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Inside the blinding gold hall way, the original strange rooms reappeared and trapped the 10 Heaven's Favorites. Like the legendary immortal jails, they had nowhere to escape to.

Facing against the 10 something rooms, the corners of Ling Xian's lips lifted, satisfied at this scene. Not only did this mean he now controlled the Imperishable Temple, it also meant he was going to get away from this crisis.

Honestly, he knew that he was far too weak to fight against the group of Heaven's Favorites. One rebuttal would've gotten him killed. However, since the beginning, he had no plan to fight them head on. He merely wanted to borrow the power of the Temple and trap them.

What was there to fear?

If he fought against them one by one, there was no need to fear any one of them!

"If I can make all the rooms disappear, I can make all of them reappear. Just you wait, I am on my way to take each and every one of your head."

Coldness and sarcasm was hanging by Ling Xian's lips. However, he did not make a move right away. Instead, he casually strolled around and listened to the Heaven's Favorites' screams.

"Dammit, why did this room appear again? What is happening?"

"Bastard! We overlooked one important matter. The rooms disappeared because of him. In other words, he had the ability to make all the rooms appear again!"

"It's done. We have been trapped and we cannot get out, yet he can enter and leave at will. Doesn't this mean we have to fight him one by one?"

Many Heaven's Favorites revealed their shock. Inside their individual rooms, no matter how much they attacked, they could not lift the prohibition in the room.

This made them fearful. But of course, a few of them showed no fright. It seemed like they were confident about their capabilities.

"Let the slaughter begin."

The corners of Ling Xian's lips lifted. Spinning around, he appeared inside a room in a flash.

Before him, stood a young man in white. It was one of the humans who chose to go against Ling Xian.

The young man, after seeing Ling Xian, became over washed with fear. Even his body was trembling.

Even before the Imperishable Temple activated, he had learned of this man's terror and knew that he was the Ling Xian who killed the Third Prince!

Thus, how could he not feel fear?

"You didn't expect me to build the rooms again did you?

Gawking at the trembling humankind Heaven's Favorite, Ling Xian's gaze turned even colder as the anger inside his chest boiled. He was not mad at the foreign kinds, because it was expected of them to try and steal the treasures.

But for a human to do so caused him to bathe in anger.

What the man did was considered betrayal. And Ling Xian hated betrayal the most!

"Ling… Ling Xian, please, let me live. Will you?" The young man in white croaked, his face was full of fear.

He originally thought if he attacked together with the foreign kind, he could easily kill Ling Xian. Yet the situation had changed and though there were more of them against Ling Xian, they were forced to separate. Naturally, he lost his courage.

What could he do? Ling Xian was far too famous. Not only did he kill the Third Prince, he escaped from the Emperor as well. This alone proved his powerfulness!

In the entire younger generation of Yunzhou, other than the very Heaven's Favorites who were considered to be the strongest of all, nobody could remain calm before him.

"Let you live?"

Ling Xian revealed a cold snicker, "I have given you the opportunity. You didn't treasure it and now you want me to give you a chance?"

"I knew it, I knew it."

The young man in white smiled sadly and his heart dropped. However, perhaps he realized there was only one way for him to survive this. Because in the next moment, his expression turned ferocious, "Since that's the case, then I will drag you down with me down to hell. Nobody shall live!"

Then, his black hair began to tussle crazily as terrifying Qi poured of him and pressed down this area.

Then, he threw a punch. Countless silhouettes of monsters appeared and headed towards Ling Xian.

"Such useless struggles."

Against the terrifying monster silhouettes, Ling Xian glared at the person and his entire body began to emit light. His right fist in particular, was shining to compete with the Sun. Then, he casually threw the punch that was simple yet aggressive!

All the monster silhouettes disappeared at once. This earth shattering punch then landed on the youth in white's chest.


After puking out a mouthful of blood, the young man in white flung out. All the bones in his body and his meridians ripped to pieces and he breathed his last breath.

His wide open eyes were full of regret and hatred.

"If you had known this beforehand, would you have acted how you acted?"

Noticing the meaning the young man had in his eyes, Ling Xian shook his head pitifully. But he did not regret what he had done.

He would never go soft on a traitor!

"This is the first one. Two remains."

Mumbling, Ling Xian flapped around his sleeve and the prohibition inside the room immediately disappeared. He then marched forward one step and arrived inside another room.

The moment he arrived, the young man dressed in black inside the room shuddered. He didn't expect Ling Xian to arrive so quickly.

He was planning on breaking the array and escaping, yet Ling Xian's arrival caused him to feel hopeless.

"Stop putting in useless efforts. I have given you the opportunity but you didn't treasure it."

Ling Xian opened his lips slowly, feeling too lazy to waste more words with this man. He lifted his arm and threw a punch that startled the entire space!


After his punch struck, an infinite amount of heavenly light exuded and crashed down the entire space!

Immediately, the man in black had a change in expression. He quickly displayed a technique in attempt to block Ling Xian's attack.

Sadly, though he was a Heaven's Favorite, he was only in the intermediate stage of the completion level. His abilities fell far too behind compared to Ling Xian's. On top of that, the punch was the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists. It was insanely terrifying and powerful, how could he ever dream of stopping it?

Even though he gave it his all, he could not win against the Fists and was knocked out instantly.


After puking out a mouthful of fresh blood, the young in black collapsed onto the ground. His face was white like a sheet of paper and was full of fright.

"You can regret all you want in hell."

Then, Ling Xian's eyes flickered and a bloody red sword materialized.

At this, the man in black turned even more fearful. He, however, understood that he was going to die for sure today. Thus, he didn't beg and merely laughed, "Make your move. Dying in your hands is not a shame."

"Do not worry, someone has already gone. In a bit, someone else will go as well. You will not be alone on your journey." Ling Xian glared at the person as his Sword of Extinction pierced through this man's heart.

Then, Ling Xian didn't spend any more time hesitating. He flapped around his sleeve again and came to the next room.

There were only 20 something Heaven's Favorites who wanted to take his treasures. Out of them, seven to eight humankind switched sides and joined him, leaving behind only three humans. In other words, only one human Heaven's Favorite remained.

It was a relatively handsome young man in black. He too, was attempting to break the array when he felt the space shake. He frowned.

After seeing Ling Xian's arrival, he too, like the previous two, immediately became flushed with fear.

"You were all acting above me and acting as if you were going to defeat me for sure." Ling Xian's expression was calm as he continued, "Now, do you regret this?"


The man in purple gritted his teeth, "Ling Xian, you really want to kill me?"

"What else would I do? Keeping someone like you alive in the world is a sin." Ling Xian's killer's intent seeped out.

No matter what, no matter whom, will make him change his mind about killing this person!


Feeling Ling Xian's determination, the man in purple realized that no matter what he said, it will be useless. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and decided to give in his all.

"Good attitude. It matches your Heaven's Favorite identity."

Ling Xian spoke softly as the Halberd of the Divine Warrior howled, raising the temperature in the entire room. However, he did not move right away. Instead, he pointed the sword at the man, asking him to make the first move.

Seeing this, the man in purple was infuriated, "Ling Xian, just because you killed the Third Prince doesn't mean you get to ignore me. I will teach you today that there will always someone better than you!"

Then, this person aggressively attacked!


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the sky and turned into giant waves that flooded all directions!

Though this attack was powerful, in Ling Xian's eyes, it was just so so.

Against the violent thousand rays of light, Ling Xian stood like an immobile mountain. He merely lifted an arm and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with an unmatchable amount of light that dispersed the attack.

After that, he moved.

Just like how a monkey moved inside a forest, he appeared in front of the man in purple in a flash. Raising an arm, he slammed the Halberd of the Divine Warrior at him!


The black blade caused a wreckage. The moment it landed, the entire area crumbled into pieces.

The man in purple's expression changed drastically at this. He quickly displayed a defensive technique that attempted to stop the earth shattering attack.

Sadly, his capabilities were no match against Ling Xian. The moment the Halberd landed, his defense fell apart. The blade that weighed thousands of tons landed on him.


After puking out blood, all the bones inside the man in purple's body were smashed. He only had a sliver of life inside him.

"You dared to try and steal without real capabilities? Even if you had that thought, you should've checked out the opponent's level of cultivation."

Ling Xian whispered and placed the Halberd on top of his neck, "How dare you threaten me with your capabilities? Don't you find yourself laughable?"


Mumbling, the man's face turned bitter and regretful, "Yes, it is laughable. If I knew you had the power to trap us in these rooms, I never would've even considered stealing from you."

"Sadly, there are no 'if's."

Ling Xian shook his head without a trace of pity, "Go on your way, the other two are waiting for you."

Then, he flung his Halberd and in an instant, fresh blood splattered everywhere, dying his white robe red.

"It's time to attack the foreign kinds…"

Murmuring, Ling Xian's expression dropped even colder as killer's intent rushed out of him like a tidal wave.

Since the three humans had died, it was time for him to start a war against the foreign kinds.

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