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The Sun had just rose. Light golden rays were shining above the Wan Jian House's mountains, warm and bright.

However, to everyone inside the Wan Jian House, the weather was cold and dark.

This was all because the different foreign kinds with members whom Ling Xian have killed, have invaded, bringing with them their most capable powerhouse.

In other words, the enemies have approached the walls.

In midair, multiple different foreign kinds were standing there with their back straight, like mountains. Each and every one of them was emitting a sense of terror.

Three silhouettes, in particular, were looking as profound as the sea and exuded the feeling of mysteriousness.

One of them was a golden roc, the other was a six-armed gorilla, and the final one was a nine-headed spiritual lion. The three spiritual beings were all royal kinds of the foreign kind. They were all terrifying in terms of capabilities and on top of that, their cultivation has reached the original level!

Ever since the news spread that Ling Xian had killed the members of their kinds, the three royal kinds were enraged. They then contacted all the different foreign kinds in Yunzhou to discuss how to proceed with the whole situation.

After meeting and talking over the whole issue, the different foreign kinds came to the agreement to surround the Wan Jian House. For one, it will make the Wan Jian House feel the need to hand over Ling Xian. For two, they would be able to take this opportunity to send a message to the humankind in Yunzhou.

The foreign kinds are not to be messed with!

Therefore, under the leadership of the three original leveled cultivators, all the different foreign kinds made their moves and arrived at the Wan Jian House.

Perhaps what was happening blew up in scale, or perhaps it's because all the different forces in Yunzhou were paying attention to this whole situation – as the different foreign kinds arrived at the Wan Jian House, the ten dynasties and nine Houses rushed over as well.

Even though the ten dynasties and the nine Houses were never at peace and always had friction between them, the clash between them was between the humans. Yet before their eyes, the different foreign kinds in Yunzhou were about to invade the city. Therefore, the humans must link arms and defend against the foreign kinds.

Currently, the two parties were at a standstill – nobody dared to make the first move.

After all, if the foreign kinds start a battle against the humankind, then nobody wins in the end.

"Dao Wu Ji, have you thought through everything?"

An elderly with gold hair was suspending in midair with a rhythmic aura around him. Just like a Buddha, he was impossible to read and appeared very extraordinary.

He was the original leveled powerhouse from the golden roc kind. He was one of the three leaders of this battle.

"We have been here for three days already. If you still cannot give us the response we want, then don't blame us if we treat you unkindly." A red-eyed elderly suddenly spoke. Coldness sifted through the air abruptly, similar to the descendant of a demon; everyone shuddered at his statement.

This person was the original leveled cultivator from the six-armed gorilla kind.

The other elder, the one transformed from a nine-headed spiritual lion, did not speak. However, his crazy long hair that swayed in the wind revealed his intentions.

The remaining completion leveled cultivator acted the same. Their expressions alone represented what they wanted to say.

If Dao Wu Ji doesn't hand over Ling Xian, then the war starts!

Seeing this, Dao Wu Jie frowned slightly and felt a little troubled.

It's been three days since these foreign kinds arrived here. They have been using powers that far surpassed the Wan Jian House's to threaten him, forcing him to give up Ling Xian.

Against the foreign kinds' threats, it was natural that he would say no. However, if he does not comply, then a war will break out. Once the war breaks out, the Wan Jian House will find it extremely difficult to defend against the foreign kinds.

Ignoring the overall capabilities, based on the original cultivators alone, the Wan Jian House was falling behind. Even though Dao Wu Ji was nicknamed to be the strongest swordsman, he was no opponent against three original leveled foreign kinds!

Therefore, Dao Wu Ji was stuck between the hard place and a rock.

As the leader of the House, he carried the entire House's lives on his shoulders, which meant he cannot violently and dumbly do whatever he desired. Giving up Ling Xian was the equivalent of ending the future glory of the Wan Jian House and ending the life of a future superpower.

There is no need to explain what being a superpower meant. If Ling Xian reaches that level, then he can ensure the Wan Jian House be honorable, glorious, and forever powerful.

Though Ling Xian was still very far away from reaching that level, Dao Wu Ji firmly believes that there will come a day when he leads all the soldiers he needs and guide the Wan Jian House to forever glory!

Because of all this, how could Dao Wu Ji find the heart to give him up?

Since he didn't have the heart to do it, he was in a very difficult position. Either the Wan Jian House will sacrifice itself today, or the Wan Jian House will sacrifice its future.

There was no third option.

Don't forget, he was the leader of the House and shouldered the weight of everyone's lives. How could he give up the entire House's lives for this one man?

Because of this, Dao Wu Ji was hesitant and didn't know whether or not he should retreat or advance.

"Giving up Ling Xian will make sure everyone in my House remains alive. But it also means I am ending the Wan Jian House's hopes and dreams. On top of that, he is now an official descendant of the Wan Jian House. If I can't even promise his safety, then whose safety can I promise?"

Dao Wu Ji frowned tightly and pondered hard over what kind of decision he should make.

It was clear what the situation was like. If he chooses to give up Ling Xian, then the Wan Jian House will fall into shame. However, if he chooses to start a war, then many lives will be lost, and he would be ending the thousands of years of foundation the Wan Jian House had been building.

Seeing that the leader of this House still hasn't spoken, the golden-haired elderly's eyes flickered and asked in a low voice, "Dao Wu Ji, I will ask you one last time. Will you give up Ling Xian?"

Sighing softly, Dao Wu Ji still did not formulate a good plan. All he could do now was to waste some time, "I want to give him up. But like I said many times before, Ling Xian is not currently in the House. How am I supposed to give him up?"

"Of course I know he is not currently inside the Wan Jian House." The blond elder spoke softly. His expression remained as collected as ever with minimal change.

Other foreign beings were not surprised at this either. Their smirks were actually somewhat sarcastic.

"Then why do you make me choose?!" Dao Wu Ji's face fell and suddenly understood what these foreign kinds were planning on doing.

They knew from the beginning that Ling Xian was not inside the Wan Jian House. Yet they surrounded the House and threatened the Wan Jian house anyways. They had two goals in mind. One was for the Wan Jian House to explicitly state that they give up Ling Xian so they can pursue and kill him.

Two was so they can use this opportunity to humiliate the Wan Jian House and blow out the passion humankind had.

Think about it, how big of a humiliation was it, for the leader of the Wan Jian House to explicitly announce that he has given up on one of its pupils because he was threatened?

This is much humiliation!

This is what the foreign kinds wanted!

Now that he had seen through their evil intentions, Dao Wu Ji boiled in anger and killer's intent flared up.

The powerhouses from the ten dynasties and nine Houses frowned at this. However, they didn't say much. The reason for them being here was to save the face of the human kind, not to save the Wan Jian House.

After all, a lot of the forces here were no friends of the Wan Jian House.

"You are correct with your guesses. Our goals are what you think they are."

The blond elder smiled mockingly and coldly. His sharp eyes stared deadly at Dao Wu Ji as he continued to mock, "But so what? There are only two options before you: to give up Ling Xian in shame, or to fight until you entire House dies under my hand!"

The moment the statement was made, Dao Wu Ji fell into a deep fury, and trembling killer's intent poured out of him like tidal waves. He was ready to battle.

As the Supreme Headmaster of the Wan Jian House and as the best swordsman of the country, when has he ever been this humiliated? The Wan Jian House was one of the nine Houses here known for the high number of powerhouses it contained. When have they been surrounded by enemies?

Everything is a huge humiliation!

The foreign kinds didn't even attempt to conceal their intentions. They made it loud and clear that they were here to give the Wan Jian House a hard time – how could Dao Wu Ji not be enraged?

He wasn't alone in this. From the 12 peak leaders in the Wan Jian House to the young descendants who were merely in the meditation level, everyone was absolutely furious. They felt a flame before their chest burning, and they very much wanted to rip the foreign kinds in shreds!

The powerhouses from the ten dynasties and nine Houses were frowning as well, and their eyes did not appear kind.

Some things needed not to be said to be understood. If one makes it clear and puts it on the table openly, then one is making it clear that they are trying to push the other party to a dead end.

Using what was happening for example, if the blond elder did not say what he just said, then perhaps there are some possibilities of clearing the situation up in peace. However, he was far too arrogant to have placed everything on the table. It was the same as driving the Wan Jian House to the edge of a cliff.

Their choices will either humiliate the entire House or destroy the entire House.

"Damn you, you gold roc, you are far too presumptuous!"

Dao Wu Ji's face was flooding with rage, and his hair crazily danced in the wind. Like the rebirth of a devil, he seeped of killer's intent.

Against Dao Wu Ji's rage, the blond elder did not react much. Instead, he revealed a nonchalant smile, "Dao Wu Ji, we both know that with your Wan Jian House's current capability, you cannot stop the alliance of the foreign kind. Therefore, hiding from what can hurt you is your only way out."

"Hiding from what can hurt me?"

Dao Wu Ji sneered, "You want to me to do the shameful act."

"Sure, you can put it that way." The blonde man faintly smiled, "Okay, I am far too lazy to say more. Hurry up and decide."

"Hehe, if I were you, I would choose to give up Ling Xian. Though it is humiliating, at the very least, it can assure that the Wan Jian House survives past today."

The six-armed gorilla who transferred into a human form elder laughed and acted like he was here to catch a good show.

The remaining foreign kinds were all staring playfully and anticipated Dao Wu Ji to say the words "give up". The moment he does so will be the moment all descendants of the House curse him for being a coward. The entire Wan Jian House will be shamed as result.

Yes, to them, Dao Wu Ji had no other paths to choose from other than being humiliated.

However, Dao Wu Ji's decision was unexpected to them, and to everyone else.

"I just want to ask you one thing."

Dao Wu Ji's expression was serious as he glanced at every elder and descendant of the Wan Jian House. He made a slow statement that boiled everyone's heated blood.

"You, are you willing to accompany me as I fight to my death to protect the House and ensure we live on for thousands and thousands of years?!"

As his voice trailed off, everyone in the Wan Jian House felt their blood shoot up their heads!

"I am willing!"

Someone from the crowd screamed out. The words "I am willing" echoed in the air and caused the heaven and earth to rumble!

Such simple words represented the determination of protecting the Wan Jian House's glory and represented the cultivators' readiness to sacrifice themselves!

"Very good. Now, everyone in the Wan Jian House, listen to my orders…" Dao Wu Ji nodded his head steadily and raised his right hand. Then, he made a resolute and cold statement.

"Kill all the enemies before us to protect the Wan Jian House!"

Just like that, an infinite amount of killer's intent rolled out of him and engulfed the entire battleground. The temperature of this piece of land dropped to below freezing point.

A great war was about to erupt!

Then, before the atmosphere solidified into utter coldness, an ordinary but determined voice slowly arose from afar, stunning everyone present.

"I, Ling Xian, betray my Masters and my House today. I hereby announce that from this moment on, I am no longer associated with the House of Wan Jian!"

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