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It had been more than half a month since Ling Xian's unbelievable victory against the attack of the three original leveled cultivators.

The news of that battle had spread to every single corner of Yunzhou and into everyone's ears.

For the moment, Ling Xian was once again pushed along the current and became the heated topic everyone was discussing about.

Every avenue, every road, every tea-house, every restaurant, every single corner of Yunzhou was discussing about Ling Xian. Even at a place like the Emerald Palace, a place filled with alcohol and women, a place that normally only contains conversations about women and men, was even discussing over the name of the person that rattled Yunzhou.

The names "unprecedented Heaven's Favorite", "never seen before genius", "extraordinary", "multi-talented", "powerful", "best of the generation", all sorts of compliments were being crowned to Ling Xian.

It was as if they didn't throw out a few compliments, they would be wronging him.

If what he achieved was just a normal event, then people would just exclaim that Ling Xian was far too powerful, and they wouldn't compliment other aspects of him much. However, what happened was different.

The three original leveled cultivators arrived angrily and attempted to cause a chaos against the Wan Jian House – their actions were the equivalent of trying to slap the humankind in the face. Yet the result was that Ling Xian defeated them. Plus, the foreign kinds lost many powerhouses, which of course gave the humankind much satisfaction.

Because of this, every cultivator in Yunzhou was complimenting and praising Ling Xian.

And as time went on, people were already dissatisfied of only talking about this one event. As a result, every glorious achievement that Ling Xian did before was once again discussed by everyone. And then the entire Yunzhou fell into a state of shock and silence.

Reality was that it hadn't been long since Ling Xian began his cultivation journey. It has only been 10 years since he started. The time he spent in Yunzhou was even shorter, as little as two years, and the rest of the time, those eight years, he spent elsewhere.

However, in just two short years, Ling Xian had already become famous in Yunzhou. The two rattling achievements he'd done was enough to make his name widely known. In the entire Yunzhou, there were not a single person who didn't know his name.

Even a several year old toddler knew that, in Yunzhou, there is an unprecedented Heaven's Favorite named Ling Xian.

One has to admit that this is a miracle.

A miracle that is hard to replicate.

The first time the two words "Ling Xian" entered everyone's ears was when the Wan Jian House's Drum of Eternity rumbled three times, which rattled both the Wan Jian House and Yunzhou as well.

However, strictly speaking, what happened then did not really rattle the entire Yunzhou. It could only be said that the 10 Dynasties and nine Houses learned his name.

The second time his name became known was when he suppressed all the Heaven's Favorites of the undefeatable realm of the meditation level. That time, every single controlling force in Yunzhou learned his name and found out that a genius like him was strolling around in the world.

The third time was when he angered the Zhou dynasty and made Noble Xiao Yao fight him personally. From that fight, he fell into space turbulence and disappeared without a trace.

That time, his capabilities surprised the City of Yun Xiao and was a pioneer to have such a nerve wrecking battle.

It was because of that event that he was truly considered to have completely rattled Yunzhou. However, because he had disappeared without a trace, people only talked for a while and then forgot him.

Only when Ling Xian returned from the afar and violently killed the Third Prince and played the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty did people remember to dig up his name that had been hidden in their hearts.

This was the fourth time his name surprised Yunzhou. No, to put it more accurately, the term astound would be more precise. Though his name had been prominent, his capabilities had been still on the weaker end.

This time was different. He returned to everyone's sight as a completion leveled powerhouse and as a powerful Heaven's Favorite.

The fifth time he astounded Yunzhou was when he went to the Imperishable Temple. He fought against the Heaven's Favorites of the foreign kinds by himself and ended the battles with a victory, which shocked everyone in Yunzhou.

It was that time when he once again stunned Yunzhou and acquired the three different nicknames. They were, the strongest powerhouse of the younger generation, human shaped treasure, and finally, the foreign kind killer.

The sixth time, and the final time he astounded Yunzhou, was when Ling Xian paved out a bloody path while under the attack of foreign kinds' armies. He utter humiliated the enemies!

Perhaps if you bring up each event independently, you can only create a momentary state of shock that will be forgotten shortly. When you talk about all six events at the time, however, the impact it has is painful and powerful enough to silence entire Yunzhou!

Luckily, people here weren't aware of all the achievements Ling Xian had accomplished while he was overseas. If they did know, then a storm that could flood Yunzhou would be created and forced everyone into a state of utter shock.

After they learned of Ling Xian's actions, everyone couldn't help but to exclaim what a miracle it had been.

In short 10 years, Ling Xian turned himself from a quiet beginner who understood nothing to a prominent Heaven's Favorite. How unbelievable was this?

If this wasn't considered a miracle, what would be?

In particular, those who had an interactions with Ling Xian were even more impressed. They thought that Ling Xian really could bear the words of "unprecedented Heaven's Favorite".

Mo Qing Fu, Xia Ling Mu, Sun Ze Hao and other Heaven's Favorites were all exclaiming over Ling Xian but were all somewhat disappointed. They were disappointed that they never got a chance to fight a real battle against Ling Xian in order to see who was stronger.

The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty and the three leaders of the foreign kinds were boiling with a desire to kill on top of their lament feelings. They were all impatiently wanting to find Ling Xian, skin him alive, and dice up his bones.

Lin Qing Yi, Tang Thirteen, Gong Suo Xin and other women were worried on top of their exclaims. They worried over whether or not Ling Xian got himself out of danger and whether or not he had found a safe place to rest.

However, no matter who they were, his friends, his enemies, and those women, they all had something in common.

They all had high expectations.

His enemies anticipated the day Ling Xian will reveal himself again so they can slice him in pieces.

His friends and those women anticipated Ling Xian's return so they can work together to avenge themselves against the foreign kinds!

Don't forget that, during his early years, Ling Xian was once forced into space turbulence by Noble Xiao Yao and was stranded overseas. When he returned, he returned as a completion leveled cultivator and avenged his hatred from years back.

Today, he is once again leaving Yunzhou. When he returns, how much more growth will he display?

Perhaps when that day comes, Ling Xian would be capable enough to produce clouds with one turn of his hand and rain with another.

As for when that day would come, nobody could predict. However, everyone was waiting and anticipating for the day he would return with his unstoppable prowess!


The entire Yunzhou was seething and everyone was talking about Ling Xian. Some assumed that he had left, others said he was now in hiding.

So, where exactly was he at this moment?

Inside a leafy forest with countless ancient trees and under the night sky, the wind blew softly and rustled in an eerie way.

Ling Xian's expression was emotionless. His white robe was completely soaked in blood and he looked just like the reincarnation of a demon who exuded heavy desire for violence.

Around him were roughly 20 or more foreign powerhouses who were collapsed on the ground and bleeding.

They were those foreign kinds who had caught up to him in attempt to kill him.

Originally, Ling Xian planned on running away. However, after sensing that he had some pursuers behind him, he changed his mind. Since all the foreign kinds in Yunzhou wanted him dead, why didn't he get something out of it?

Therefore, after galloping for a while, Ling Xian had stopped in this forest.

And just minutes ago, he slayed all these cultivators who were in his way!

"All the different foreign kinds have insane capabilities, especially those three leaders. They are all profound in abilities that are impossible to predict. If I stay in Yunzhou, I will most likely get in trouble."

Ling Xian sighed softly and indulged for a moment. Then he made the decision to leave Yunzhou and get into hiding.

After all, he had nothing left in Yunzhou to take care of. Before the battles earlier, he had already passed on the message to Dao Wu Ji and requested him to take care for Yu Xun Zhen.

As a result, Ling Xian truly did not have nothing left to tend to in Yunzhou.

He decided to visit another continent for now as a chance to travel the world while improving his skills.

"Where should I go if I leave Yunzhou?"

Ling Xian frowned slightly. And after thinking for a long while, he decided his destination.
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