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In midair, two different rays of murky Qi roared and stretched on in all directions.

It was Qi that belonged specifically to those of the intermediate stage of the completion level.

In other words, Wang Yang and Lin Ying have finally become powerhouses of the intermediate stage of the completion level. They have finally met the standard for being top Heaven's Favorites in Yunzhou.

At this, Ling Xian's lips curled up, and he grinned. "They have broken through. It seems like the transformation process of the Sword of Execution is very suitable for those studying the Seek Sword Peak's inheritance."

It was true. From Wang Yang and Lin Ying's breakthrough, it became apparent that the transformation of the Sword of Execution was very suitable to help aid the learning of the Seek Sword Peak's inheritance. For anyone who was studying this inheritance, they would be enlightened while watching the materialization of the Sword of Execution and breakthrough as a result.

In other words, if Ling Xian began to cultivate the Seek Sword Peak's inheritance, then he, who owns the Sword of Execution, would achieve greatness in no time!

"Hahaha, after eight years of hard training, I have finally broken through to the intermediate stage of the completion level!" Wang Yang laughed out loud, his voice full of joy.

Lin Ying also had a smile on her face, and she found it difficult to conceal her satisfaction and happiness. "Six years of hard training… these years, I have never stopped thinking about breaking through. I cannot believe I would achieve my dream today."

The two of them had been stuck at the beginning stage of the completion level for many many years. No matter how hard they trained, they have not been able to break through. This made them lose confidence, and they have been feeling like they were disappointing the House.

After all, in order to develop these two, the Wan Jian House have supplied them with an unlimited amount of resources. What they wanted was to make sure the Wan Jian House have descendants to eventually take over. Sadly, the two of them had yet to break through. Therefore, they naturally felt ashamed.

Yet the two of them have broken through finally today. How could they not feel happy?

Not only did this mean they have reached the level of being the top Heaven's Favorites of Yunzhou, but it also meant they can now finally speak with their backs straight and speak confidently!

Everything was all thanks to Ling Xian.

If it weren't for his idea, if it weren't for his Sword of Execution, then Wang Yang and Lin Ying would be stuck in the beginning stage of the completion level and still be drowning in their negative emotion.

Therefore, after the two of them laughed for a while, they shifted their gaze onto Ling Xian.

"Thank you, Elder Ling. What you did for me is something I, Wang Yang, will always remember."

Wang Yang bowed deeply in Ling Xian's direction. His stern face was dense with appreciation.

Lin Ying appeared just as thankful. She bowed as well. "Elder Ling's great guidance is something I, Lin Ying, will never forget. If anything ever comes up, please speak of it. I will jump even into lava for you without complaints."

"You two are being too serious."

Ling Xian gestured for them to straighten their backs and grinned. "I am glad that you have broken through. This is my repayment for taking the monument from you."

"No matter what, without you, Elder Ling, the two of us would be dead, let alone taking this opportunity to break through to the intermediate stage of the completion level." Wang Yang thanked.

Lin Ying was thinking the same thing. She grinned. "That's right. The appreciation I feel is something I won't forget until I die."

To them, breaking through to the intermediate stage of the completion level was a long time wish of theirs and something they must achieve. Now that they have achieved it with Ling Xian's help, how can they not be thankful towards him?

Not only did this help them break through, what happened also gave them the confidence to live freely from now on.

One could say that this was a giant act of kindness!

"You two."

Warmth flooded Ling Xian's heart. He felt it; he felt that Wang Yang and Lin Ying were truly thankful. His heart was warm because of this. He laughed. "Oh well, do as you wish."

Wang Yang laughed out loud, and the way he looked at Ling Xian was full of respect. "Elder Ling, if you ever run into something that requires the two of us, then please speak of it. We won't hesitate before jumping in to help."

Lin Ying nodded softly. The way she looked at Ling Xian was also full of respect.

Without a doubt, Ling Xian had completely overcome these two Heaven's Favorites in terms of both capabilities and qualities as a person!

"Let's talk about that later."

Ling Xian brandished his hand and changed the subject, "Let's calculate the days… It's been nearly four months since we arrived here. Isn't the Imperishable Temple about to deactivate?"

"I am not too sure of that myself. The Imperishable Temple is said to sometimes randomly vibrate. However, there is never an exact time." Wang Yang shook his head. "According to the Supreme Headmaster, last time, the Temple deactivated after roughly three months."

"Based on my estimation, the doors will be closing soon," Lin Ying said with a smile. "After all, the rooms inside the hall have disappeared, and all the treasures are now hidden."

Then, she looked at Ling Xian with blame in her eyes. After all, it was him who destroyed half the rooms and caused the rooms to prematurely disappear.

At the same time, she found Ling Xian more and more impossible to read.

Not only is he profound in techniques, but his fighting abilities were also above everyone else. Such an excellent young man, how could one not feel curious?

Wang Yang felt the same. However, he was not about to compare himself to Ling Xian. Because he knew very well that comparing himself to a demon like that was the same as hitting himself.

"Then, we should hurry and really walk around here." Ling Xian faintly smiled. His eyes shone and sparkled. The Sword of Execution abruptly turned back into a puff of air that returned to his eyes.

At this, Wang Yang and Lin Ying's faces flashed with jealousy.

After their enlightenment about the art of sword just now, they realized that if they each had a sword like the Sword of Execution, then their capabilities would grow exponentially. Sadly, in the entire cultivation world, there was only one such sword.

Therefore, there was no way either of them would own this sword, and thus, they could only watch.

Feeling the duo's jealous gaze, Ling Xian softly shook his head and smiled, "Let us go. It's rare to come to the Imperishable Temple, a Temple that only opens its doors once every 50 years. We naturally need to enjoy the sceneries here."

Then, he slowly landed on the ground and walked forward.

At this, Wang Yang and Lin Ying landed as well and followed Ling Xian.

Just like this, the three of them began their fun journey. They didn't go on this journey with the goal of finding treasures or seeking fortunes. They simply enjoyed themselves and leisurely traveled around.

Such an enjoyable time lasted roughly ten days.

Then, on a random day, the entire Imperishable Temple suddenly began to quake while emitting a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. Then, every remaining living being felt a sensation of being locked down and found themselves unable to move.

"It seems like the Imperishable Temple is rejecting us now."

Bathed in the golden light, the corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up into a satisfied smile.

His trip this time was very much successful. Ignoring the invaluable pages from the Book of Genesis, the piles of normal treasures he gained was enough to make everyone jealous.

It was a fact that the gain of all other living beings was not as great as his.

If he counts the three pages of the Book of Genesis and the heavenly sword composed of the violet divine gold, then his gain on this trip would be considered gigantic. Thus, how could he not be satisfied?

"Let's go. I have been here for four months. It is time to return to the external world."

Grinning, Ling Xian did not resist at all. He let the teleporting force take over him and transport him to the outside world.

At this very moment, a violent storm targeting him was about to hit.

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