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Painting of the Nine Immortals 567 The Astonishment and the Ruler

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The City of Sin was an ancient city that had no laws and no rulers. Here, there hasn't been a moment when someone wasn't being murdered, beaten up, or stolen from. The entire city was extremely messy and chaotic.

Because of this, the city never lacked fresh news. Every single moment, a shocking new piece of information was released, and it became the hot topic everyone chatted about after dinner.

However, when the news of how Ling Xian killed the three controlling powerhouses of the city, the entire City of Sin fell into a state of silence. All the other news were suppressed, and nobody else's achievement could be compared with this piece of news.

Because what had happened was far too shocking and far too unbelievable.

The three powerhouses have been dominating the City of Sin for many many years. The depth of their power has been carved into everyone's heart. Like the ruler up above in the clouds that peers down on everyone, the citizens of the city saw them in that manner. Yet before their eyes, the three completion levelled powerhouses were killed.

They were also killed by the same person. How unbelievable was this?

When everyone heard this piece of news, they all fell into a state of shock, and they could not believe that what happened was true.

How could the three powerhouses that took over the City of Sin be killed by one guy?

Impossible! It must be just a rumor!

Everyone denied the legitimacy of this and thought it was merely a rumor.

However, when the three controlling forces began to establish army bases all around their land in preparation, everyone slowly realized that this news was not the slightest fake.

If it were fake, the three forces wouldn't be defending themselves so earnestly. Because this action signaled to the outsiders that their leaders have fallen!

Because of this, the entire City of Sin once again was rattled. This shocking event acted as a powerful gust of wind that struck everyone's heart!

Everyone realized that the three controlling forces were about to be destroyed. The landscape of the City of Sin was about to change.

Just as everyone in the City of Sin was guessing and debating, another news spread again that once again brought everyone into a state of shock.

A nomadic cultivator named Chu Zhong Tian walked into the Mu Clan.

Nobody knows what he said; nobody knows what he did. Everyone only knew that after he entered the clan, every single member of the clan walked out of the Mu Clan and left the City of Sin in a state of confusion.

The same thing happened to the Zhao Clan and the Black Shark Sect.

When this news was circulated, everyone was in shock. Nobody was an idiot, and of course, they knew what this meant.

The people of the three forces all left the City of Sin. This meant the three forces have fallen; it also meant a new Ruler was about to arrive.

The rumor that came next confirmed everyone's guesses.

The man named Chu Zhong Tian urged all the medium-sized and small forces together. Then, he unleashed his completion leveled Qi, which posed enough threat for the differences forces to have no option but to obey him!

What could they do? Against the threat of a powerful powerhouse, they had no abilities to resist. If they didn't want to be killed, they had to choose surrender. It was the only and the best way.

In other words, from this moment on, Chu Zhong Tian will be the newest Ruler of the City of Sin!

Once this news circulated, another storm was created that swept out the entire City of Qin.

Shock, respect, admiration, and many other emotions filled everyone's heart. Other than these emotions, the most felt emotion was without a doubt, exclamation.

The three forces have dominated the City of Sin for many years. They were so powerful they had deeply rooted themselves into the city.

Everyone could only look up to them, and nobody dared to resist.

Yet before their eyes, the three forces have evaporated like the smoke, and a new Ruler was born. How could these people not exclaim?

At once, the name Chu Zhong Tian echoed throughout the City of Sin and imprinted itself onto everyone's heart.

However, everyone knew very well that he was merely a Ruler by appearance. The true Ruler was the ruthless man who killed the three powerhouses by himself!

Even though nobody in the City of Sin knew Ling Xian's name, many people had met him at the auction and knew of his abilities. When they remembered him and recalled the very first shocking news, everyone realized that Chu Zhong Tian was merely a representative he sent!

The man who never revealed himself was the true Ruler of the City of Sin!

The true ruler!


The moon hung high and the night was as dark as ink.

Inside the Mu Clan's greeting hall, Ling Xian leaned against a gold chair. He held onto a hot steaming cup of tea and gave everyone the vibe of laziness.

Below him, Chu Zhong Tian stood up respectfully and lowered his head, "Your Excellency, I did not disappoint you. I have dealt with all the different forces."

"You did well. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me." Ling Xian sipped his tea and smiled.

"You are flattering me. I really didn't expect everything to go as smoothly as it did." Chu Zhong Tian revealed a smile. Originally, he didn't have much confidence. He only did all of this because it was Ling Xian's orders.

However, the result exceeded his expectations. After he gathered all the forces, he merely released his completion leveled Qi, and the leaders chose to surrender.

At that moment, he finally stopped worrying and felt like he didn't disappoint Ling Xian and waste his expectation.

"That was a very normal thing. The three forces were completely uprooted, and there is no other completion leveled cultivator in the City of Sin. For you to appear at this moment, of course, all the forces would choose to follow you." Ling Xian grinned, he too, was excited about this.

Though the City of Sin was located at a discreet location and there weren't a lot of resources. It was a city after all. The return he will get from it will be shocking.

Ignoring other things, the tribute every force paid every year was a giant sum of money. On top of that, the City of Sin was full of secrets. Once they unravel, real treasures will appear!

This was what Ling Xian thought was the most important thing.

"Congratulations your Excellency, all the forces in the City of Sin have caved. From this moment on, you are the new ruler of the City of Sin," Chu Zhong Tian said with respect. The way he looked at Ling Xian was full of admiration and appreciation.

"You are wrong."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and teased, "The ruler of the City of Sin is not me, it is you, Chu Zhong Tian."

"What do you mean by this?" Chu Zhong Tian was a little startled. He seemed to have thought of something and asked in a hurry, "Your Excellency, I am completely loyal to you, you don't have to second guess me."

Hearing this, Ling Xian shook his head. "You are the one overthinking. I have no other meanings to my words. Did you forget what I told you? I have important matters to take care of, and I have to leave the City of Sin."

"I see." Chu Zhong Tian sighed in relief, terrified that Ling Xian misunderstood.

"You have already made your vow. Why would I still question you? Don't worry, handing you the City of Sin is how I show my trust towards you."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and explained, "What I meant to say is that I am leaving the City of Sin and cannot handle everything here. So, the ruler of this city is now you. I will hide behind you. After all, I am about to leave, and it's better if I don't show my face."

"You are completely right." Chu Zhong Tian looked hesitant, "But, I am worried that I don't have enough capabilities. After all, I don't know how to manage all the different tasks in the city."

"You don't need to worry about that. You also don't need to manage every little thing inside the city. It will only prolong your cultivation."

Ling Xian faintly grinned. "Just lay low and train hard. Ignore those who try to bug you. As for managing the little things around the city, I have a candidate in mind for that position."
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