an extremely high quality spiritual tea that can help ease the brain and clear the heart. One tea leaf is a million spiritual stones. In terms of value, it does not pale next to the Tea of Enlightenment."

"You are someone who knows what's good."

Hong Yan Xin faintly grinned and sipped on her tea, "I will not circle around the topic. I asked you to come here was for one thing that I was hoping you can help me with."

"Why me?" Ling Xian smiled. He didn't ask what the favor was like a normal person. Instead, he asked this question.

Hong Yan Xin's grin slowly disappeared as she responded in a low voice, "Because I have wanted for you for more than a century."

"What a terrifying statement. If I didn't know any better I would think you have been calculating this entire time to get me here." Ling Xian shook his head. He knew very well that he wasn't the one Hong Yan Xin was waiting for.

"Of course I am not that calculative. If I was, I wouldn't have waited here for more than a century." Hong Yan Xin spoke softly, "To put it more accurately, what I've waited for is the Essence of Herbalism and the Flame of Purity."

"You are exactly the person I've been waiting for."
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