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Painting of the Nine Immortals 500 Defeating the Three Eyed Heaven’s Favorite

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In midair, a fist as giant as the Sun came crashing down and exploded with terrifying Qi.

Instantly, the gorilla's expression changed and its red eyes filled with desperation. It could never have imagined that there would be such a terrifying technique in the world and a human cultivator of this calibre!

After the mountain heavy punch landed, the gorilla's arms were brushed into pieces. All six of them.

Without a moment of hesitation, without a second of reluctance, the gorilla kind's proudest technique was beaten with this one punch!


After a painful shriek, the gorilla's entire body began to shake and all six of its arms fell down to its side. This represented the end of the battle and represented that his never losing battle streak had concluded.

It lost. It lost in the hand of a human. A being it never saw as a threat!

This didn't just mean that it had lost. It also meant the technique of the gorilla kind had failed. To know that the gorilla kind has been glorious because of this shocking technique!

Yet before its eyes, the technique was destroyed by Ling Xian. How unbelievable was this?

How could the proud six armed gorilla accept this?

However, its broken arms were evidence for its loss. It had to believe no matter what!

"I have lost. My kind has lost." The six armed gorilla seemed to have lost its soul as its red eyes dimmed.

Ever since it was born, it had believed that it was the strongest of all and that its kind's technique was the best. Yet at this moment, Ling Xian had ended it with on move. How could it not feel the impact?

Even though there was shooting pain in his arms, compared to the bitterness inside, it was nothing.

The collapsing of its confidence was the real agony!

It was obvious that Ling Xian's punch was unstoppable. Not only did it shatter its arms, it shattered its confidence. No longer have the undefeatable mentality, it turned into a zombie.

"I told you before, you are no opponent of mine."

Ling Xian glared at the gorilla. Its right fist continued to spit out colorful lights that were pulsing.

"You're right, I am no opponent of yours."

The six armed gorilla laughed. Recalling the astonishing punch, it sighed deeply, "In the entire Yunzhou, out of all the younger generation, perhaps only the roc is your equal."

"The roc?"

Ling Xian shook his head and laughed, "I forgot to tell you, it had lost."

"What? The roc lost?"

The six armed gorilla shrieked, its dim eyes were now flashing with the color of awe, "You are telling me, the gold winged roc, has been defeated by you?"

"If you are talking about the arrogant mixed bird, then you are correct." Ling Xian spoke softly, its expression was calm as usual. He didn't think winning against the roc was too big of a deal.

After his confirmation, the six armed gorilla was stunned.

"How is that possible? How can the roc lose?"

Mumbling to itself, the six armed gorilla's expression was sluggish and full of disbelief. However, when he remembered just how much power Ling Xian demonstrated, he understood.

Therefore, its heart became filled with regret and hatred. He regretted so much for provoking Ling Xian!

If it knew before that Ling Xian had defeated the roc, it would've run away straight away rather than trying to challenge him. Sadly, the world allows no "if's". It had to pay for what it's done.

"Since our kinds have always been enemies and I have angered you, then I will not ask for forgiveness."

The six armed gorilla chuckled in agony as it turned its golden Dan and killed itself. In that instant, its entire body exploded into a bloody storm and collapsed onto the ground, leaving behind one statement that echoed.

"Do not be arrogant. The golden roc is the weakest amongst us. If you encounter the rock kind, or the others, you will not be able to escape."

"That mixed bird is the weakest."

Ling Xian frowned and remembered that he felt five different strong scents before the Temple activated. He murmured to himself, "The rock kind should be that rock man. Xue Yu Chan I have met also. Only two powerhouses remain mysterious."

"It seems like I still cannot relax."

Sighing, Ling Xian felt a little worried for the humankind. As for himself, he was not afraid.

Don't forget, he was a Heaven's Favorite with the undefeatable mentality. Why would he fear before he even starts a fight?

"Whatever. I will run into them soon or later. When I do, we will see who wins." Ling Xian's eyes flashed with coldness as he continued to mutter to himself, "It's time to kill the rest of the foreign kind."

Then, his silhouette disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already inside another room.

The moment he appeared, a statement full of killer's intent rose.

"I have been waiting for a long time."

As the voice trailed off, an extremely terrifying black light shot across the sky and headed for him. The frigid killer's intent and demeanor crumbled the space.


Ling Xian frowned, but he did not fluster. Though the ray of light was extremely terrifying and unfriendly, who was he? Why would he be flustered just because of this?

His eyes shone and a reflective mirror materialized above his head. Like the eternal Sun, it released bright light.

"The Burnished Mirror of Spirituality, break it!"

Opening his mouth, Ling Xian summoned the Mirror. An eternal light howled and clashed against the dark light.


After an earth splitting rumble, the two rays of light reacted and slammed into each other. The heavenly light engulfed the entire room.

In the next second, the entire room of heavenly light dissipated. Though no one completely overtook each other, Ling Xian was actually at an advantage.

Don't forget, he was fighting without preparation and he just came from another battle. The opponent however, had been preparing since he struck a move the moment Ling Xian showed up.

Therefore, even though it was a tie, it was enough to prove that Ling Xian was winning.

"The moment I appear, you sneak attack me. This isn't something a true man would do." Ling Xian was expressionless as he shifted his gaze.

There, a young man who looked no different than a human stood. He was wearing a silver robe and his visage could be considered handsome. However, his expression was devious and dark, thus his handsomeness was ruined.

The only difference between him and the humankind was that between his brows, was a third eye.

It was a vertical eye and it was silver. Between every blink, heavenly light swirled, releasing a strange energy.

"Hmmph, I want to kill you, you want to kill me, why would I act nicely?"

He hissed with impatience. After he was trapped into this room, he knew Ling Xian would show up sooner or later.

Therefore, he prepared an attack and planned on delivering that one critical attack the moment Ling Xian showed up. The attack just now however, did not give him any advantage. How could he not be a little agitated?

"That's true."

Ling Xian had a cold smile on his lips as he remembered the historical records he read, "If I'm not wrong, you are the Heaven's Favorite from the three eyed kind."

"That's right. If you know about the three eyed kind, then you must know how powerful I am." The handsome young man's expression was extremely arrogant. Thinking about all the glory his own kind has achieved, he became fearless.

The three eyed kind was a mysterious and powerful kind. The kind had limited number of disciples, yet every single one of them was horrifyingly strong. Though it wasn't a ruling kind, it was close to it.

The strongest move this kind had would be the vertical eye between their brows. Legends had it that the eye was a gift from god and contained many unbelievable abilities. Not only can they use it offensively, it can also be used to defend.

As he remembered how powerful his own kind was, the three eyed young man became arrogant.

"How strong you are?"

Ling Xian lost his composure and shook his head, "Yes, you sure are strong."

"Hmmph, since you already know, then why aren't you on your way out?"

The three eyed young man didn't hear the sarcasm in Ling Xian's voice and thought he was being complimented. His expression turned into more arrogant.


Ling Xian laughed and decided to not waste more time. "Let's not talk more. Make your move."

"Hmmph, you idiot who don't even know how high the sky is. As the Heaven's Favorite of the three eyed kind, I can destroy you with one hand!" The three eyed young man laughed in disdain as the light between his brows shone and released a strange force that seemed to be evoking the soul.

It was one of its abilities, evoking the soul.

If anyone without a stern belief was standing before him, he would be compelled by this mysterious force and be doing whatever it was asking. However, Ling Xian had been through storms of obstacles and had an unwavering mentality. Why would he be controlled by this force?

Even though he was merely standing there, he was unaffected by the mysterious force!

"Such useless attempt is a waste of my time."

Ling Xian spoke softly. Even though his opponent was someone of the three eyed kind, against a being who's cultivation level was weaker than his own, he had no interest in fighting. Therefore, he didn't want to spend any more time against this man. In a flash, he showed up before the handsome young man.

Then, before this person's off guarded eyes, he slammed out a fist that shook the entire room!

Immediately, the three eyed young man's expression changed. No longer thinking about why Ling Xian was unaffected by his soul evoking attack, he quickly called out a defensive technique in attempt to block this punch.

Sadly, Ling Xian had already decided to not waste time with this man and thus had used the Disorder Conquering Fists right away. The unmatchable amount of energy was not something this person here could defend again.

Even if he had used the strongest ability of his eyes, it wouldn't have been useful!


One side was the Disorder Conquering Fists, the other side was a shield transformed from his eyes. The clashing of the two resulted in piercing light that flooded the entire room.

Amongst the chaos was a shadow of a man dressed in silver and puking out in blood after being slammed into the wall by the punch.

"This is impossible!"

Screaming, the three eyed young man's face turned chalk white and his face was dense with shock.

Perhaps it was because Ling Xian wasn't affected by the soul evoking attack, or perhaps it was because he was surprised at how easily he was knocked out.

"How's it not possible? You really are strong, but, you are only strong against others."

In the middle of the heavenly light, a man was dressed in a white robe that was dyed in blood. Like the commander of the world, he stood with the temperament to rule the oceans, control the mountains, and lead the people.

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