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"Of course I want your most valuable treasure."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, revealing a warm smile that seemingly made others feel like it was springtime.

However, in the roc's eyes, it was a devious smile. It swore that there was nothing else in the world more terrifying than the handsome young man before its eyes.

This fear it felt made it feel humiliated and infuriated. It was the strongest Heaven's Favorite of the roc kind. Capabilities and background wise, it was at the top of Yunzhou. How dared to treat it so badly?

Ling Xian dared. Not only did he beat the roc until it was utterly destroyed, he was now also threatening and stealing from it. How could the roc not feel angry?

Sadly, other than humiliation and anger, it only felt fear. Extreme fear!

It was obvious that Ling Xian was conning it, but it could only bitterly laugh, "I will give it to you. I will."

Then, it summoned silently. An emerald green fruit in the shape of an oval appeared. Its entire body was translucently green and the moment it appeared, it exuded scent that was dense enough to make others feel enlightened.

The spiritual energy of it was also extremely shocking – making it obvious that it was very high ranked.

Spiritual medicine!

Ling Xian's eyes brightened. After the Essence of Herbalism hinted him what it was, Ling Xian's smile deepened, "Not bad, the Fruit of an Emerald Heart. Good stuff."

"Hehe, as long as you are satisfied… satisfied." The roc's heart was bleeding yet it still managed to squeeze out an ugly smile.

It was the Fruit of an Emerald Heart and it was a precious spiritual medicine. Its effect was to completely clarify a cultivator's heart and mind, making them spotless. It is very useful during the moment of breakthrough, as it could clean up a cultivator's heart and help the cultivator with their breakthrough!

To everyone above the completion level, before breaking through to the next stage, various types of demons haunt them. If they are not careful, they can be led down the wrong path and be utterly wounded spiritually.

Once consumed, the fruit will help the cultivator with keeping their original intent and thoughts clean. With its effect, the risk of being led down the path of the evil will be virtually non-existent.

In other words, to cultivators who are impatient with improving their cultivation level, this treasure is one that cannot be traded for with money.

Thus, the roc's heart was bleeding. He was originally going to keep this fruit and use it right before heading to the original level. However, to save its life, it bit down the pain and was now giving it away.

Opposite of him, Ling Xian's face was of utter happiness. Staring at this green fruit, he was overjoyed.

With this fruit, he can now guarantee that he will level up without worry. He can now break through without second thoughts. Though there was a guarantee that he will definitely break through, at the very least, if he attempts it, he will not drop in cultivation level as a side effect and his spirits will never be lost!

"Very good, I will take this fruit." Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and accepted the fruit and the sword into his own storage pouch.

Seeing this, the roc sighed in relief and believed that Ling Xian will not stop his blackmailing. In the next second however, it shuddered and fell straight into hell from heaven again.

"But, one Fruit of an Emerald Heart is not enough to buy your life. Continue."

Ling Xian's lips curled up. His smile was very warm, enough for others to feel his kindness. In the eyes of the roc however, it was equivalent to a devil and made it very very afraid.

"Aye, why did I provoke this monster?"

Sighing, the roc finally accepted its defeat. It now knows that even if it survives today, it will be robbed penniless.

"Stop wasting time, hurry up." Ling Xian stared down the roc and rushed, "Don't forget, your life is in my hand. If you want to live, then you better take out all your valuables."

"Yes, I am doing it now…"

The roc had a sad face and decided to just do what he's got to know. After all, he had already given up the most valuable two items he had. Thus, he decided to might as well just give up everything at once.

Immediately, this entire room was surrounded by a dizzying amount of light.

Treasures, spiritual medicine, and all kinds of rare treasures formed a small mountain, emitting different colors of light like a rainbow.

Though these items looked nice, they weren't exactly worth a lot.

Of course, this was in Ling Xian's eyes. For everyone else, these items were plenty worthy, but to him, they were nothing.

Thus, he merely glanced around and retracted his gaze.

"You mixed bird, you are using such trash to try and fool me. I think you are tired of living." Ling Xian's expression was very emotionless. His tone however, was jolting like thunder.

Instantly, the roc shuddered and made a crying face, "No no… I am not trying to fool you, I truly do not have any more treasures."

"Who do you think you are lying to? A roc who is the most talented of its generation, this is all you have?" Ling Xian stared at it, refusing to believe what it was saying.

"I really do not have anything else. I do have some treasures but I left them at home and I never carry them with me." The roc was almost crying and begged, "Let me go. I really have nothing else… I have nothing…"

At this, Xue Yu Chan raised an eyebrow, "Please, do me a favor, and let it go."


Ling Xian was silent for a short while and decided to let it go. After all, he had already acquired a sword and the Fruit of an Emerald Heart and the roc's behaviour made it clear that it was not lying. It truly had no more treasures to offer.

Thus, he nodded softly, "Okay, I will do you this favor."

"Thank you."

Xue Yu Chan had a faint smile, "Do not worry. Like I promised, I will not let it attack the human kind."

"Very good."

Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction and looked back at the roc, "Since fairy Xue has asked, I will let you live."

"Thank you, thank you."

The roc was overjoyed and almost cried. Nobody understood the agony he was going through. Within the past few short moments, he almost went crazy because of Ling Xian.

Now that Ling Xian had agreed to let it go, how could it not feel happy?

"Let's not waste anymore words. Get the f*ck out of here." Ling Xian glared at it then rolled up his sleeves. The inhibition in the room immediately vanished.

This scene shocked the roc. But right now, it had no time to think and quickly snuck into the crack on the wall.

At the same time, Xue Yu Chan followed, leaving behind one sentence.

"I will remember the favor you are doing for us. If the roc ever does anything bad again, you may come and find me at the Snow Mountain of a Thousand Years."

"Xue Yu Chan, Snow Mountain of a Thousand Years…"

Ling Xian slightly frowned and recalled something he read from ancient records. He sighed at this and exclaimed, "The woman really is that kind. No wonder she is that this powerful. Even the roc is respecting her so much."

"It seems like I did the right thing today. To be owed a favor from a Heaven's Favorite of that kind is not an easy task. Perhaps in the future, I will end up gaining amazingly."

Beaming slightly, Ling Xian first let go of all this and took out the wide sword that was blemished.

Now that everyone had left, it was time for him to carefully inspect the secrets hidden in this sword.
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