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Because half of the rooms here have disappeared, majority of the Heaven's Favorites have returned to the original spot of the Imperishable Temple – the gold and glistening palace.

Currently, most Heaven's Favorites were standing on the ground, amongst them were some of the human kind, who were now staring at Ling Xian in a malicious manner.

Feeling the cold glares, Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, his temperament was threatening with a trace of killer's intent.

He wasn't dumb. Of course he had guess what these people were planning on doing. Thus, he unleashed his intention to kill.

However, every single person here was a Heaven's Favorite. Thus, everyone had insane capabilities and didn't think Ling Xian's killer's intent was intimidating. Before him, cold statements rose one after another in a menacing manner.

"I am not one to hide my intentions. You know what we want. So you might as well just hand out these treasures and avoid a battle."

"That's right, no matter how powerhouse you are, you are no opponent of ours. Just give up what you have."

"Haha, if you don't do as I say, then you cannot keep your life."

Many different beings chimed in with a sarcastic smile on their faces. They seemed to be certain that Ling Xian will choose to surrender.

This was normal, after all, Ling Xian was fighting solo. No matter how brave he was, he was no opponent of such a large ground. Even the best Heaven's Favorite here cannot beat these many powerhouses.

Thus, every single being thought Ling Xian will choose to retreat. Because the other alternative was death.

However, against more than 20 Heaven's Favorites and their threats, Ling Xian did not show a hint of fear. Instead, he smiled leisurely.

Just like those being had said, no matter how powerful he was, he was fighting solo and could not win against the alliance of those Heaven's Favorites. Nobody here can!

What could they do? The difference in capabilities between the two parties were far too giant. They cannot even be compared. One hit will end in his immediate death.

Yet Ling Xian remained composed and didn't think much of these Heaven's Favorites.

This was because he had broken down half of the arrays at the Imperishable Temple. In other words, he now controls half of the Temple. Why would he take these clowns seriously?

"You bunch of useless trash. You think I will bow down to you? You sure overestimate yourselves."

Ling Xian glared at everyone fearlessly. The way he stood tall in the face of them was extraordinary.


Everyone was a little stunned as they yelled at Ling Xian in a rage.

"Dammit, who do you think you are? You dare to call me trash?"

"You sure do not know how high the sky is! You dare to speak to me with such disrespect. You sure do not fear death!"

"Everyone, let's not waste time with this person. Let's just go and kill him. Then we'll divide up the treasures!"

Many beings here exchanged glances. After confirming the killer's intent in each other's eyes, they had now decided on a common goal and planned on killing Ling Xian here and now.

"It seems like you have made up your mind."

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, his pose was imposing. As he glanced around coldly, he realized that amongst this group, stood a few human kind. He was infuriated.

If this was anywhere else, he would be able to forgive those who are greedy. But what kind of place was this?

It was the Imperishable Temple!

It was a battleground made for the humankind and the foreign kinds. It was a place where human kinds gave in their all to defeat the others!

Yet here they were, a few humans were planning on killing him. This was betrayal! How could Ling Xian not be enraged? His killer's intent poured out of him angrily like flood. A furious statement was then made.

"Those of the human kinds, I want to ask you two questions."

Ling Xian's gaze was cold as he glared at them, "Number one, where are we? Number two, what were your original goals of coming here?"

These human's expressions changed at this, turning a little embarrassed.

Before their arrival, their ancestors had ordered them to ignore whatever past hatred they had against each other and cooperate. Putting a pause on their past, they had to be allies in order to defend against the foreign kinds!

Therefore, after Ling Xian asked his questions, these people were embarrassed.

"No response? It seems like you know what the problem is."

Ling Xian coldly snickered, "I will now give you a chance. If you change sides and stand by me right now, I will let go of what happened. If you choose to fight me, then I will not go easy on you later."

Hearing this, seven to eight Heaven's Favorites of the humankind had a change of heart. They remembered the battle at the Valley of the Falling Moon and became fearful.

On top of this, they remembered what their Masters ordered before their journey. Thus, after a moment of hesitation, they gritted their teeth and flew towards Ling Xian.

However, three of them were overpowered by their greed and ignored Ling Xian. They didn't stand out.

"Good, very good."

Ling Xian's eyes was full of killer's intent, "Those of you who came, you will feel very fortunate. Those of you who didn't, you will regret it."

"I swear, I will slaughter each and every one of you. Because those of you who betrayed the humankind is far more hateful than the foreign kind!"

Just then, Ling Xian's ink black hair began to tussle in the wind. Like an angered immortal, his spiritual energy expanded for three thousand miles and caused a rumble in the sky!

"This Qi… does not pale next to the most powerful foreign kind…"

Everyone's expression drastically changed. However, when they realized that it was a battle between one man versus many, the fear disappeared. All they could feel now was confidence, and disdain towards Ling Xian.

"Hehe, everyone, let's attack together. After we kill him, we can divide up the treasures!"

A being with horns had a ferocious look on its face as Qi seeped out of its body.

At the same time, the other Heaven's Favorites mustered up their courage. As if they had planned it, they slowly walked towards Ling Xian. The casual ways displayed how little they cared and how certain they were over the belief that the treasures were going to be theirs.

As they marched forward, terrifying waves of Qi expanded and headed for Ling Xian. The combination of all this energy was shocking!

However, against the many Heaven's Favorites, Ling Xian remained nonchalant and collected.

"Interesting, I hope you can still smile after I'm done."

The corner of his lips lifted, revealing a careless smile. Then, he flapped his sleeve gently and a mysterious force descended from above.

An unbelievable scene was happening.

The Temple was now shaking uncontrollably and emitting a golden light. Like the ripples on water, it pushed towards the many Heaven's Favorites.

In the next second, the different rooms were being recreated before the gazes of awe from the Heaven's Favorites. They were now once again individually trapped.

At the same time, a presumptuous and provoking voice rose, making all the Heaven's Favorites inside each room depressed and fearful!

"If I can make all the rooms disappear, I can make all of them reappear. Just you wait, I am on my way to take each and every one of your head."

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