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Painting of the Nine Immortals 572 Oblivion and Provocation

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Nothing is for Sale's storefront was in awful condition. Inside was in a state that was just as bad. It looked like nobody had cleaned it in decades and there was dust everywhere.

This place, however, was in fact, a fascinating place. By appearance, it wasn't large in size. In reality, however, a spatial array was set up on it, making it extremely spacious on the inside.

This surprised Ling Xian greatly. He didn't think such a defeated looking store would contain a hidden spatial array.

Don't forget, he was almost an array master with a natural talent that was out of the world. How could he not see through the greatness of this place?

Spatial arrays are the hardest arrays to set in the entire world. Only the major forces have the abilities to prepare such arrays. Yet such a small store was using it, how out of the world was this?

Of course, as much as he exclaimed at this, his curiosity towards this shop grew as well.

"This store sure is interesting. I sure want to see what kind of miraculous spiritual medicine it has." Ling Xian followed behind Xiao Cui closely, his heart full of curiosity.

As for Cao Feng's provocation, Ling Xian remained silent. He had a big heart and naturally wouldn't be hung up on it. However, if he continues to behave so irrationally, then Ling Xian will not stay silent and allow himself to be bullied.

Just like that, the three of them turned many times and finally arrived at a stone room.

"We have arrived."

Xiao Cui said softly. Then, her hands twisted together and she shouted, "Open!"

Just then, the stone door split open to the two sides, making crackling sounds and creating a dust storm.

Once the stone door opened, bright and shiny heavenly light poured out, dazzling and blinding like the rainbow.

Immediately, Ling Xian froze. Even with his mentality, he couldn't help but to be stunned at what was before him.

This is because there were more than 30 spiritual medicine before him. At first glance, he saw that even the worst of them was a spiritual medicine of the first rank.

The rarity of spiritual medicine does not need to be discussed more. Though he has seen many many high ranked spiritual medicine in his time, he couldn't help but be shocked. There was the rarest medicine specifically known as miraculous medicine!

But very quickly, he recollected himself from the moment of shock. His bright eyes were crystal clear, and he didn't look the slightest greedy.

All there was on his face was confidence to succeed.

Compared to him, Cao Feng's behavior was ugly to watch. He stared deadly at the spiritual medicines with ferocious greed. It was as if he was going to drool.

What could he do? These were extremely rare spiritual medicines that have miraculous effects. Even as the top talent of the Cao Clan, he hasn't seen this many. How could he not be shock?

Seeing Cao Feng's drooling face, Xiao Cui couldn't help but look despiteful. She then glanced at Ling Xian. Seeing him clear-eyed and calm, she couldn't help but feel respect for him.

"What kind of fake top talent of the Cao Clan is this? Ignoring his alchemy skills, his mentality alone is worse off than this guy here."

Xiao Cui murmured to herself in dissatisfaction. Then, a mocking expression appeared on her face and she dry coughed, "Cough, cough, Mister Cao, hello there."

"Ah, ah, right."

Cao Feng recollected himself, and after seeing Xiao Cui's taunting face, he felt embarrassed. Faking it, he announced, "Hmmph, as the Cao Clan's best talent, what haven't I seen? I merely lost myself for a quick moment."

"You may have lost yourself or you may have not seen much in the past," Xiao Cui said softly, "Whatever it is, I have told you all the rules. If you have the abilities, then you can take all of these home."

Then, she slowly entered the stone room, "Here are 43 spiritual medicines. Out of them, there are 30 first ranked spiritual medicines, and 13 first ranked miraculous medicines. Who wants to give it a shot first?"

"Hmmph, of course, I will be the first. I need to show the bumpkin what is up." Cao Feng had a look of arrogance as he glared at Ling Xian. It was obvious that he was provoking him.

Seeing this, Xiao Cui seemed very much interested. She looked at Ling Xian expectantly, waiting to see if he will fight back with his tongue or if he will attack with his fist.

Sadly, she was disappointed.

Ling Xian remained calm as per usual and was not at all affected by Cao Feng's provocation. However, deep inside, he was now angry at Cao Feng's actions. It was just that he had a great idea for revenge, and thus he didn't say anything.

"Since this Cao Clan genius wants to go first, then go ahead. I sure want to see how extraordinary the descendant of the Cao Clan is."

Ling Xian faintly beamed and extended his right arm, "Please."

"Trash, bastard."

Cao Feng snickered and said with cockiness, "Since you are so keen to learn, then let me open your eyes and help you understand what it means to be a top talent of the Cao Clan."

Then, a purple spiritual medicine caught his attention. It was a strange flower with six petals. He frowed, and his expression turned into a look of surprise.

Because he realized that he didn't recognize this spiritual medicine at all!

This greatly shocked him. As the greatest descendant of the Cao Clan, he doesn't recognize this strange purple flower! However, he didn't think too much about it. After all, there were many different spiritual medicines in the world. No alchemist dare to claim that they know all of them.

Therefore, he hissed and moved on to the second spiritual medicine.

Then, his eyes widened as he froze right where he stood. Because he realized that he couldn't recognize this spiritual medicine neither!

This completely shocked Cao Feng. He searched for the third spiritual medicine, and the result was the same as before. He didn't have a name for it.

How was this possible?

Cao Feng didn't believe this. His gaze moved down the line, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth… by the end, he lost count of how many spiritual medicines he looked at. He only knew that he didn't recognize any of them!

This made him feel down and full of disbelief.

To know that the Cao Clan was one of the five Clans in the City of Dan. As the most talented descendant of his generation, he had lots of resources growing up. Yet in front of all these spiritual medicines, he didn't recognize any of them. How could the normally arrogant him accept this?

"Impossible. I am the chosen one of the Cao Clan, how can I not recognize even one of them?" Cao Feng's expression was twisted as he glanced at Xiao Cui, "You must be playing tricks with them! You don't want me to take any one of them!"

"Your @ss!"

Xiao Cui glared at Cao Feng and said in contempt, "You are the one without any real abilities, yet you are pointing fingers at others. Is this the genius the Cao Clan developed? You are the same as a stupid pig. I am laughing so hard my teeth are falling out."

Hearing this, Ling Xian couldn't help but laugh out loud.

His laughter however, aroused Cao Feng's fury. He already couldn't handle the impact of this reality.

Now that Ling Xian was laughing at him, his ear was bleeding as he screamed, "What are you laughing at, you piece of trash? You think you can identify spiritual medicines that I cannot? If you have any real abilities, then show me!"

"Extremely arrogant and severely stupid."

Ling Xian's stare turned cold as the anger in his chest burned. This person has provoked him many times using his unkind words. Much anger was stuffed inside his chest.

Now that he finally realized that he couldn't recognize any of these spiritual medicines, he was letting out his anger on Ling Xian. Who wouldn't be angry at this?

Bottom line is that Ling Xian was enraged. Therefore, he decided to teach this man an unforgettable lesson.

"The descendant of the Cao Clan right? Just because you can't name them doesn't mean I can't." Ling Xian's lips curled up with mockery and coldness. He then made an insanely arrogant statement.

"I will now name all these medicines and help you broaden your knowledge."

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