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Inside the palace, all six powerhouses began to show off their best techniques. Terrifying Qi expanded wave after wave and shocked all directions.

They only had one goal – and that was to defeat the man before them and acquire the Divine Book of Genesis. After the rebuttals just now, they were now aware of how terrifying Ling Xian was and no longer acted with reserve.

Thus, the amount of stress Ling Xian felt multiplied and he was now experiencing the biggest crisis he had ever to face!

The six powerhouses were far too terrifying. Every single one of them had the ability to drain the sea, move the mountain, and even steal the stars. He would have to give his all to kill just one of them, let alone fighting against so many of them at once.

However, Ling Xian knew very well that today, he had to fight. It was the only way for him to pave out a bloody path!


The six powerhouses were strong and terrifying as they aimed at Ling Xian with an unmatchable amount of vigor!

The atmosphere was truly earth shattering and sky splitting!

However, Ling Xian was fearless and instead, felt a wave of passion.

So what there were six powerhouses?

Today he will end them all!


Ling Xian's black hair was tussling in the wind crazily like the devil. He held onto the Sword with his left hand and gripped onto the Halberd with his right. The Mirror and the Zither resonated with each other and completely fell into a state of deliria.

Spiritual energy burned through him like a flame, making him look more and more powerful and more similar to an undefeatable God of War.

Though he was already injured, he was as brave as ever. Every movement he made had the intention to rule the world!

This was what surprised the six powerhouses. They didn't expect Ling Xian to be acting so bravely even after sustaining his injuries. They became even more surprised when they remembered that Ling Xian was younger in age.


Attacking aggressively, Ling Xian exaggerated his movements to really get the point across that he was about to fight against six powerhouses solo!

This was what it meant to be truly undefeatable. Though he was young in age, he had experienced hundreds of battles. Against six powerhouses, he was squeezing out every little bit of his Qi to truly dominate!

Or to put it another way, the stress from these people have enhanced his abilities!

"Let's move quickly and finish him!"

The stone kind's Heaven's Favorite shouted. Both of its arms began to swirl and created countless light rays that headed towards Ling Xian.

The other powerhouses became more aggressive as well. Ling Xian's capabilities were beyond their expectation. If they didn't make their moves now, it will be hard to destroy him later.

Therefore, all the different beings linked hands and the combined Qi astonished the universe!

Immediately, Ling Xian was hurt once again and spat out fresh blood. However, he truly was powerful. Though he was hit by several powerhouses at once, he didn't step back even one bit!

"You think I am easy to bully? Come at me!"

Ling Xian wiped the blood off his lips. Like a roc that just expanded its wings, he moved forward with dashing speed. The Sword of the Extinction and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior howled in response.

At the same time, a ray of heavenly light shot out and destroyed everything it touched.

It was the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality!

"Hmmoh, even though you are talented and unprecedented, you will die here today!"

The stone man spat out a galaxy that turned into sky tall waves that was trying to wash over Ling Xian!

However, Ling Xian had ignited every inch of his Qi. Though the stone man's waves were powerhouse, it couldn't win against the Halberd.


After an earth splitting noise, the wave broke, forcing the stone man to stumble backwards. However, Ling Xian did not retreat and instead, engulfed the beings before him.


An endless amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud and its terrifying power cracked down the structure in places!


Ling Xian was high off this fight and became unstoppable. Every single move he made scared the Heaven and Earth!

He had given it his all and dialed up the Eyes of Execution to its extreme. Murky air entered and exited out of his body, nourishing his physique and providing him with an endless amount of energy!

"I will defeat you!"

The stone man growled. It was nicknamed to be the best Heaven's Favorite of its generation and had never been forced to retreat. Yet here he was, being pushed back by an injured human who was younger than it. How could it accept that?

By now, it was using all it knows as it shot out thousands of light rays that pierced through the air.

"You will pay for wanting to kill me!"

Ling Xian was now truly enraged. All six transformative qualities emitted infinite amount of light that tossed and turned with the intention to cause destruction.


He had displayed true might as all six of his weapons exclaimed and instantly destroyed the many light rays. The stone man was once again forced to step back.

It was now shaking on the inside. The rest of the powerhouses were also frowning tightly, unable to understand how Ling Xian was able to release such terrifying Qi even after two heavy attacks landed on him.


Shouting, Ling Xian leapt forward. The Halberd in his hand was aimed at his enemy's head!

At this moment, he was crazily manipulating his perfect golden Dan and dialed up his Qi to the extreme. He truly was the reincarnation of the God of War as at this moment, he was unstoppable and undefeatable!

The Sword of Extinction was sharp, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior was violent, the Burnished Mirror was Spirituality was overpowering, the Zither of the Crouching Dragon was valiant – supporting these weapons were the Armor of the Royal Spirits and the Winged Blitz. Ling Xian's temperament was now increasingly uncontrollable!


He swept his Halberd across and made the stone man cough up blood heavily. Then, he jabbed his Sword, which teared the space before him before it sliced off one of the nine headed lion's heads!

This scene shocked everyone!

It wasn't the end. Ling Xian increased his powerfulness again. The ancient Zither began to play itself and its music notes transformed into giant waves that struck up into the sky.

A golden dragon appeared between the waves of energy, appearing insanely extraordinary and vast.

It's the phenomenon that happens when the Song of the Crouching Dragon is played perfectly!


Immediately, the six powerhouses began to spit out blood as not a single one of them could handle the energy given off by the Song of the Crouching Dragon. Even the mysterious and profound Xue Yu Chan, couldn't handle it and her face turned white.

"Stone kind's Heaven's Favorite, pay me with your life!"

Grasping onto the perfect opportunity when the six powerhouses were being stunned by the Song of the Crouching Dragon, Ling Xian appeared before the stone man's face. He planned on killing him to lessen his burden.

Ling Xian's body began to shine, his right fist in particular, was shining like the Sun in the sky!


The Disorder Conquering Fist finally showed itself. The punch created a turmoil that crushed the entire place and shocked the Heavens!

Immediately, the stone man's expression turned into fear. Just like it had had sensed, the punch was undefeatable and impossible to defend. Just like God's hands, it had the power to destroy the universe!

This made it very much afraid as it felt death crawling onto it for the first time. Therefore, it summoned its strongest technique in attempt to defend against this punch.

However, the fist was far too terrifying. It felt like the Gods were angered and sent down a punishment mighty enough to destroy land within 3,000 miles!


Undefeatable Qi rolled out in all four directions and broke down the entire place. The stone kind's body began to disintegrate and was eventually blown into pieces!

In that instant, the entire palace lost its sound and fell into dead silence.

The powerhouses there were absolutely in awe and shuddered at the fact that Ling Xian was able to kill the descendent of the stone kind while injured!

Terrified gazes shifted towards Ling Xian. The way they stared at him was somewhat uncertain and somewhat surprised.

The young man before them was not old in age, yet he was like the Sun in the sky – a creation of the Gods.

His invincibility had finally been fully revealed.
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