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Inside the room, a heavy sword with the height of half a human suspended in midair. It was wide and full of blemishes. Based on pure appearance, it was a piece of metal without any heavenly light surrounding it. There was also definitely no spiritual energy seeping out of it.

However, the roc stated that the sword came from a battlefield. This alone was enough to prove that this sword was not an ordinary one. After all, Ling Xian, using his Eyes of Execution, had found the hidden mystery about this sword.

It was a heavenly treasure that made his heart thump.

Therefore, after the roc and Xue Yu Chan left, he couldn't wait any longer and took out the sword.

"Because I was in a rush, I couldn't be certain if the sword actually contained that thing. Now I have the time, I better inspect carefully." Ling Xian grinned and suppressed the excitement he felt in his chest and once again called out to the Eyes of Execution.

Immediately, one of his eyes turned black while the other turned white. They exuded an infinite amount of light that pierced through the sword.

Though the Eyes of Execution was not a pair of Inner Eyes specialized in inspecting treasures, it was the fourth ranked after all and possessed the ability to inspect. Thus, as the heavenly light shone, the inside of the sword revealed itself to Ling Xian.

Underneath the rusty blade was a palm sized violet divine gold. It was absolutely stunning – especially underneath the heavenly light, it was eternally beautiful and moving.

After seeing this piece of divine gold, Ling Xian's eyes exploded with dazzling light and he couldn't help but to reveal a joyous smile.

"It, it really is the violet divine gold!"

Ling Xian was ecstatic. After confirming that it was in fact, the unmatchable material he thought it was, he couldn't control himself anymore.

The violet divine gold was a supreme material and was considered one of the most powerful in this world. It was impossible to value and cannot be bought with spiritual stones. Even the leaders of the Taoism community go crazy over this!

Rumor has it that every single immortal has their own weapon that is made out of divine gold. In other words, even real immortal use this material for their own weaponry needs. Just how precious was violet divine gold!

Ever since the history of time, every place with divine gold, even if it was just the size of a fingertip, would cause a bloody storm. Yet before his eyes, there was a palm sized divine gold. How could Ling Xian not feel excited?

It was the legendary supreme material!

Weapons made out of this material will possess the power to split open the sky and destroy the universe. The weapon made out of this will be the most powerful weapon!

"How fortunate! I truly did not think I would have such lucky." Ling Xian was insanely happy as he stared at the purple light inside the rusty sword. He smiled, "Thank god I didn't kill that mixed bird. Or else I never would've gotten this sword."

"But, this piece of divine gold seemed to have lost its power."

Noticing that the color of the gold was somewhat dim, Ling Xian frowned and mumbled to himself, "No wonder the roc didn't use this sword while we were battling. It has no abilities to fight right now."

Just like he said, the divine gold had lost its normal power and that was why it looked just like a piece of metal rather than a heaven shattering sword.

At this, Ling Xian was a little disappointed and sighed, "It's a heavenly object that even the immortals love. What a pity. This divine gold is no use."

The divine gold was a legendary material, even when it's just the size of a fingertip, it was enough to drive people insane. But, once it loses its shine, then the weapon that contains it is utterly useless.

Thus, how could Ling Xian not feel disappointed?

However, just as he was on the edge of being hopeless, he frowned and questioned, "Wait, if the gold is no longer useful, it would break down rather than staying in one piece."

Thinking about this made his eyes explode with light. He carefully observed the shade of purple inside the sword.

The divine gold was silently resting inside the sword. Though the color of it was dim, it was not at all scratched or cracked. Like normal, it was heart snatching. This meant the divine gold did not lose its power. It simply was having some strange problems that disallowed it from displaying its normal prowess.

In other words, if he can solve the unknown mystery, then the divine gold will once again present itself!

Thinking about this made Ling Xian's hopelessness turn into hopefulness. He smiled, "No matter what, I am just happy that there is hope. This is divine gold! If I miss out, then my loss would be grave."

His eyes shone and a murky stream of gas poured out and tightly engulfed the sword. Just then, dazzling amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud and blinded this entire area.

It was the reaction caused by the Eyes of Execution being overused.

It meant that Ling Xian was using his all to find out what was wrong with this sword.

After a long while, he finally found the reason for this sword losing power. The palm sized divine gold had thin black air swirling around it. If he didn't push his Eyes of Execution, he never would've found it.

These swirls of black air proved that the divine gold was under a curse.

A terrifying curse.

"The roc said this sword came from a demonic battlefield from afar. I bet the owner of this sword was cursed while battling."

After confirming that the gold was cursed, Ling Xian frowned. Curses were hard to lift, that went without saying. Even a small curse was troublesome.

On top of that, it was a curse powerful enough to strip away the power of the divine gold… More importantly, Ling Xian knew nothing about this curse, not even its name. Thus, how could he break it?

"It seems like I have to find the Holy Spirit Water. It's the only way."

Sighing, Ling Xian realized that it will be really hard for him to lift this curse. The only way was to find the legendary Holy Spirit Water."

The Holy Spirit Water was the enemy of all curses. No matter how vile of a curse, the moment the Holy Spirit Water is involved, the curse becomes purified.

Also, this Water can awaken those who deviated into the wrong cultivation path. Sadly, this item was almost non-existent and extremely difficult to find. Since the history of time, there hasn't been many times when it appeared.

"Then it's decided. I can use it to awaken Ling Tian Xiang too."

Ling Xian made up his mind and decided to put this quest on hold for now.

He planned on continuing to figuring out the array of the Imperishable Temple.

Since he first stepped into this place, it had been three days. Even though he was heavily pursued by Xue Yu Chan and was extremely exasperated, he still had some breakthroughs regarding the array of this place.

Thus, Ling Xian planned on continuing investigating the array of this place and wondered if he can lift it.

"If I'm successful. Then all the treasures inside this Temple will be mine."

Ling Xian's eyes were full of expectation. The moment he imagined himself lifting the array and getting his hands on all the treasures, he revealed a smile.

Then, he began to ponder. An array map, as intricate as the galaxy, formed in his head. The complicated connections would not be understood by majority. It represented the complexity of the array.

It was very difficult to solve this array.
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