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The City of Sin is located at the border between Yunzhou and Yuezhou.

Here converged the leaders of many hoodlums and runaway cultivators who committed crimes elsewhere. The city itself was a melting pot of good and bad.

Inside this city, the highest level of cultivation was the completion level. Every single completion leveled cultivator acted as if above everyone else and hoarded the title of being the strongest. They peered down onto the City of Sin as if they were the rulers.

To the cultivators inside the City of Sin, completion leveled cultivators acted all as if they were the Gods who controlled everyone. They represented absolute authority and nobody ever dared to disobey them!

Therefore, when these people found out that Ling Xian was a completion leveled cultivator, they were completely stunned.

Everyone was scared to the extreme, terrified that Ling Xian would kill them with a flap of his sleeve.

However, Ling Xian wasn't going to kill anyone here. It wasn't that his heart was soft, it was that he didn't want to dirty his hands.

"What a bunch of idiots. I'd feel no pity for your death."

Ling Xian glanced at everyone with emotionless and then he took a step and walked slowly into the city. His pace were soft and slow. Every step he took sounded like the clock of death, generating more fear among the group of people.

"God, I have been wrong, please spare me my life."

"Yeah, I realize my wrongs now as well. Please let me live."

"Master, I know I deserve death and I know I did something wrong. Please let me live."

Everyone was full of pleading. Some people were even slapping their own faces in hope that Ling Xian would spare their lives.

"Pa pa pa..."

A series of crisp slapping noise arose and echoed throughout the street brightly. It was obvious just how much these people were scared of Ling Xian.

Seeing this, Ling Xian lost his composure and laughed. He wasn't planning on ending anyone's life, he was simply taking a step and walking into the city. He didn't think that movement of his signaled to others the ticking of their death.

"Stop what you are doing."

Speaking softly, Ling Xian glanced at everyone with his shiny eyes. He didn't release any of spiritual energy, yet he remained threatening and dominating. Everyone lowered their heads quickly and were too afraid to look directly at him.

"You are all very lucky. This is my first time here, and I do not want blood on my hands."

Ling Xian's expression was calm. His original intention was not to kill these people. He just wanted to scare them a little, lest people would think he was weak and could be bullied and taken advantage of.

Hearing this, everyone's expression turned ecstatic. They didn't think the situation would take a U turn and they could get to keep their lives.

"Killing you will make me feel like my hands are dirty."

Ling Xian glanced at everyone with emotionless and continued, "I order you all to disappear from my sight within 10 seconds. Otherwise, you should know the consequences."

The moment his voice trailed off, bitterness filled their faces. They would have never believed that their lives, in Ling Xian's eyes, were so worthless. However, right now they had no time to be feeling unpleasant. They made their moves quickly and ran away in dashing speed crazily.

And then, a short but strange scene unfolded on this long street.

Those cultivators who used to be arrogant and overbearing were running in full speed as if they had run into ghosts. They were running so fast and their speed could be described similar to the speed of violent wind or the speed of an arrow leaving a bow.

It was apparent to see how scared they were. Otherwise, how could they run wildly at a speed 10 times faster than usual?

Among these people, an extremely thin middle aged man had the lowest level of cultivation – ninth level of the meditation level. Therefore, his speed was the slowest.

As a result, Ling Xian noticed this person. He swept around his sleeve and trapped the man right where he was.

Instantly, the person's expression changed drastically and his body began to tremble.

Seeing this, Ling Xian laughed while shaking his head. He really had no intention of killing this man. He simply wanted to find someone as a tourist guide. He just arrived here and of course he needed to learn all about this land, such as the important information of how this piece of land was split up among the different forces.

Even though he had lived in the City of Sin for a few years, it was when he was in the Hidden Territory after all. There was a time difference as well. Thus, he wasn't sure if he knew everything about this city. He did need a guide to help him.

"Mister, do I dare to ask you what you need me for?"

The scrawny man squeezed a smile that was uglier than when he was crying. He was terrified that Ling Xian would change his mind and slaughter him.

"Don't be afraid. If you do what I ask you to, then I won't hurt you. On the contrary, you will gain something out of it." Ling Xian smiled faintly and released the inhibition he imposed on this man.

Hearing that Ling Xian wasn't here to kill him, the scrawny man sighed in relief. He said in a hurry, "Please speak of it. If I can do it, then I won't decline."

"Very good."

Ling Xian smiled and continued, "It's really not too hard. I've just arrived at this place and I'm not familiar with it. Therefore, I want you to be my guide and explain what this place is all about."

"That's easy."

The scrawny man was now completely relaxed. He pounded his own chest and promised, "Do not worry. I have been living here since I turned 12. Though I cannot claim that I know every little detail about this city, things like how this land is divided up among the controlling forces are things that I know a lot about."


The corner of Ling Xian's lips curved up and he continued, "It seems like I ended up finding the right person by chance."

"That's right. Dot not worry, Mister. I know the City of Sin very well." The skinny man appeared very proud of this, "Whatever you are curious about or want to know, just ask. I will answer your questions to the best of my abilities."

"First, tell me what your name is." Ling Xian smiled softly.

"Hehe, I have no name. I am ranked second in my family, so those who know me well call me Huang Xiao Er*," the skinny man chuckled.

Ling Xian shook his head and laughed, "Oh well, then I will call you Little Er**."

Little Er?

I am not a waiter at a tea house!

Huang Xiao Er cursed. However, he didn't dare to curse out loud, and he definitely did not dare to say anything that defies Ling Xian. He merely laughed and said, "It sounds nice. It sounds really nice. No wonder you are a completion leveled powerhouse. Even the name you come up with is so different."

"Alright, stop flattering me. Take me to a place where I can settle down, and then tell me in details what you know about this city." Ling Xian brandished his hand, "If you do what I say, then this eighth ranked spiritual treasures are yours as a remuneration."

Then, he swept around his sleeve. An orange round object appeared in mid-air, emitting a Qi that belonged to the eighth rank.

"Eighth ranked treasure!"

Huang Er's eyes lit up as he stared deadly at the round object. Drool was dripping down his chin.

As his cultivation level was low, he was living at the bottom of the food chain in the City of Sin. He had barely seen any treasures, let along having one as his own.

Ever since he was little, he had one dream, which was to own a treasure that was only his. Even if the treasure was the lowest rank, the ninth rank, he was willing to trade everything he had for it.

Right now, an eighth ranked treasure was in front of him and was about to belong to him. How could he not feel overly excited?

"Is this treasure… really my remuneration?" Huang Er was extremely ecstatic and his voice was beginning to crack.

"As long as you do your best to explain everything and don't hide anything, then it's yours." Ling Xian softly smiled. This treasure was from the Imperishable Temple and was not a big deal for him.

However, in Huang Er's eyes, this would be his beloved baby. Therefore, he pounded on his chest again, "Do not worry. I will not hide anything from you."

"Good, let's go. Take me somewhere where I can settle down." Ling Xian beamed faintly and began to walk forwards.

Seeing this, Huang Er had no time to inspect the treasure in his hand in detail and quickly walked after Ling Xian.

Just as Ling Xian and Huang Er were looking for a place to stay, the story of how Ling Xian's one hiss shook up an entire street gradually spread, and spread to the ears of the controlling forces in the city.

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