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"Now, tell me… Who will defeat whom?"

Ling Xian was emotionless as his right foot pressed down onto the roc. Just like a god above all others, he looked down.

This scene shocked Xue Yu Chan. Her dewy eyes were full of shock at how violent Ling Xian turned out to be.

To know that the roc was one of the strongest foreign beings in Yunzhou and this particular one was very capable. Very few Heaven's Favorites can battle as its equal. Yet before her eyes, this proud being was defeated by Ling Xian in such a violent and dominating manner. How Could Xue Yu Chan not feel shocked?

The one who was in disbelief was also the roc itself.

Feeling the weight of foot on its body, its eyes were full of disbelief. It could not comprehend of the concept of being defeated by a human.

It was the strongest Heaven's Favorite of the roc kind. How could it die in a human's hand? However, reality was before its eyes. It was being defeated in such a humiliating way.

It was punched out by, now stepped on. What a giant humiliation this was. How could this proud roc endure this?

"Dammit, I am going to kill you!"

Shouting, the roc's entire body once again began to glow as terrifying spiritual energy rushed out of it in an attempt to overturn the situation.

Pity though, though it was known as the bravest of the bunch, it could not stop Ling Xian. The moment he unleashed his spiritual energy, the foot on his body pressed down further, forcing the roc's energy to dissipate.

At the same time, the roc spat out blood again. The splatters of red represented its defeat on Ling Xian's hand.


The feathers on the roc stood up on their ends. The roc was infuriated as its sparkling feathers aimed at Ling Xian.

Given the short distance between the two, there was no way to dodge. Ling Xian also had no plan to escape it. He formed the Immortal Fists seal and the light emitted from his fists greeted the feathers!


After an earth shattering rumble, the Immortal Fists diminished the thousands of feathers in mere seconds.

Defeated again!

"Defeated… utterly defeated…" the roc mumbled to itself. Its sharp eyes finally dimmed, as if it lost its soul in that second.

Twice now, its last few desperate struggles were stopped by Ling Xian. How could it not act as if it lost its soul?

"You now finally recognize reality."

Now that the roc was no longer struggling, Ling Xian glared at it and asked again, "Now, tell me, who defeated whom?"

"Who defeated whom…" The roc felt very bitter. Wasn't it obvious? Why did he have to speak of it out loud?

It was defeated, utterly defeated!

"Aye, laughable, this is so laughable."

The roc murmured to itself. Remembering how it shamelessly said it would stop Ling Xian, its face felt hot, as if it was just slapped by someone.

This made the roc very regretful. Especially after sensing the cold killer's intent, its entire body began to fill with fear.

"Before your death, do you have any last words?" Ling Xian glared at it. The intention from his gaze made the temperature of the room drop below freezing point.

The roc's entire body was shivering and crazily flapped its wings, wanting to escape this place.

Sadly, the foot on top of it was as weighty as Mountain Tai. It completely restrained it and disallowed it from even shifting a position.

"You really think you have it in you to escape?"

Ling Xian was still emotionless as he peered down at the roc, "You are the first Heaven's Favorite that I am going to kill who is equal to the undefeatable realm of the humankind. But, do not worry. You will not be the last. Very quickly, many Heaven's Favorites will accompany you."

Then, his right fist began to glow and started to head towards the roc.

This punch was slow and soft, yet its prowess was powerful enough to lock in its opponent and disallow it from escaping.

The roc lost its composure and gave up on pride. It screamed, "Fairy Xue, save me!"

"Even the gods can't save you now."

Snickering, the fists began to shine and destruct the space before Ling Xian. The moment the punch was about to land on the roc's head, a six petal-ed snowflake suddenly appeared.


Horrifying vibrations expanded in all directions. Though the snowflake appeared gentle, it acted like the best possible shield that defended against Ling Xian's Immortal Fists!

"Stronger than the roc!"

Ling Xian frowned and concluded on Xue Yu Chan's real capabilities. He couldn't help but to shift his gaze onto the silhouette, "Fairy Xue, what does this mean?"

"My Clan and the roc are friends. I cannot just watch and do nothing." Xue Yu Chan spoke softly but her tone allowed no room for negotiation.

Ling Xian frowned, "So what?"

"If you must kill it, then you have to get through me first." Xue Yu Chan's expression was calm and composed like a true fairy.

However, if one looked carefully, one would find the seriousness and sternness on her face. It was apparent that despite her powerfulness, she had to be careful before Ling Xian.

In other words, she was only revealing this side of herself due to Ling Xian's demonstration of power just now.

"Interesting. You are threatening me?" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow.

"No, you have mistaken."

Xue Yu Chan's lips parted, "I am not threatening, I am asking you. I didn't link hands with the roc to kill you. Can you keep that in mind and let me have what I am asking for?"

Hearing this, Ling Xian frowned again. He didn't answer right away and fell into deep thoughts.

If Xue Yu Chan threatened to fight, then he wouldn't hesitate and will defeat her right away. However, at this moment, she brought up the fact that she didn't collude with the roc. This gave him a hard him.

Ling Xian cared about friendly ties. Though Xue Yu Chan never showed kindness towards him, she did do him a favor. If in the beginning, she did link hands with the roc, he would've had to escape.

Thus, Ling Xian fell into a moment of silence and eventually decided to grant Xue Yu Chan what she wanted. After all, the roc has fallen beneath his hand. Even if he does let the roc go, the roc won't come back for revenge.

However, he had no plans on letting the roc go easy. "Since Fairy Xue is pleading, I will let you have your way. However…"

Xue Yu Chan sighed silently, knowing that Ling Xian was about to make a giant request. For the roc's life however, she had to accept. "However what?"

The roc stared at Ling Xian wide eyed in a pleading way. The arrogance it had vanished without a trace.

Seeing this, Ling Xian beamed, "You sure know when to hop in. But this has nothing to do with you. I am negotiating about your life with Fairy Xue."

"Yes, yes…"

The roc nodded. If this was any other time, the roc would've killed the man who spoke to it in that manner. But before its eyes, it was terrified of Ling Xian and didn't dare to behave irrationally.

"Three conditions. If you accept, I will let it live."

Ling Xian shifted his gaze towards Xue Yu Chan. After seeing her nod, did he say with a smile, "Number one, you have to promise that he will not attack any humankind's Heaven's Favorite. Number two, you, yourself, cannot attack any humankind's Heaven's Favorite."

"That I can promise." Xue Yu Chan nodded softly and glared at the roc, "I am certain you will not decline neither."

"Of course, of course." The roc nodded in a hurry, "I promise that I will not attack any humankind here."

"Very good."

Smiling in satisfaction, Ling Xian went back to looking at the roc, "Number three, your life is valuable. If you don't pay, then I would be incurring too much of a loss."


The roc hesitated. Noticing that Ling Xian was frowning slightly, it shuddered, "Wait, wait, I will trade my treasures for my life."

"There is a limit to my patience. You better hurry."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, "You better not be simply giving useless trash. Or else I cannot promise that your brain will not splatter."

"You monster!"

The roc shuddered. As a powerhouse who looked down on his peers, when has he ever found himself in this kind of situation? Trying to survive by giving up treasures…

Against someone like Ling Xian, he had to do this. Or else he will lose his life.

Thus, he gritted his teeth and took out his valuable treasures.

It was a gigantic sword that was half a human tall. The blade itself was severely blemished and looked just like a useless but heavy sword.

In general, this sword was completely ordinary. It was also broken and was missing the tip. The only unique thing about it was that it was very wide and somewhat different than what human cultivators prefer to use.


Looking at the heavy sword, Ling Xian frowned slightly. His instinct told him that the sword was not exactly how it appeared. As he summoned his Eyes of Execution, he was stunned and disbelief filled his face.

In the next second however, he wiped off the shock he felt and pretended he never saw what was hidden inside the sword.

"This sword was acquired by me on a battlefield that was left behind. Even though it looks like a piece of metal, the battlefield was a place where demons were buried. The sword is not as simple as it looks."

The roc had a pained expression, "Even though I do not exactly know what's so special about this sword, my instinct tells me that it's not so simple."

[It's truly not that simple.]

Ling Xian grinned silently and let him be embraced by happiness. But however, he could not speak that thought of his out loud. Thus, he faked a look of nonchalant, "You are trying to get away by giving me a piece of useless metal? Mixed bird, you must be tired of living."

The moment he finished speaking, the roc trembled and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than its crying face, "Then… then what do more do you want?"

"What do I want?"

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with a hint of tease, "Of course I want your most valuable treasure."
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