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One crisp morning, inside a purple bamboo forest that was located behind the Mu Clan's home base.

Three elders were sitting on top of a tatami in a lotus position. Every single one of them was seeping out traces of energy that were as profound as the sea and extremely terrifying.

Amongst them was a grey-haired elder. He had his eyes tightly shut, and his white robe was softly fluttering in the wind. He appeared very sage-like.

This person was the Mu Clan's ancestor who tried to plot against Ling Xian continuously.

Beside him, an elder wearing black sat there like an immobile mountain, heavy and serious, emitting a frightening demeanor.

This person was the ancestor of one of the three controlling forces, the ancestor of the Zhao Clan.

This person was dressed in all gold and had an expression that was cold and dark. Though this person's hair was completely grey, he gave off the vibe similar to a male lion.

This was the behind the scene leader of the Black Shark Sect.

Around a few decades ago, there was only one force that controlled the City of Sin – the Chu Clan.

After they arrived in the city, however, everything changed. They linked hands, destroyed the Chu Clan, then divided up the Chu Clan's fortunes to fund each of their own forces.

Therefore, from certain angles, these three could be seen as allies.

Because of all this, the Mu Clan ancestor has invited the other two over today to discuss the complicated plot of killing Ling Xian.

"You two, the sudden completion leveled cultivator who suddenly appeared has fallen for the seals I set on the three treasures. I am thinking that by now, he has lost all of his cultivation."

The Mu Clan ancestor suddenly opened his eyes and shot out two rays of heavenly lights that pierced through the void.

Following this, the Zhao Clan ancestor opened his as well and said gently, "And how can you be sure that he has fallen for your trap?"

"That's right, don't forget. This person dodged the Poisonous Dragon Scorpion," The leader of the Black Shark Sect said slowly.

"Perhaps he can avoid the toxins from the Technique of the Physical Body and the Fire Taming Pearl, but there is no way he can avoid the spell set on the dragon's scale. I have much confidence over that." The Mu Clan smiled lightly, his face full of confidence.

It was obvious that he was certain Ling Xian have fallen for his traps.

"Even though I have not yet met him in person, I do know that no completion leveled cultivator is easy to deal with. I am still not fully convinced that you have successfully disabled him." The Zhao Clan's ancestor shook his head.

Hearing this, the Mu Clan ancestor didn't react with anger. He merely smiled, "Think about it, if he didn't fall for my trap, why has he been keeping so quiet this past month? With his wild personality, why haven't he found himself at my door after learning that I tried to set him up? He must've fallen victim to my tricks and no longer have the ability to challenge me."

The Zhao Clan ancestor and the Black Shark Sect's leader both frowned. They had to admit that there was some logic behind the Mu Clan ancestor's words.

Even though they haven't personally met Ling Xian, from what happened at the auction, it wasn't hard to guess that Ling Xian was not someone to stay quiet and calm. If he realized that the three treasures had been fiddled with and he got away with it, he most definitely would've shown up in a rage.

Yet a month has passed, and there was no news from Ling Xian like he had evaporated from the world. Doesn't this prove the fact that he had fallen victim to the seals set on the three treasures?

Therefore, the Zhao Clan ancestor and the Black Shark Sect leader paused for a short while but eventually decided to believe the Mu Clan ancestor's judgment.

"You sure did not go easy. Ignore the Technique of the Physical Body and the Fire Taming Pearl, the dragon's scale alone is a treasure valuable enough to not have a market price." The Zhao Clan ancestor softly sighed. "And you were willing to fiddle with them and give them away to that person. How bold of you."

"Also, you made your clan leader apologize publicly before everyone's eyes! You even did it under the prerequisite that he slapped you in the face first! The reputation of your Mu Clan was completely trashed." The elder in the gold robe sighed. With his normally arrogant mentality, he really admired what the Mu Clan chose to do.

Swallowing all humiliation and using treasures as an apology. This wasn't something normal people can do.

"You are both over complimenting me."

The Mu Clan leader faintly beamed, "What are these humiliations to me? As long as I can kill that person cleanly, I can bear all humiliations. The three treasures will also eventually return to their rightful owner."

"Haha, that is true." The Zhao Clan leader laughed in a low voice and taunted, "It doesn't stop at the three treasures. We can get all the treasures from that person. The wealth of a completion leveled cultivator must be heavy."

"This is why I called you both over together. I want to discuss with you whether or not it's the right time to make a move." The Mu Clan ancestor's eyes flashed with killer's intent.

Though the way he spoke was relaxed, how can anyone easily swallow such giant humiliation? His hatred towards Ling Xian was actually bone deep.

But he had forgotten the fact that if he didn't provoke Ling Xian first, he wouldn't be faced with such humiliation.

"Brother Mu, you are very cautious as per usual." The Zhao Clan ancestor beamed, "Even after you are certain that the man had fallen for your traps, you are still so careful and unwilling to fight against him alone."

"You old fox." The Black Shark Leader uttered out three words in agreement.

The Mu Clan ancestor did not feel particularly awkward at this. He laughed out loud, "It's not that I am too cautious. I am actually thinking for you two as well. Good things are to be shared."

"More like you're talking about sharing the risk." The Zhao Clan ancestor chuckled, feeling too lazy to argue against the Mu Clan ancestor over this topic, "I actually suggest you wait and be certain over whether or not that man has fallen for your plots."

"I recommend you to make a move straight away. If you miss this golden opportunity, it will be too late for regrets."

The Mu Clan leader spoke softly, "Don't forget, the reason why all three of us are able to grow so prosperously isn't that we are almighty powerful. It's because we have immediately killed any completion leveled cultivators who enter the City of Sin. We have always done that just in case a situation out of our control occurs."

The Zhao Clan ancestor and the Black Shark Sect's leader fell into silence at this.

All these years, it wasn't that no completion leveled cultivators have entered the City of Sin, it was more like every single completion leveled cultivator who entered have been killed by these three.

For one, normally, completion leveled cultivators were wealthy and carry many treasures on them. For two, they needed to ensure they keep their positions as the controlling forces of the City of Sin.

Therefore, every time a completion leveled cultivator appears in the City of Sin, the three controlling forces would meet and discuss whether or not they should head on attack, or sneak attack from behind. The bottom line is, all completion level cultivators who enter must die.

This was why the moment Ling Xian entered the city, he encountered the Mu Clan's plots.

"You two, is there really much to discuss?"

The Mu Clan ancestor revealed a soft smile, "That person has already fallen for my traps, and he must be extremely weak right now. If we make our moves now, we can definitely kill him easily. When that happens, our positions in the city will not waver and we can get that man's treasures. Isn't that like killing two birds with one stone?"

"That's right, Brother Mu is correct. I am in on this." The Zhao Clan ancestor answered after a while.

The elder in gold chimed in as well with a cold snicker, "I will agree to this as well. If he wants to blame someone, blame the fact that he decided to visit the City of Sin. He deserves all this bad luck."

"Haha, that is completely right. He deserves all this bad luck!"

The Mu Clan ancestor and the Zhao Clan ancestor both laughed out loud in a tone that made themselves sound extremely arrogant.

For them to want to kill a man without feeling any guilt and instead, blaming it on that person's bad luck, how overbearing was this?

And how deserving of death was this?

Just as all three of these completion leveled powerhouses bellowed and discussed on how they should carry out this assassination plan, a statement that was calm but full of killer's intent rose, changing everyone's expression.

"To those who are deserving of death, let me, Ling Xian, help send you on your way."
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