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Painting of the Nine Immortals 481 The Journey

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The Sun just rose, shedding down soft gold lights that reflected off Ling Xian.

It made him look more extraordinary like the descendent of an immortal.

Dao Wu Ji and his company had strange expressions on their faces. They were looking at Ling Xian the same way they would look at monsters.

Of course, this is an exaggeration. They weren't exactly mind blown, they were just surprised that Ling Xian would choose the inheritance of the Slay Sword Peak to master.

There are 12 different inheritances left behind by the 12 different peaks. Each one of them consists of a remarkable technique and the one for the Slay Sword Peak is the strongest one of all. Its offensive abilities surpass other peaks but of course, due to its abilities, it is harder to cultivate compared to others.

The fact that the user has to transform your Qi into swords is so agonizing that it make everyone shudder.

Though the other inheritances are not as powerful as the Slay Sword Peak's one, from a high level, every single technique from the 12 Peaks have their specialities and are similar in power.

Thus, very few people want to enter the Slay Sword Peak. Because the technique requires the user to hurt themselves before hurting the enemy.

Other than determination, this technique also requires very high enlightenment. To a normal cultivator, it takes three to five years to just get the hang of it.

But, since Ling Xian entered the House, it has only been seven months. To have already learned some of the technique was a shocking achievement.

"After a few short months, you have been able to achieve some success with the Slay Sword Peak's technique. You have high enlightenment."

Dao Wu Ji shook his head with a smile and exclaimed, "With your natural talent, I am not surprised you achieved this. What's surprising to me is that you chose the Slay Sword Peak."

Wang Yang and Lin Ying shook their heads as well. They wanted to ask Ling Xian if practising this technique hurt.

To know that when they first entered the House, they wanted to master this technique as well. However, they only lasted three months before giving up.

What could they do? The pain associated with transforming Qi into swords is a type of pain normal people cannot endure. Only Ling Xian with his great determination can achieve this.

"I saw this technique first, so I attempted it." Ling Xian grinned, he didn't think the pain was too bad.


Dao Wu Ji didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Wang Yang and Lin Ying were even more speechless. They didn't know what to say.

At everyone's lack of words, Ling Xian shook his head, "Headmaster, these two are the Heaven's Favorites who are embarking on this journey with me?"

"That's right. This tower-like man is Wang Yang, this child-like woman is Lin Ying. They are Heaven's Favorites of the younger Wan Jian generation."

Dao Wu Ji nodded and shifted his gaze towards them, "I won't need to introduce this man here right? Why aren't you properly greeting him?"

Hearing this, Wang Yang and Lin Ying quickly paid their respect and said in unison, "Senior… no, Elder Ling."

They wanted to call Ling Xian "senior brother Ling Xian". After all, they were of the same generation and senior brother would normally be appropriate. Only when the words left their lips did they realize it was improper.

"No need for such etiquettes. Since we are all from the Wan Jian House, there's no need to be so polite."

Ling Xian waved his hand. He scanned them with his Qi and realized that they were only of the beginning stages of the completion level. He was somewhat disappointed.

Fairly speaking, their cultivation level was decent enough. But, comparing them to potential successors of the House, they were lacking. Comparing to Ling Xian, they were even more lacking.

This was why he was disappointed. He felt the weight on his shoulders getting heavier.

However, disappointment is just disappointment. Since Ling Xian had promised Dao Wu Ji, then he has to ensure their safety no matter what.

"Okay, since you now know each other, then let us get on our way." Dao Wu Ji concealed his smile and his handsome face flashed with anticipation.

"Yes, Headmaster." Wang Yang and Lin Ying paid their respect, their faces appeared anticipating.

After all, the Imperishable Temple contained countless treasures.

"No worries, Headmaster. I will make sure they come back safely."

Ling Xian softly grinned. He knew that Dao Wu Ji worried the most about their safety, thus he made his promise.

"Haha, perfect."

Dao Wu Ji laughed. He looked at Wang Yang and Lin Ying and shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian, "I will wait here with high expectation that you will gloriously return."

"I will not disappoint."

Ling Xian's lips curled up. His confidence lit up the entire universe, even the eternal sun light dimmed.

"I am no longer worried if you say that." Dao Wu Ji really wanted to see Ling Xian suppressing all enemies and rise above all kinds.

Ling Xian too, was highly expectant. He made a fist and cupped it with another, "Then, farewell, Headmaster."

Then, he signaled the other two with a glance and leapt up into the air, towards south.

Seeing this, Wang Yang and Lin Ying made their move and followed.

Just like that, the three of them glided across the sky like shooting stars towards the center of Yunzhou, Valley of the Falling Moon.

There, countless treasures lay and also many fatal opportunities.

Will he return gloriously or will his corpse be buried down in a foreign land, it will all depend on Ling Xian's capabilities.


The Imperishable Temple is a mysterious place. Nobody knows who built it and nobody knows where it came from.

The only known fact about this place is that there are countless treasures and unlimited amount of opportunities. Ever since it showed up in Yunzhou three hundred years ago, it activates once every five years and allows completion levelled cultivators to enter.

However, most people do not know of this place. Only those with high status or wealth have heard about it. Thus, those who enter this Temple is low in number. Only Heaven's Favorites of the completion level from the 10 dynasties and nine Houses have the right.

Of course, the different kinds hidden all over Yunzhou also qualify.

Thus, when the Imperishable Temple activated, all powerhouses of the younger generation went on their way towards the center of the Yunzhou – the Valley of the Falling Moon.

Every young powerhouse is a man with legends and with strong capabilities. Those of the foreign kinds were even more violent and aggressive!

Without a doubt, everyone who deserved the title Heaven's Favorite were now all on their way to the Valley of the Falling Moon. Every single one of them were coming with high beliefs.

Their goal was not entirely to get treasures. They want to fight against enemies and earn honor for their own kind!

Thus, when all the Heaven's Favorites finally arrived, this once scenic place was fueled with anger.

As more and more people arrived, this anger and tension intensified. It was as if at any moment now, battle fire will be ignited!

Luckily, everyone remembered what their leaders told them and they all repressed their anger.

But, from this, it became obvious what kind of war is going to occur once the Imperishable Temple activates.

Even thinking about it makes these battlers' blood boil and shoot up their brains!
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