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Painting of the Nine Immortals 480 Initial Success with the Slayer Sword

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In the blink of an eye, a month passed by.

Inside the palace, Ling Xian, who was sitting on top of his tatami, abruptly opened his eyes. Two shots of light pierced through the air.

His pupils were sparkling like the stars and they were shaped sharp like swords. Something about them were extremely pressuring and scared off anyone who wished to look directly into them.

After a month of hard training, Ling Xian's cultivation and mentality improved a little. Of course, these were small gains, his biggest gain was acquiring the legacy of the Slay Sword Peak.

The legacy is all about delivering that one fatal attack. It is ruthless and extremely powerful. As a result, it was extremely difficult to learn it and under a normal circumstance, it would take three to five years of hard training to achieve any kind of success.

After all, to have to transform internal Qi into swords is a painful experience that requires much determination.

However, to someone like Ling Xian, who was already very much enlightened and determined, a few months' time was enough. In other words, he has had some success with transforming his Qi into swords already.

"The inheritance of the Slay Sword Peak… let me test out its attacking abilities." Ling Xian grinned. He summoned and a translucent sword materialized before him.

The sword was light like cicada's wings and its first appearance emitted much killer's intent. Under his control, it whooshed forward.


The sword howled, bringing with it much energy. It pierced through a rock and left a small hole.

Know that this entire palace was constructed out of very hard rocks. For the sword to pierce through it meant it was extremely powerful.

But, at this scene, Ling Xian did not feel overly satisfied. Of course, he wasn't disappointed neither.

"The power of this truly is extraordinary. Sadly, I cannot use it for now."

Mumbling, Ling Xian shook his head. The Slay Sword Peak was truly extraordinary. But he was equipped with the Eyes of Execution. Which one of his transformative qualities lacked next to this?

He had the Disorder Conquering Fists as well.

Thus, Ling Xian was not satisfied at this nor was he disappointed. After all, he only achieved initial success and the power was within his prediction. From this however, he could already tell the potential of this technique.

Once he achieves greater success, he will be surprised.

"It is not yet useful to me, but once I learn more in depth, it will be a great move."

Ling Xian softly grinned. Thinking about the fact that today was the day he will head to the Imperishable Temple, his eyes flashed with anticipation. He mumbled, "It's time to leave. I sure want to see just how powerful those rumored beings are."

He then marched on in giant steps, out of the palace.

Time was up, time to move.

Towards the mysterious ancient ground, towards thousands of enemies!


Just as Ling Xian was leaving his Palace, three silhouettes were already waiting by the exit of the Wan Jian House.

One of them was wearing a white robe and his face was jade like, similar to an immortal. Under the faint sunlight, he looked even more out of the world and graceful.

It was Dao Wu Ji.

One has to admit that the Supreme Headmaster is far too attention snatching. He completely outshined the other two people. Here and now, he was the only one remained, the other two could not even be seen.

In reality, those two other people were not ordinary. They were powerhouses of the young generation after all, how bad can they be?

They simply didn't look as good compared to Dao Wu Ji.

These two consists of a woman and a man. The man had olive skin and appeared very sturdy, just like a tower. His height intimidated others.

The woman had a very delicate face and a small frame. Especially since she was standing beside the tall man, she appeared cutely innocent, just like a child.

These two intermediate stage of the completion level. The man was named Wang Yang, the woman Lin Ying. They were both Heaven's Favorites handpicked and raised in the Wan Jian House.

Before Ling Xian, these two were the youngest powerhouses in the Wan Jian House. Their capabilities and talents were extraordinary and their appearances were young in age.

Reality was that these two were now older than 30. After all, cultivation level and age are two separate matters.

Dao Wu Ji, for example, was older than 500. Yet he looked around 20. Time left no marks on this man.

"You two prioritize acquiring the treasures inside the temple. If it is not certain that you can retreat safely, don't force it."

Dao Wu Ji cautioned, "After all, your capabilities, compared to other Heaven's Favorites, are a little lacking. Let alone competing against the other beings."

"Do not worry, Headmaster, we understand."

The said in unison, not at all offended. They knew very well that they were not as good as many of the other Heaven's Favorites.


Dao Wu Ji nodded and once again warned, "Also, you two must listen to Ling Xian. Do not leave his side unless you must."

"Yes, headmaster." They nodded, agreeing that they will definitely listen to Ling Xian.

When Lin Tian came to challenge the House, they were no opponents against him, yet Ling Xian defeated him in one go. In additional, they knew all about Ling Xian's impressive track records and thus of course were willing to listen to him.

However, Ling Xian still hasn't shown up. Lin Ying was a little whiny by now, "We have waited for half an hour and he still hasn't come. Who does he think he is?"

"Eh…" Wang Yang scratched her head and didn't answer.

"Stop complaining. I am waiting here, why can't you?" Dao Wu Ji brandished his hand, signaling for Lin Ying to shut up.

Seeing this, this petite lady pouted and mumbled, "Why stop me? It's his fault. I hate men who aren't on time."

Just then, a soft laughter came from afar.

"You are completely right, I am late."

In the next second, a man in a white robe emerged before everyone.

The moment he appeared, he seemingly became a part of Heaven and Earth. Not only did his presence outshine the other two, even Dao Wu Ji's attention was snatched by him by half.

To Wang Yang and Lin Ying, the space around them seemed to have been sliced into half. One half belonged to Dao Wu Ji, the other belonged to Ling Xian.

His temperament truly was hard to match.

"You came."

Grinning, Dao Wu Ji's eyes flashed with strangeness. It wasn't because of the temperament of the young man before him, it was because Ling Xian to him, seemed to like a sharp sword.

Even though he was like reflecting off light like one, the feeling he gave everyone was that the moment he leaves his sheath, his brightness will engulf all nine continents and end all enemies!

This temperament of his made Dao Wu Ji frowned. He suddenly realized something and said in shock, "Could it be… you have already learned the Slay Peak's technique?"

"That's right. You have good eyes Headmaster."

Against Dao Wu Ji's questioning gaze, Ling Xian smiled, didn't think this was a big deal.

However, once he responded, the three of them turned speechless and began to look at Ling Xian the same way they look at a monster.
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