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In midair, Ling Xian's hair was black like ink and his robe was white like snow. Like the Sun in the sky, he was the center of attention and was emitting heavenly light. At the same time, he was like the descendent of a God, who had the vigor to pose threat to all nine levels of heaven.

At this moment, he was undefeatable and invincible!

He killed a Heaven's Favorite while surrounded by six powerhouses and while wounded. How dominating was this?

How unbelievable was this?

Remember that the it was the stone kind's Heaven's Favorite he killed. The stone kind is insanely powerful and dominates everyone else in its own generation. Under the circumstance where it had an advantage, Ling Xian smashed it into pieces. If this isn't invincibility, what is?

Everyone's emotions was tossing and turning as they stared at Ling Xian with fear in their eyes.

They were the strongest inheritors of the generation and powerhouses at the same level as Ling Xian, they had no reason to fear Ling Xian. However, they just witnessed him killing one of them. The impact of that was violent.

Even these Heaven's Favorites with the undefeatable mentality felt fear.

However, fear was just fear. The battle had to continue until one side completely lost.

Ling Xian understood this. Thus, he ignored his injuries and once again spun around his golden Dan. Immediately, spiritual energy like flame began to burn, making him look like an undefeatable God.

"Hmmph, useless struggles."

The nine headed lion snickered and stared down at Ling Xian, "That one punch was strong. But I do not believe you were not hurt from that fight."

"That's right. The stone man was one of the strongest here. I do not believe you came out of that battle unharmed." The mysterious creature finally spoke. Its voice was rusty and emotionless.

Ling Xian remained silent at this. Though he was strong, he was injured heavily. To have endured until now had not been an easy task.

The attack just now was only possible because he released all the Qi he had been storing. Though he succeeded in killing the stone man, the repulsive force from the attack made his internal injuries even more serious.

But so what?

Someone will have to kneel in order for this battle to end. Ling Xian refused to retreat!

"Less talking. The Divine Book of Genesis is in my hand. If you want it, then make your move." Ling Xian waved around his Halberd and pointed it at the group of Heaven's Favorites. His killer's intent dropped the temperature in the grand hall to freezing point.

Ignoring whether or not he will be able to defeat this group, his bravery of willing to face everyone was already a feat normal people wouldn't dare to attempt.

Even though the Heaven's Favorites were his enemies, they were still somewhat impressed. They admired Ling Xian's bravery and respected his capabilities.

"You sure have strong bones. If the Divine Book of Genesis isn't such an important item, we could've been friends." Xue Yu Chan exclaimed at how life worked out.

"If I remember correctly, you still owe me a favor." Ling Xian's expression was cold, "Yet here you are, trying to hurt me. I should've taken you down when I had the chance."

He glared at Xue Yu Chan and the roc with coldness.

"Fine then, I will step away from this battle." Xue Yu Chan sighed with complexity and retreated.

Everyone else frowned at this unexpected event.

"Haha, Ling Xian, do not worry, I will stop that mysterious being for you." Sun Ze Hao laughed and rose his hand into the sky.

"Thank you, you two!"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he sighed in relief. Against five Heaven's Favorites, he was for sure going to die. Against three however, this may not be the case.

"Okay, then let us stop having useless conversations."

Ling Xian no longer spoke. He sliced his Halberd across and terrifying Qi roared up to the sky like a giant wave.


Yelling, he leapt forward like a roc. Behind him, the silhouette of a gold dragon followed.


Battle fires restarted. One end of it was the unstoppable Ling Xian, the other end was three talented Heaven's Favorites. At the first move the two exchanged, an explosion occurred that caused a turmoil in the sky!

They knew very well that this war was unavoidable and impossible to retreat from. Therefore, every single being displayed their best techniques and vowed to kill each other here and now.

"Get the f*ck out of my face!"

Ling Xian was now red eyed as he continued to swing his Halberd with all force. Then, in a flash, he appeared before the roc and sliced down!

Out of everyone here, the roc was definitely the weakest and they had a history. Therefore, Ling Xian decided to kill it first.

Regardless, the roc was the strongest of its kind. Plus it was supported by two others who helped it defend against the attack.

"Ling Xian, you need to die!"

Howling, the roc flapped its wings aggressively and the feathers that fell turned into sharp swords!

"You are the one going to hell!"

Screaming, the Armor of the Royal Spirits tightened around Ling Xian's body and helped him defend against the two powerhouses' attacks. Then, Ling Xian pinpointed the roc's location and the Halberd dropped down!


This attack was heavy and weighed a ton. The roc's neck almost detached from its body and it coughed up huge amounts of blood.

Ling Xian continued his moves. One jab from the Sword, one slice from the Halberd, he was determined to kill the roc!

"Dammit, he is so strong!"

The roc's feathers were shining with bright light and its wings acted like iron to stop Ling Xian's attack. Though it was rather extraordinary, it was weak next to Ling Xian. Ling Xian's attacks made it feel dizzy.

Seeing that the roc had no energy in it to counter attack, Ling Xian suddenly remembered the heavy sword he received and his eyes brightened.

If his method of smashing the swords into the roc was stopping the roc from counter attacking, what would happen if he used a sword that was heavier?

Thinking about, Ling Xian summoned and the blemished heavy sword appeared in his hand.

He rose the sword high above his head and he slammed it down!


He had an outstanding physique and he even won against the six armed gorilla, a kind of being that took pride in their muscle strength. This, coupled with the weight of the sword, even space itself was smushed.


The roc shrieked in agony. It could not defend against the attack that was heavy like the mountain. It was knocked out in an instant.

Seeing this, Ling Xian's eyes glistened. He waved around the sword in all directions!

He didn't infuse any spiritual energy into this attack. Yet its affect was similar to a mountain falling down!

Instantly, the Heaven's Favorites lost their composure and ran to the side to hide. Though the sword was heavy, it was also very fast. It smashed into them in the blink of an eye.


The three Heaven's Favorites puked out fresh blood and their eyes dimmed. They were in awe of Ling Xian's strength and in shock of how heavy the sword was.

"Haha, how satisfying!" Ling Xian guffawed and the dark cloud he had been keeping inside his chest finally lifted.

After that attack, he was now even more certain that this sword will help him change the result of the battle. He injected all his Qi into the sword and swung it towards his enemies.

This sword seemed to be weighing a ton. Absolutely terrifying.

"Not good!"

The Heaven's Favorites quickly ran to dodge.

However, the nine headed lion was one beat behind. The sword slightly touched the lion but despite the lion's best effort to defend, the weight of the sword smacked it out of everyone's sight.

Seeing this, Ling Xian's eyes brightened even more. His enemies however, felt troubled.

If they were fighting normally, even if they cannot immediately kill Ling Xian, as time went on, they can easily end him. However, Ling Xian suddenly took out a sword that was as heavy as a mountain. The strength of the sword was not something they could defend again.

Even the slightest touch will result in them being flung out.

"Haha, die!"

Ling Xian laughed out of loud and arrived beside the roc in a flash. He swung his sword and the space was compressed down.

Pay attention now, the area was compressed, not smashed. This alone made it obvious how heavy Ling Xian's sword truly was.

This sword was undefendable. The roc immediately fell to the ground and began to cough up blood.


After another scream, Ling Xian appeared before the roc and sliced off its head.

The roc's blood splattered everywhere to the remaining two Heaven's Favorites' shock.

Ling Xian had killed another Heaven's Favorite in such a short span of time. This lessened his burden and he was once again seeing hope.

'Damn, what a powerful humankind."

The nine headed lion's expression was dark, "You see how terrifying that person is. If you still hide your abilities, we will all die."

Xia Ling Mu was silent at this.

Ling Xian was far too powerful. He was able to kill two powerhouses under such a difficult situation.

"Human, give us your all."

The silver lion had a serious expression on its face. Its heads began to emit light and combined into an even bigger nine headed lion that leapt towards Ling Xian.

Simultaneously, Xia Ling Mu attacked as well.

"Good, watch me get rid of both of your moves at the same time!"

Ling Xian was fearless and was high off the battle. Like a bull, he dashed on. The sword in his hand was completely dim, but it contained the power to split open a mountain!


No matter what kind of aggressive attack he was faced again, he only used his one sword and his own strength.

Then, he diminished the attacks and obtained advantage over the battle!


Ling Xian was now red eyed as he continued to sweep the place until all Heaven's Favorites were coughing up blood.

As time went on, the two powerhouses were getting more and more tired. They now no longer had the energy in them to counter attack.

This turn of events was unimaginable!

To know that the nine headed lion and Xia Ling Mu were Heaven's Favorites of his own level. How could they be defeated so badly? Even Ling Xian couldn't believe this!

Of course, this was mostly thanks to his sword. Though it was without spiritual energy, it was still an ancient treasure that weighed thousands of tons.

Which creature can defend against that?

After all, Ling Xian had physical strength and knew the techniques. Equipping him with this heavy sword made him even more unstoppable.

One has to admit that he was truly powerful. Any normal person would find it difficult to even pick up the sword, let alone swinging it.

"Come, my sword is waiting to take off your head!"

Ling Xian's black hair danced in the wind crazily. He concentrated all his Qi into the sword as he pushed it down from above!

The sword was heavy and powerful. Like the falling of the moon, this attack destroyed all living beings within three thousand miles and all nine heavens!


The two powerhouses puked out blood and flung outwards.

At this moment, Ling Xian stood like an undefeatable God holding a sword in his hand.

His demeanor was so bright it lit up both Heaven and Earth!
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