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On top of the mountain, Ling Xian stepped onto the Demon Defending Monument and displayed the technique that speeds up the slaughtering process of the demon.

Immediately, Qi began to pour out, and the demon inside the monument began to bleed everywhere. He was in so much agony he wished for death.

To any demon in the world, the Demon Defending Monument was their mortal enemy. The liquidation process was definitely the most fearful thing to the demons. The process felt like thousands of ants were crawling on his hearts and he has to suffer through it all.

The most terrifying thing about the liquidation process is that the process can make the demon lose all its cultivation progress before turning into a pool of dense blood and having its soul evaporated!

The true destruction of the soul means the demon cannot be reincarnated!


The demon shrieked in agony despite his steel hard determination. He found it almost impossible to endure this torture and screamed, "Let me out, let me out now!"

"Stop dreaming. I have given you plenty of opportunities, but you still decided to kill me. If I don't teach you a lesson, you would think that I, Ling Xian, is easy to take advantage of," Ling Xian spoke softly. There was no trace of pity on his face.

He had given the demon plenty of chances, but the demon didn't know what it meant to value it. Who can he blame?

"Ah, I am in so much pain!" The demon was in so much agony he preferred death over this. Regret filled his heart.

He was truly regretful now. If he didn't make a move just now, then he would be standing outside and enjoying freedom, rather than being trapped inside the Demon Defending Monument and experiencing this heart ripping agony!

"I hate myself! If I didn't attempt to attack him, I would be reborn and given a second chance at life. At the very most, I would have to help him with three tasks. Yet now, not only am I once again sealed inside, I have to experience such excruciating pain!"

The demon was regretful and full of fear.

At this moment, he finally realized that Ling Xian was not lying. He truly did have the ability to activate the Demon Defending Monument's abilities, and he truly understood the monument's liquidation process!

"Now you are regretful? Pity though, it's too late." Ling Xian's expression turned cold and was fully aware of the fact that he had to teach the demon a heartfelt lesson. Or else, the demon will not easily obey him.

Therefore, he formed another hand seal and dialed up the liquidation process to 50%.

Instantly, the Demon Defending Monument began to shake somewhat. Scream after scream pierced through the cloud above him, each scream composed of an indescribable amount of pain.

Originally, the liquidation process was only at 30%. Now that it was up to 50%, the demon was of course in much more pain. Even with his mentality and determination, he could barely endure the torture the process was putting him through.

"Please, please, I am begging you, stop this. I cannot do this any longer." The demon couldn't handle it anymore. The reason why he was able to endure until now was that he has never experienced the liquidation process.

Yet now, the excruciating pain was taking over him. After enduring for mere moments, he had crumbled under it, and he pled, "Please, I am begging you, let me go. I promise you that I will listen to everything you say from now on."

"Listen to everything I say?"

A cold sneer appeared on Ling Xian's lips, "How believable is this statement, out of 10?"

"Ten, I promise you, 10!" The demon shouted and clenched his teeth, "I will vow to heavens that if you let me go, I will listen to you!"

"There's no need. I have the Demon Defending Monument, and I can defeat you any time I want." Ling Xian softly smiled, knowing that the demon had admitted his defeat.

Hearing this, the demon was not angry but was actually happy. He thought Ling Xian agreed to let him out of there and he said in a hurry, "Okay, then please, let me go now!"

"I never said I would let you out."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. Since the demon is now aware that he's the weaker party, it will be easy to use him in the future. However, he still planned on putting the demon through some more pain in order for him to truly remember the lesson he was taught today.

Therefore, he flapped around his sleeve and placed the Demon Defending Monument inside his storage pouch.

"Stay inside peacefully. When my mood is good, I will consider whether or not I should let you out or not."

As his voice trailed off, the Demon Defending Monument exploded with the demon's angry scream. Sadly, he could barely function under the torturous pain. The way he talked was powerless.

"You had the intention to kill me, and you made that loud and clear. Yet here you are, dreaming of being set free." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. "I, Ling Xian, am not that easy to take advantage of."

Then, using his Qi, he set a barrier between him and the monument because he no longer wanted to hear the demon's angry cursing. Then, he slowly descended and landed beside Wang Yang and Lin Ying.

In midair, the Sword of Execution has formed into its original shape. It exuded cold killer's intent and violence, making everyone shudder and shiver.

Without a doubt, this was a heavenly sword. Its entire transformation process was also very suitable to study off of.

This was made clear through Wang Yang and Lin Ying's reactions. Since the start, 30 minutes have passed, yet the two of them were still deep in enlightenment and found it hard to pull themselves out of it.

This meant, the sword was good for them to enlighten off of. Or else they would've been shut out from this deep state a long time ago.

"It seems like my decision was right." Ling Xian faintly grinned, "If the two of them can take this opportunity to break their bottleneck, then it should be enough as repayment to them for allowing me to have the Demon Defending Monument."

Then, he manipulated his Qi and scanned the two of them. He found their Qi level rising up slowly but surely. The bottleneck was being pushed through as well.

This meant, they were about to breakthrough.

"Not bad. The Sword of Execution sure is appropriate for those from the Seek Sword Peak."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction as he looked at the two of them, both of whom were breathing more heavily. He muttered to himself, "The legacy of the Seek Sword Peak sure is special. It requires one to study swords in order to break through. If there are no breakthroughs, then the cultivator's journey would be limited, and the cultivator would not be able to advance."

"In general, however, the legacy from this Peak is very useful, and it's very suitable for these two."

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with anticipation. "It appears that I should find the opportunity to study the Seek Sword Peak's inheritance and techniques. If possible, I should learn all 12 peak's techniques. After that, I may even be able to create my own sword technique."

One has to admit that this thought was a little too optimistic and farfetched.

Any type of technique in this world, no matter how small or unimpressive it appears, takes thousands of centuries to create and test. Not only does creating a technique require extreme intelligence, but it also requires a very profound understanding of Heaven and Earth. If one doesn't possess these qualities, it's impossible to create one.

All inheritances from the 12 peaks were extremely powerful techniques. Each one of them is extremely intricate and complex. Training under any one of them requires a very long time, breaking each one of them apart and combining them into an even more powerful technique was next to impossible.

Since the history of time, every single talented leader of the Wan Jian House has had this wild thought. They all have hoped to somehow combine and perfect the 12 different techniques and create an unparalleled heavenly technique. Sadly, every single person who once had this thought ended up giving up.

What could they do? This was simply too difficult to achieve. The 12 different techniques were all already extremely capable and to use them as a foundation for the creation of something even better is the same as creating an unparalleled technique.

To create an unparalleled technique – doesn't that have the same difficulty level as stepping up to heaven?

However, if one doesn't dare to think it, how can one achieve it?

"Let me stop thinking about that for now. It's too far away from me. But, it will remain as a long-term goal of mine." Ling Xian softly smiled and shifted his gaze toward Wang Yang and Lin Ying.

Just as Ling Xian shifted his gaze, the two of them suddenly opened their eyes. Immediately, a wave of Qi stronger than before howled out of them and shook up the area.

It was Qi that belonged to the intermediate stage of the completion level.

In other words, they had succeeded.

With Ling Xian's help, they have finally reached the target of becoming Yunzhou's true Heaven's Favorites! They have finally become a powerhouse of the intermediate level of the completion stage!
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