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The Sun was suspending in the sky. It was noon.

Amongst a leafy forest, Ling Xian descended gracefully like an immortal and landed up on top of an ancient tree.

This place was a lot further than the Emperor's Millennium Capital. In other words, not only did he get rid of a pain in his butt, he was also entirely safe!

One has to admit this was a monstrous feat!

In the entire Yunzhou, how many people can kill the Third Prince while in the capital city and escape from the emperor? Very few.

But here, Ling Xian did it. This was naturally categorized as an accomplishment!

"I am pretty much safe here."

Ling Xian gently grinned and sent away the Wingzed Blitz. He decided to rest and cure his internal wounds.

Very long ago, he felt the impact from forcefully using the Zither of the Crouching Dragon. Because he used his Qi to suppress his injuries, they didn't bring him down. But when he was fighting against the Third Prince, the wounds festered and almost killed him!

Luckily he learned the Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists. This technique was powerful enough that he didn't lose his life. Instead, he revealed how undefeatable he was and was able to kill the Third Prince!

Then, he used the Speedy Shift Array to play around with the emperor. Even though the emperor was an original cultivator, he was able to escape. Despite his success, his body took somewhat of a hit.

Thus, Ling Xian needed to stop his journey a little and heal his injuries.

Thus, he was now sitting cross legged on a thick tree branch. He slowly closed his eyes and absorbed natural energy to heal his internal wounds.

Bands of spiritual energy from heaven and earth were rushing out of space. The pores on Ling Xian's bodies opened and inhaled the energy.

The goal here is to borrow energy from heaven and earth to nourish his organs and clarify his wounds. Even though the healing benefits from the natural spiritual energy is minimal, for him to be taking so much natural energy, the energy will accumulate and have some affects.

What could he do? Even though Ling Xian was extremely talented with alchemy, he didn't brew a lot of Dans normally. Thus, he only carried the Dan of Life and Growth, which only cured external injuries. He didn't have any Dans that would help him with his internal injuries. Thus he had to use this slow way.

Just like that, he concentrated and inhaled all the energy from his surroundings.

Time went by. After roughly 10 days, the injuries caused by the Zither of the Crouching Dragon finally faded.

The moment the injuries were healed, Ling Xian abruptly opened his eyes. He became energetic and no longer worried about his injuries festering more at a critical moment.


Ling Xian breathed out a mouthful of murky air and smiled, "My injuries are cured, the Third Prince is dead. Now, I have nothing to worry about."

It was true. His entire body felt full of energy as if he reincarnated. The Third Prince was also dead, meaning he no longer had to worry about someone assassinating him.

But, after he met the emperor, he realized that this was not the end.

"The emperor is a horrifying original level cultivator…"

Ling Xian mumbled as he thought of the terrifying attacks the emperor made against him. He softly sighed and said to himself, "The troubles keep on coming. I sure have such a bad headache."

"An original levelled powerhouse who is not alone. He is the leader of the Zhou Dynasty… so troublesome."

Sighing, Ling Xian really did feel a headache settle in. But he was not afraid. If he was scared, he wouldn't have come to find the Third Prince.

After witnessing what the emperor was capable of however, he felt somewhat pressured and very much expectant.

"Seems like I have to hurry and cultivate."

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with expectation. "I wonder what the world is like after I reach the original level."

This statement was not a light one. He knew very well that reaching the original level was not an easy feat. Remember that even the stages within the completion level required decades of hard training. Ling Xian was merely in the intermediate stage right now, very far away from becoming the original level.

On top of that, he had tasted the sweetness of being in the undefeatable stage of the meditational and foundational level. Why would he skip over the peak of the completion level?

"This is too far away from me. I have to stop thinking about that and think about where I should go next."

Pausing, Ling Xian though through all the rumors about him after he landed in Yunzhou. He couldn't help but to smile and decide on his next target.

The Wan Jian House.

The House he planned on entering eight years ago but because of many different reasons, he had yet to do so.

Back then, he left the City of Qing with Si Tu Nan in hope of getting into the Wan Jian House. However, because he encountered the Red Robed Freak, he parted with the Red Robed Freak.

Then, he arrived at the Zhou Dynasty in hope of finding a portal to get to the Wan Jian House. Sadly, because of Noble Xiao Yao, he was transported to the islands.

It had been seven years since then.

"If I calculate correctly, I have been out of the City of Qing for a year, and on the islands for seven years, which means it's been eight years total." Ling Xian exclaimed. Remembering how the Supreme Headmaster stood up for him back then, his heart felt warm.

"Even though I never truly entered the House, the Wan Jian House has already been treating me like I am one of them. That Supreme Headmaster even spoke up to protect me."

Ling Xian's lips curled up, thinking that he made the right decision in choose the Wan Jian House.

That was something without a doubt. Because he even revealed his face, the Wan Jian House spoke on his behalf. Dao Wu Ji even stood out and protected him against the entire Yunzhou. What an honor that was?

How could he not try and enter such a House?

"I am ashamed. It's been eight years and I've never even showed my face. Yet the Wan Jian House is treating me so well. It is a House I deserve to be in."

Grinning, Ling Xian stood up and called out the Winged Blitz again. He planned on going to the Wan Jian House.

"Let us go, it is time for me to visit my own House."

His eyes flashed with anticipation. He expanded his white wings that looked transparent under the Sun. Despite its beauty, its speed was also hard to match.


Like a white light, it flashed across the sky. And under the embrace of the wings, Ling Xian went on his way like a shooting star.


Just as Ling Xian began his journey to the Wan Jian House, the entire Zhou Dynasty had found out about the death of the Third Prince and how the emperor couldn't stop the killer.

Because of this, the entire dynasty fell into a state of shock. As time went by, what happened circulated around and caused a rainstorm that flooded the entire Yunzhou.

Everyone in the Wan Jian House had heard this news as well.
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