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Cultivation is a very difficult task.

Especially after entering the completion level, it becomes even more difficult. The journey needs to be marched step by step and one cannot stop during this journey. Under a normal circumstance, every little step forward within the completion level takes a very long time to cultivate before someone is able to breakthrough.

Many cultivators need several years, or even decades to get to a point of breaking through.

However, to Ling Xian, this law was broken. Ignoring the fact that he used insane speed to reach the completion level, the speed of his cultivation after the completion level was also shocking enough to blind others.

One word, fast. Two words, very fast.

In the entire Yunzhou, not a lot of people can advance as fast as he does. It could be said that he is as rare as a phoenix or a unicorn.

On top of that, every step Ling Xian takes has been insanely steady – he reached the undefeatable realm of the meditational and foundational level. In other words, as he rooted himself strongly in each level, he also promised speed.

One has to admit that he was truly insane. Very little people in the entire universe can achieve this.

And yet right now, he was about to have another breakthrough.

When Ling Xian returned to Yunzhou, he was in the intermediate stage of the completion level. Since then, two years had passed. If this was any other completion levelled cultivator, two years would pass in the blink of an eye and nothing would be achieved.

However, to him, two years were enough time to level up.

One has to admit that this speed is very shocking. Unless the cultivator is one of those naturally talented genius, very few people can achieve this. There were a few reasons he was able to achieve this.

For one, he was naturally talented and he had been training every single day and accumulating his spiritual energy. For two, after he entered the Imperishable Temple, he had been battling non-stop. Two months ago, he fought against six powerhouses and almost died.

There is a saying that when one is on the verge of death, they become highly enlightened. There was some truth in this statement. The intense battles pushed Ling Xian to unleash his potential. Both his mentality and his physique improved greatly.

Therefore, breaking through was a natural event that was bound to happen.

"I cannot believe that this battle got me the pages of the Divine Book of Genesis and allowed me to step up a level."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as he felt his inside explode like a volcano. Smiling closely, he held his breathing and waited silently for his breakthrough.

Under a normal circumstance, the cultivator needs to be prepared before any drastic breakthroughs. If uncareful, the cultivator may die. However, for smaller scale breakthroughs, there are no danger involved and the timing of it is usually short.

Therefore, Ling Xian didn't hesitate and immediately released all the turmoil he was feeling inside.


After a loud rumble, terrifying spiritual energy seeped out of him. It shot through the sky and smashed the clouds into pieces.

The inside of Ling Xian's body also felt like a dormant volcano exploding. Like thousands of horses racing, his body roared with loud noises. The power of it was similar to a giant ocean wave that kept on rushing and rolling out.

"Let us patiently wait now."

Ling Xian grinned and slowly closed his eyes. He moved around the golden Dan inside to absorb the power it was emitting.

Rays after rays seeped out from Heaven and Earth. That, combined with the large scale spiritual array, spiritual energy solidified into rain form and poured down.

There was also a rush of mysterious energy inside Ling Xian's body. His organs were being nourished and his limbs were being washed.

This meant his body was being reborn.

Large breakthroughs and small breakthroughs can help strengthen the spiritual energy and the physical body. On top of that, every breakthrough is like having a baptism. After every baptism, one becomes purified.

This purification process is related to both the physical body and the mind. Both of which are necessary to all questing cultivators.

The only difference is that major breakthroughs will truly make one a new man, while a small breakthrough purifies at a smaller scale. However, whichever kind of breakthrough it is, to a cultivator, it is insanely beneficial.

Therefore, every cultivator tightly grasps onto every opportunity to breakthrough.

Ling Xian was no exception. He concentrated fully as he breathed in the spiritual energy and let him be overtaken by the strange force inside his body. He anticipated for a faster breakthrough.

Without a doubt, this will be along process. However, it will greatly lessen the time it takes him to heal.

As Ling Xian focused completely on his breakthrough, the two Immortals standing above the mountain notice irregularity about him.

"He is experiencing a breakthrough?" Liao Cang Qiong raised an eyebrow, "He caught something fortunate out of a troublesome event."

"This is truly astonishing. If I remember correctly, it's only been two years since he reached the intermediate stage of the completion level. I can't believe it would take him so little time to breakthrough." Feng Qing Ming bitterly laughed. He was getting numb from all the shocking achievements Ling Xian had been having.

"Haha, of course. Look at who's that kid's master!" Liao Cang Qiong laughed, his old face was full of pride.

He was proud of Ling Xian.

"Not again."

Feng Qing Ming was speechless. Since the Immortal of Alchemy has awakened, he has repeated this statement countless times. Feng Qing Ming's ears have roughened from hearing it.

"Hehe, you are just jealous. No matter how jealous you are, it is useless because he is my apprentice." Liao Cang Qiong looked very arrogant, "See! He only used two years to reach the advance stage of the completion level. How insane is he?"

"Look at all cocky you are looking. You were just lucky to be the first to awaken." Feng Qing Ming pouted, feeling too lazy to debate with this Immortal about a topic he was uncomfortable talking more about, "It's better for him to level up fast. After all, we are not sure when that moment will come."

"That's right. Or else he won't be able to defend." Feng Qing Ming exhaled deeply and suddenly remembered something, "Oh yeah, that old man is about to wake up."

Liao Cang Qiong's eyes brightened, "Very good. It's time for us old guys to gather."

"Then let us wait silently. Before long, he will awaken." Feng Qing Ming grinned and shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian. He paid close attention to his conditions.

Time went by just like that. After roughly a month, Ling Xian, at the bottom of the mountain, finally moved.

The giant spiritual array suddenly crumbled down into shapeless spiritual energy that roared into his body. Then, he slowly opened his eyes. They were shining like the star.


The moment his eyes opened, an infinite amount of prowess howled and blanketed the Heaven and the Earth!

The Qi of it was truly terrifying – same level as a beast awakening. It chased away the colors in the sky and dispersed the clouds.

"Finally, I have arrived – advanced stage of the completion level."

Lifting the corner of his lips, Ling Xian slowly sat up and straightened his back. He appeared tall, reliable, and strong enough to hold the sky away from the ground.

His right hand was tightened into a fist as he felt the energy in his body increase exponentially. He couldn't help but to smile from ear to ear.

"Advanced stage of the completion level… I am one step closer to the original level."

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