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Painting of the Nine Immortals 547 An Invitation

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Inside the room, Huang Er was expressionless and his brain was blank.

The only thought he had was that Ling Xian was a true rich tycoon.

The rewards people normally give are spiritual stones. What about him though? He gave extremely valuable treasures!

To have so casually thrown out an eighth ranked treasure, it was as if this treasure, in his eyes, was worth the same as cabbages!

Reality was that an eighth ranked treasure, to Ling Xian, was really no different than cabbage. In the Imperishable Temple, he had acquired a mountain of treasures, most of which were eighth ranked treasures.

Treasures with this ranking were utterly useless to him. This was why he was throwing them out so casually as a method to reward Huang Er.

He completely overlooked one thing. These treasures, which were worthless in his eyes, were priceless treasures to Huang Er, especially since he already acquired one item already.

"Oh my god, am I dreaming?!" Huang Er was expressionless. He really didn't dare to imagine that there would come a day when he would possess two eighth ranked treasures.

Remember that before today, he didn't even own a ninth ranked treasure and his ultimate dream was to get one. Right now, Ling Xian took out two eighth ranked treasures so casually. How could he not feel shocked?

After a moment of shock, he felt himself being embraced by a giant wave of happiness. His entire being was excited to a point of no return.

"Two eighth ranked treasures. Oh my god!"

Huang Er was ecstatic and laughed out loud, "Hahaha, I cannot believe that luck finally came my way. All of a suddenly, I am the owner of two eighth ranked treasures!"

To a low leveled cultivator like him, having just one treasure was already a lavish dream. Having two naturally made him incomparably joyous.

He did know who to thank for all of this.

Therefore, after Huang Er laughed for a while, he shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian. His stare was somewhat thankful and somewhat kiss-ass.

Before today, he had been a tour guide for a few important figures. At most, he received a few hundred spiritual stones as his payment. But Ling Xian was giving him two eighth ranked treasures just like that. These treasures equal to tens of thousands of spiritual stones. What a big difference in treatment!

What a big difference in generosity.

Compared to Ling Xian, those so called important figures were poor people. They could not even be compared!

"Master, are you really giving me this eighth ranked treasure?" Huang Er calmed down and was in disbelief that Ling Xian would give him this treasure.

"Just take it." Ling Xian nodded softly, and his expression remained collected.

Hearing this, Huang Er completely stopped worrying and he once again fell into an intense wave of ecstasy.

"This is the true definition of a rich tycoon!"

Huang Er's eyes brightened and flickered with light. When he thought of how the other important figures spent their gold, his perception of them changed.

What did it mean to throw money about like dirt?

Just watch Ling Xian and learn. Normally, others used spiritual stones to purchase items, but Ling Xian was making an exchange with treasures. This was what it meant to throw money about like dirt!

A true rich tycoon!

Ling Xian lost his composure and laughed, "Do not look at me like that you are looking at a spring that spits out gold. It makes me uncomfortable."

"Yes, yes, yes." Huang Er nodded in a rush and quickly stopped staring. His gaze, however, remained extremely hot.

"The treasure is your remuneration, there is no need to thank me. If you do what I ask you and you do it to my satisfaction, then a lot of benefits will be granted to you." Ling Xian chuckled while shaking his head.

Originally, he felt like there was no more need to pay Huang Er any more. The reason why he took out another eighth ranked treasure was because after he heard what this guy talked about for his current situation, he found this scrawny man would be someone he could use in the future.

Especially since he just arrived at this place, it was important to find someone he could use. This was why he took out another eight ranked treasure; his goal was to buy this man's loyalty.

After hearing what Ling Xian said, Huang Er was agitated immediately. His body was beginning to quiver.

Though he looked like he was an useless thus, he actually had a sharp brain. Or else he wouldn't have been able to analyze how the three controlling forces would treat Ling Xian.

Therefore, from what Ling Xian said, he took the hint.

What Ling Xian said indicated that he had the intention to make Huang Er his subordinate. This made Huang Er extremely excited, to a point of no return.

Remember that Ling Xian was a completion leveled cultivator who was above everyone else. In the entire City of Sin, he was considered a top character. To be able to work after Ling Xian was a giant glory in itself and very much a fortune!

If the news that Ling Xian was looking for subordinates spread out, then the entire City of Sin would be fall into a state of chaos. A countless number of cultivators would be barging into his home with expensive gifts!

Yet right now, Ling Xian was very much signaling Huang Er that he wanted him as a subordinate. Many cultivators could not get this treatment even if they wanted to. One could claim that, to receive such treatment, a man would need to have been honorable for three past lives!

Because of all this, how could Huang Er not be excited?!

On top of that, other than being a completion leveled powerhouse, Ling Xian was also a rich tycoon who spent money like dirt. These two identities combined made him extremely irresistible and nobody would be able to remain collected before him!

"My god, am I dreaming?" Huang Er was extremely excited and his voice quivered, "What have I accomplished in my life to acquire your liking? I really don't even know what to say."

"Then don't say anything. Use your actions to prove that you will not let me down."

Looking at the excited way Huang Er appeared, Ling Xian softly chuckled, knowing that he accomplished what he wanted to.

He forgot that, with his current status, if the news that he was seeking subordinates circulated, then countless number of people would rush over and apply.

"Do not worry. I will not disappoint you!" Huang Er's expression was very serious and his voice was very powerful.

He understood very well that he found himself a very rare opportunity. If he grasped onto it and performed well, he could change his destiny. Therefore, he silently vowed that he would give his all to latch on to the rich and powerful Ling Xian!

"Very good. As long as you are loyal to me and do everything you can to help me, I will not neglect you." Ling Xian's lips curled up. He was very satisfied to have someone like Huang Er as his subordinate.

Even though this person didn't look anything glamorous, he had a rather good brain. This was something that had already been tested.

"Master, I do not ask for much. I just ask to be beside you." Huang Er shook his head. To be able to work for a completion leveled cultivator was a fortune that could only be gained after being an honorable man for decades. He didn't dare to wish for more.

"Very good. You are not too greedy." Ling Xian's eyes flashed with praises and he smiled, "Okay, let us talk about real business now."

"Master, are you thinking about what we should do to respond to the controlling forces?" Huang Er asked cautiously.

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he revealed a mocking smile, "That's right. If the three controlling forces have noticed me. Then how do you think I should respond to it?"

"That's easy." Huang Er cleared his throat, knowing that Ling Xian was testing him and that it was time for him to show what he was capable of.

However, just as he was about to speak, there came a knocking on the door and a little shout that summoned these two.

"Excuse me, someone just handed me over an invitation and requested that I personally hand it over to you."

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