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"The Mu Clan admits its defeat. Out of all the auction items available at the auction, you can pick any three. They represent our apology."

Mu Feng's face was full of disbelief. He could not believe that the ancestor's order was to admit defeat against Ling Xian!

The moment his voice trailed off, everyone at the scene became stunned. They really could not believe that the Mu Clan would lower their heads toward one person.

Even though this person here was a completion leveled cultivator, everyone here still found what happened hard to believe. Remember that the Mu Clan was one of the controlling forces of the City of Sin. Though only one completion leveled cultivator resides, they were still without a doubt, extremely capable.

Nobody dared to make the claim that after so many years of being in power, there were no hidden abilities within the Clan that could wipe out any enemies!

Yet at this moment, the Mu Clan had made such a statement. This meant they were admitting to Ling Xian that they were weaker. How could everyone not feel astonished?

Don't forget, Ling Xian first ignored the Mu Clan's regulations by barging into the auction. Then, he acted with extreme violence by wrecking the auction ground and smashing the Mu Clan Leader's head into cement. What did this indicate?

It indicated that he was slapping the Mu Clan in the face and he was doing it mercilessly!

Even after everything he's done, the Mu Clan still lowered their head to Ling Xian and allowed him to pick three items of his choice, how unbelievable was this?

It's almost unimaginable!

Everyone at the scene were wide eyed and open mouthed. They thought their brains were too slow to comprehend this. They could not understand why the controlling force, the Mu Clan, would openly lower their head before everyone's gaze.

"Oh my god, this is far too unbelievable. The Mu Clan has always been overbearing, yet today, after being slapped in the face by someone so violently, they didn't act out in anger, but are lowering their heads instead?"

"This is almost unimaginable. They are doing this even after being humiliated by that person? He said he was going to destroy the Clan! When did the Mu Clan turn so gutless?"

"Originally, that person arrogantly came up to the Clan to challenge them, which already lost the Mu Clan face. Now they are admitting their defeat, which means they have completely lost their face."

"No matter what, it's all because the enemy is a completion leveled powerhouse isn't it. If this was anyone else, the Mu Clan would've rushed up and chopped the person into pieces. I think the Mu Clan is admitting their defeat because they fear this completion leveled powerhouse."

Everyone debated and after much thinking, it seems only one answer could explain why the Mu Clan was willingly lowering their head.

It was because Ling Xian was far too powerful!

Or, it was because the Mu Clan could not accurately estimate Ling Xian's capabilities and they didn't want to make an enemy with someone like that!

Even though this was an answer everyone didn't want to accept, other than this answer, people here could not think of another explanation.

If it weren't because the enemy was far too powerful, then why would the Mu Clan lower their head even after being slapped in the face so publicly?

Ling Xian barged in here and smashed the Clan Leader's head. This was a huge humiliation in itself. Despite this, the Mu Clan was still willing to admit defeat and even took out three treasures as an apology.

This alone proved one thing. It was that the Mu Clan would rather swallow their humiliation than become Ling Xian's enemy!

Of course, this was based on the attitude the Mu Clan was showing on this one situation. As to whether or not they were really planning on swallowing the humiliation… that was unknown.

"What a clan. It sure is bold and daring."

Shock flashed across Ling Xian's eyes. He didn't expect the Mu Clan to be willing to let go of what happened and apologize first.

Originally, he wanted to use this as a chance to display his anger. If the ancestor showed himself, then he would've used what happened with the poison as an excuse to kill him here and now. But since the Mu Clan willingly apologized, from a certain degree, it was the same as the enemy slitting his own wrist to end a battle.

Now, if Ling Xian still doesn't forgive, then he would be the one who appears to be stingy and petty.

"The Mu ancestor is someone worthy."

Ling Xian's brain was moving fast like electricity as he analyzed the hidden reason behind their actions. "If I am not wrong, then there are only two possibilities. One, the Mu ancestor is certain that I am affected by the poison from the Poisonous Dragon Scorpion. Therefore, they plan on waiting until all my cultivation is sucked out of me before they slay me. Two, the Mu ancestor is not yet sure of how much I am capable of. Therefore, they are backing down until they are more prepared."

"If it's the latter, then I am in a tricky spot. I cannot act as I wish right now. After all, the Mu Clan has lowered their head in front of everyone. So if I still don't forgive them, then I will look really uncool."

Ling Xian softly sighed. He somewhat admired the Mu Clan ancestor's courage and resolution.

After all, not everyone has the courage to forego all of its face and be humiliated before everyone.

However, he wasn't all that worried about the game the Mu Clan ancestor was playing. The enemy may have a few tricks up his sleeve, but who said he doesn't as well?

"Mu Clan's ancestor… you are planning on hiding and investigating how capable I am. What makes you think I am not thinking of the same thing?" Ling Xian revealed a sarcastic smile. He had no need to fear any completion leveled cultivator. It was just that the enemy this time, was not merely a cultivator.

It was an entire force that has been controlling the City of Sin for many centuries!

Remember that the reason why a controlling force was called a controlling force was because other than having a larger population, the Clan also had a few hidden aces. Hidden aces to a controlling force indicates hidden powerhouses, extreme wealth, or unimaginable weapons.

To the Mu Clan who has dominated the City of Sin for so many years, how could it not have a few hidden aces? Perhaps there exists some kind of powerful weapon!

This was why Ling Xian had no plans of wrecking his relationship with the Mu Clan since the beginning. He originally just wanted to teach the Mu Clan a lesson. It wouldn't be too late for him to make a move after he finds out how capable the clan truly was.

Now the Mu Clan has chosen to hide first, it matched his wish as well.

"Not only did I let out some anger, I will also acquire three treasures. This makes it a worthy trip."

Ling Xian smiled inconspicuously. The Mu Clan had lowered its head before him, which was utter humiliation for the Clan. This of course made his anger evaporate without a trace.

When he thought of the unknown treasures he will soon acquire, anticipation flickered in his eyes. He chuckled. "Mu Clan Leader, since you are willing to let me take any three treasures I want, then I will accept the Mu Clan's apology."

"Thank you for your generosity." Mu Feng formed a fist and cupped it with the other to show his respect. His heart was full of bitterness.

The Mu Clan was the target of this humiliating action. Yet now, he was required to smile at this man and thank Ling Xian for his forgiveness. How could he not feel bitter?

He seemed to have forgotten that if the Mu Clan didn't provoke Ling Xian in the first place, he wouldn't be acting so ruthlessly.

"I have no need for your thanks. I am more interested in the three treasures. Let's get in there and start the auction." Ling Xian brandished his hand. Then, he suddenly remembered something, and threatened under the table, "Leader Mu, I hope you are not going to claim the worthless as worthy. If that happens, then don't blame me if I act without mercy."

Mu Feng quivered, realizing what Ling Xian was worried about. He quickly promised, "Please do not worry. Everything that's shown in the auction are top notch items. We would never auction fakes or do any similar fraudulent acts."

Reality was that he wanted to steal the beams and replace them with cheap timbers. However, the Mu Clan ancestor very clearly indicated that he cannot take away anything from the auction and replace them with fakes.

This made him feel very confused, but he didn't dare to disobey.

"Very good. Then please, Mu Clan Leader, let's begin." Anticipation flashed across Ling Xian's sparkling eyes. He teased, "My time is very valuable."

"Yes, yes, I will begin the auction."

Mu Feng nodded quickly and shifted his gaze to the auction ground behind him. Just then, his entire body froze.

As everyone followed his gaze, everyone at the scene were also stunned.

Because the auction ground behind them was now nothing but a pile of shambles.
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