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In midair, the demon fought solo against three cultivators. He displayed all that was to display in terms of his mightiness.

However, his opponents were three original leveled cultivators after all. On top of that, they were of the royal kind and were very powerful in capabilities. The demon's cultivation level had already fallen to the original level, therefore, he could barely defend against the three superpowers and make sure he doesn't lose too soon.


Because of what Ling Xian had said, the demon turned crazy. He targeted the elder in the black robe and ignored the existence of the other two cultivators.

To him, freedom was more important than anything else. To kill someone and in return have one less task ordered was a great deal. Therefore, he moved aggressively and attacked all directions!

Against the demon's crazy attacks, the elder in the black robe was infuriated. He didn't think the demon would target him only and he really didn't think that the demon had such powerful capabilities. He was somewhat being pushed back.

He was only surviving because he had help from the other two original leveled cultivators. If he didn't get the help, he would be dead under the demon's hands by now.

Overall, the battlefield above was in a stalemate. However, the battlefield below was the one with a surprise result.

Ling Xian was far too strong. Every time he moved, the sky shook and the earth trembled under his violent power.

Especially at this very moment, he wasn't even sure what strange reaction was happening inside his body that was supplying him with unlimited amount of energy that he could not use up.

Because of this, he was making moves that were more and more violent, more and more ruthless.


Ling Xian's black hair tussled crazily in the wind like an undefeatable God of War who was completely unstoppable and had the strength to push forward against all obstacles.

The six trans-formative qualities were reflecting off sunlight and appearing violent. The Disorder Conquering Fists were rocking up Heaven and Earth, defending against the enemies, and revealing their mightiness.

The two different attacking strategies aided each other and increased each other's effectiveness by over thirty percent. The entire group of enemies were puking out blood on the ground from being unable to fight back.


Using his Disorder Conquering Fists, Ling Xian caused destruction in all directions with his every movement. A few swinging of his fists caused a powerhouse to vomit blood and he flung out. Then, the six different trans-formative qualities began to exude much light that crumbled the void before him alongside the Disorder Conquering Fists.

Standing in the middle of the crumbled space, four or five powerhouses were shocked to their core. They were however, helpless as they were being shredded apart alongside the space.

This created another swarm of fear inside the enemies. They couldn't help but to feel very much afraid. The man in front of them was strong, far too strong. Even against a group of enemies, his abilities were considered to be utterly undefeatable!

Every single spiritual being was shocked at the turn of events, especially those who had never seen Ling Xian in a battle. They never could've imagined that Ling Xian would be this dominating.

However, as soon as they remembered that Ling Xian had the nickname of being the strongest of the younger generation, nobody was that surprised anymore. This nickname was not given out randomly and easily. If he didn't have the abilities to deserve this name, why would he be honored with this title?

Remember that this nickname of his was a title that the entire Yunzhou agreed upon and validated. This meant he had power over the entire younger generation.

And Ling Xian was deserving of this title. This nickname of his was earned by him through hard work and bloody battles. His intense victory records was intensely glorious and made everyone form his own generation hopeless and desperate!

"In the entire Yunzhou, there is no Heaven's Favorite in the younger generation who can stand shoulder by shoulder to Ling Xian anymore."

"That's true. He truly has the courage and capabilities to kill the inheritor of our kind. The inheritor of us did not die in vain."

"Such a pity though. If this Heaven's Favorite grows up safely, he can truly become an important figure in the community. But he is about to collapse here today."

The different powerhouses from the 10 dynasties and nine Houses all chimed in their opinions. Their statements were full of compliments and pity as well.

Hearing those discussions made Dao Wu Ji's mind fill with complexity. He felt somewhat proud and somewhat bitter.

He was proud because Ling Xian was a pupil of the Wan Jian House. Bitter because he was no longer a member as of now. He decided to manipulate his Qi and prepared to help out the demon in order to kill the three original leveled cultivators first.

Doing so meant he was declaring war against the foreign kinds on behalf of the Wan Jian House and the consequences of his action would be gravely dangerous. However, he just could no longer endure and simply watch what was happening now and letting Ling Xian collapse here today.

"Whatever, I have to aid that unknown powerhouse and kill the three original leveled cultivators first. As for the severe consequences… I have no time to think about that now. I have to leave that for later."

Dao Wu Ji's heart was racing like electricity and quickly made his decision. However, just as he was about to lend a helping hand, someone appeared in his peripheral vision.

The Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty.

At this moment, the Emperor had a very serious expression on his face as he stared at the back of the raging cultivator. The anger in his chest was burning and flaring up.

Ever since he learned that the Wan Jian House was being crowded by the various foreign kinds, the 10 Dynasties and the nine Houses sent their most powerful cultivators here to help with the situation. Within them were a few original leveled powerhouses, including the Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty.

However, the real reason for his presence was not to help the Wan Jian House. He was here to watch how Ling Xian was going to die.

Don't forget that Ling Xian killed his son before playing him in front of everyone's eyes. Everything that had happened was a huge humiliation to him.

As the emperor who lead tribes of people, he had never been so humiliated. How could he not hate Ling Xian to the bones?

This was why he was here to personally watch Ling Xian's downfall.

But right now, not only was he not seeing Ling Xian being beaten down, but he witnessed Ling Xian unleashing his dominance. This naturally infuriated him!

"It's been this long and not only is Ling Xian still alive and well, he is fighting with so much power that the enemy is being tossed around. What a bunch of useless trash!"

The emperor cursed quietly to himself. He realized that this situation would not go according to his plan and he wouldn't be able to make use of someone else to kill Ling Xian. Therefore, he coldly snickered, "If that's the case, then let me do the honors of ending your life."

The moment his voice traced off, he extended his hand. A ray of murky spiritual energy dashed towards Ling Xian.


His giant hand suspended in the sky, covering up the sky and the moon. The power of his attack crumbled even the space.

However, the moment his strike emerged, another ray of spiritual energy demolished it.

Dao Wu Ji had made his move. He had been guarding against the Emperor this whole time. Therefore, the moment the Emperor made a move, he too, pulled out his sword to fight against that horrifying hand.

Seeing this, Ling Xian's lips curled up. He grinned thankfully towards Dao Wu Ji. And then, he focused on the enemies in front of him and swung his Disorder Conquering Fists all around!

The emperor's expression dropped, "You are fighting against me?"

"That's right. If you want to kill Ling Xian, you have to bypass me first." Dao Wu Ji responded just as coldly. A strong and flawless meter long sword was circling him, emitting an infinite amount of spiritual energy that was ridden with sharp violence.

Looking at the sword, the emperor's expression froze, "You are even using your Unadorned Sword. It seems like you are determined to stand in my way."

"Like I said, if you want to kill Ling Xian, you have to step over my dead body."

Dao Wu Ji's expression was blank. The Unadorned Sword looked ancient and mysterious. Between its movements, a shot of cold killer's intent pierced through the cloud.

"Good, since I have been crowned the title of the Emperor, we haven't had a good battle in centuries." The emperor coldly sneered as terrifying vigor began to pour out of him, "Let me use today as an opportunity to weigh you and see how much growth you've had in these past few centuries."

He started his attack right after he made the statement!

The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty began to attack aggressively. A silhouette of a real dragon emerged and howled, shocking everything within eight kilometers.

"You will soon learn that the title of me being the best swordsman in the community is not just a mere saying." Dao Wu Ji spoke softly as his Unadorned Sword sliced across the sky. It tangled itself with the silhouette of the dragon.

A shocking war had ignited!

At the same time, the battle below was also changing.

Though the foreign kinds were powerful and there were many of them, at this moment, Ling Xian was being far too strong. He was strong to an extent where a higher volume of cultivators was not enough to stop him. No matter how much the foreign kinds attacked, his abilities could not be overshadowed. He had been killing one cultivator per few attacks.

Six trans-formative qualities defended against the enemies, and the Disorder Conquering Fists offensively attacked the enemies.

This was the best explanation for the strategy Ling Xian was using. He behaved like an undefeatable bull who had the ability to shake up space with every movement.


Ling Xian entered into a realm he'd never been before. Amongist the crowd of people, he moved left and right without mercy. He killed whomever was in his way and sent a chill down everyone's spine.

Even though he was covered in blood and he was very severely injured, nothing affected his performance. On the contrary, these factors only added to his threatening appearance and triggering fear in his enemies.

If he was this terrifying when injured, how terrifying was he if he was not wounded?

Everyone was extremely scared, especially those who were fighting against Ling Xian face on. Some spiritual beings had lost their courage to continue their fight.

Originally, they thought Ling Xian's confidence originated from the demonic originally leveled cultivator. But reality had proven that his confidence was sourced from his own capabilities!

Since he started his cultivation journey, Ling Xian had faced against countless number of powerhouses. Every single time he ended the battle with either victory or escape. What he relied on was his own capabilities.

The demon might be strong, but that didn't concern him. If he didn't have his own capabilities, why would he be so calm?

"Very good, it seems like I can finally pave out a path for myself."

Sensing how his enemies were fearful towards him, Ling Xian's lips curled up and the attacks he made were more and more aggressive.

The Disorder Conquering Fists were now shining like the large Sun in the sky. As attention grabbing as they were, they also possessed out-of-the-world amount of spiritual energy. After a loud "boom", four or five powerhouses were all instantly killed, and a bloody path appeared.

Seeing this, Ling Xian's body disappeared. The six trans-formative qualities were protecting him as he escaped.

However, he had underestimated these foreign kinds' powerhouses.

Just as Ling Xian paved a path and was ecstatic, a powerhouse who hadn't made a move yet appeared behind him. The cultivator made a fatal move and vowed to kill Ling Xian here and now.


Ling Xian silently cursed. He was currently blocked by the many enemies in front of him and could not find the time or energy to defend against the fatal attack behind his back.

At this critical time, a giant golden scroll materialized in midair followed by a loud shout that resulted in the release of a strange energy.

"The Scroll of Hao Ran, Freeze, Seal, Suppress!"

The moment the voice faded, the powerhouse was immediately frozen right where he stood. The technique he summoned froze as well.

"Mo Fu Qing, you came as well?"

Ling Xian's lips curled up. Ling Xian didn't need to look to know that the friend he made early on in his cultivation journey, Mo Fu Qing, was making the move.

This individual's offensive attack turned into a signal that called out to everyone else. All of those who had friendly history with Ling Xian were all here. All of them were now making a move!

"Crazy Soul Crusher!"

Tang Thirteen made her move. Her two hammers emitted an infinite amount of light that cracked open the earth!

"Flood of the Holy Water!"

Shui Lian Yi attacked closely after. An infinite amount of heavenly light transformed into giant waves that washed over the enemies.

"Puppet of the Undead!"

Even Xia Ling Mu, who was once an opponent of Ling Xian's, was helping. Perhaps he didn't want Ling Xian to die fighting these foreign kinds – because that would mean he would be burdened with the task of killing these foreign kinds himself.

Finally, Sun Ze Hao attacked as well. He displayed an unparalleled technique that straight up sent more than 20 powerhouses to a strange universe.

It was the great technique that rattled the entire Yunzhou, Three Thousand Autumns in One Dream!

With the help of these five Heaven's Favorites, Ling Xian's pressure had been reduced drastically. The six trans-formative qualities plus the Disorder Conquering Fists were horrifying enough to knock out all remaining enemies!

Suddenly, a bloody path appeared in front.

Today, Ling Xian paved a path using his own capabilities and stepped onto a troublesome but glorious journey .

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